Thursday, September 22, 2005


The projected path is now for the storm to hit Galveston at just the wrong angle. Anyone on the island will be under water. The Galveston city government had to stay, to coordinate the evacuation and possible rescues. They've relocated from the city buildings to a hotel who's bottom floors were once WWII bunkers. The building is reinforced and is one of the highest buildings on the island. They'll probably survive. They've tried and tried to get everyone to get off the island, and have succeeded for the most part. There are still some hold outs. The hold outs most likely will not survive the coming innundation.

This change is better for us in that we'll be getting somewhat weakened winds hitting us at the worst of the storm. The traffic is so heavy on all the roads getting out, we've no real chance of getting very far for possibly a long time. I've not heard from my student and his family, I have a feeling they're going to try to ride out the storm in their apartment. The good news for them is that they're on the fourth floor and my husband says that the museaum district is about as safe as they can be downtown. Even if they left their house now, they might not get to our house before using up all thier gasoline and gasoline is hard to come by right now. Very hard to come by.

My mom and dad are going with my sister and her family and in-laws to Cancon, near Garner State park. They'll be well to the west of the storm and will be very safe. I really respect, like, admire and love my sister and her husband. They are "Good Folk" as we say down here, meaning they are kind, thoughtful and take family responsibilities as something that should be done with good grace and without thought of approbation.

More later.


  1. Sweetthing and I send you our best wishes and hopes that you weather this one out. We feel for you and know what you are going through and what it is like to survive the aftermath-we have been there. But hang in and hope for the best and prepare for the worst and stay out of harms way. Guy and Pennny Knipe, Homosassa Florida

  2. Best of luck in weathering the storm. Doing the same down in Alvin - but right now I'm more concerned about my brother at a shelter up at A&M, where the UofH students were sent.

    Don't tell my brother that I care, though. Dorky little sisters don't do that.

  3. Hi

    You have my sympathy. Hope you weather this storm safely.

    I was searching for Gardening blogs and came across your Gardening blog and did not get past the last post. My gardening blog has gone to storm watching also, even though I am far from the area, as I live in Victoria, B.C. Canada.
    On my post today, I have links to web cams. The Galveston cam was not working, though. Hope they get it repaired.
    all the best to you and yours,


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