Friday, September 23, 2005

Check this out:

A blogger documenting his family's journey from just south of Houston to his house in Austin. It took them 16.5 hours.

It's getting very windy, and is overcast, but bright. No rain yet, but there are bands on the way. Our trees are Ash, and will loose limbs, but probably won't go over. Our neighbors however, have larger and more imposing trees. We'll be hoping for the best.

I've got the hamburger meat cooked for using in any number of ways.. I can reheat and eat, make spaghetti (jars of sauce--yah I know it's better homemade... but one does what one can with what one has), chili, or mixed with other seasonings, canned veggies and minute rice (this is the only time I'd use it, but again...with what one has) and have a fairly good meal.

I also boiled about 2 dozen eggs. If the power goes out they'll keep better this way. Why so many eggs? Well......when I bought them I thought I was buying for at least 5 adults and 3 or so kids. After this storm, I may need to go to the store for bread, milk and fruit, and that's IT for about 3 months. Good thing, as the credit card company called wanting to know why we were suddenly spending 3 times what we usually spend. When I told the nice lady we lived in Houston and were preparing for a hurricane, she said: "Oh! MY! Well, then don't worry, I'll put a note on your account to explain the activity."

I'm still seeing a lot of butterflies and earlier the one hummer. I wonder what they'll do during the stormy weather. I hope I see them again after the storm.

Keep well all!

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  1. I like that they call you to make sure that everything is fine and your card hasn't been stolen.

    Mmm. Hard boiled eggs. Yum.


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