Friday, September 23, 2005

My Family

Heard from/about all my family, including my new African friend/family. Everyone is safe, home or at someone else's home and they're okay. My sis and her family, and my mom and dad were briefly stuck on hwy 59 going south west, but they only got 45 miles in 5 hours and decided to turn around and take the back roads home. Sis says mom and dad were worse for the wear, but are recovering. Mom was taking a nap, and dad was glued to the TV (as are we all..).

My student and his family are safe in their apartment near downtown Houston. He was able to find water, a flashlight, batteries and some extra food. He must be watching TV too, he seemed a little stressed in his voice and we went over some precautions like making sure he opened the window a crack (which led to a brief English lesson and explaination as to what "open the window a crack" meant. English is fun, eh? He's going to leave the door that leads to the outside hallway in his apartment house open as well. Engineers catch on quick to "differentiating air pressure and why it's bad". I'll check on him tonight and 'Pup reminded me to make sure they know to have a small room/area with no windows to shelter in if the wind gets to high. I'm not sure the wind is going to get high at all.........Looks like we're in for a really long thunderstorm with the usual possible tornadoes.

Outside, it's warm (84 degrees at 10:30) and getting warmer. The good news is that we've got a little light breeze going, and some clouds. Maybe we won't hit 100 again today. I saw another, or possibly the same tiger swallowtail butterfly, but as usual, he didn't stick around for his adoring public to snap a picture. Also sighted: one hummingbird feeding from the hummingbird bush, 3 monarch and 2 or 3 frittilaries at at least one sulfer. Lot's of bee's as well in the Mexican heather.

Thanks to all for your well wishes and prayers. Now, we need to muster the same for the poor folks in Louisiana and East Texas. They're just starting to get Rita's direct effects.

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  1. Wait. You get hurricanes and tornados? Move now. That is insane.

    Thanks for the updates. I've been thinking about you every time someone mentions the storm.


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