Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Jury Duty

I have jury duty on Thursday. Yah, that's tomorrow. I have to be downtown at the courthouse at 8 am. I will be equipped with a book, a lunch, my cane, a notebook, and some crocheting I'm fooling around with. Hopefully, they'll not abscond with my hook. I'm hoping the cane will throw off the metal detector enough that they'll just wave me through in despair. I'm not planning on being stoic either. It hurts to walk too far, and to stand too long. I will be complaining.

Good news! We're getting a "cold front" tonight/tomorrow morning. Well... you have to understand that "cold" is a relative term. I think we'll go from highs in the 100's to highs in the mid to high 80's. That's a relief. The night time temps tho will be the true pay off: We Will Be In The 60's!!! Heck! That's SWEATER weather here in Houston. We might even get some rain. Maybe.

It's odd. All summer long we never reached the 100's in temperature. Instead, we waited till SEPTEMBER to break the century mark!

Oh, the high today? 103 degrees Fahrenheit. Right now, at a quarter after 10 pm, it's still 82 degrees.

Someone send down some cool air, huh?


  1. Jury duty! Lucky. The only reason I register to vote is so that I can get picked for Jury Duty. (If you know any suffragettes don't tell on me.) Alas, I have never been picked for Jury Duty. I hope you have a good case.

  2. Autumn seems to have finally kicked in after a pleasant week of in the low 70s. The wind and rain has come. I fear it may not leave until next June. It can go that way around here.

    Let's switch weathers! I love the heat! Yeah, I'm nuts! The cold makes my joints ache, as I get stiff like a lizard.

    Good luck on the jury duty!

  3. Nancy,
    I saw your post on cancerbaby.
    I'm sorry about your dad. My mother died last year from pancreatic cancer.
    I miss her like crazy.
    The very first post on my mom's blog is about her last day on earth. If you want to know what you might expect, that might be a good thing to read.

  4. Jury duty! Yuck! Still hot. My son came home from football and said, "it's hot, but I felt a little breeze. That must have been the cold front." He's such a kidder.

    We tagged you. Check out our blog!

  5. I am so damn jealous about the jury duty. I vote in everything, even the primaries for the stupid mayor of Saint Paul, on the off chance that I might get picked. Both Keem and Jeff did. Argh. Not fair! Not fair!

    It sounds like I'm making a big effort here, doesn't it? But it's pretty easy. Our building is the spot to vote in my district so I come home and there are signs saying "Vote!" So I do.


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