Thursday, September 22, 2005


More mixed news:

Good: (for us) storm has tracked further east and that means 'Pup and I are out of the worst of it.
Bad: Poor Louisiana, Poor East Texas. Y'all take care, y'hear?

Good: Rich and I decided to stay home.
Bad : Those poor people on the highway who made us decide to stay home... are running out of gas idling in a TEXAS SIZED traffic jam. And the pumps are dry. And the trucks can't get "there" to deliver gas.

Good: We started stocking up on Monday. We're kinda paranoid that way.
Bad: 'Pup's pain meds can only be reordered on Wednesdays. When I went to the pharmacy to pick them up (doing a dosie doh on the way there to get around the traffic/parking lot that was 529 heading west... and the pharmacy is east of my house/subdivision, and the subdivision only has two openings...both on 529), the pharmacist wasn't there. She was driving in. From Galveston. (see above) Looks like 'Pup's gonna have to borrow some of mine (I don't need them as often), and he'll just have to stay off his feet.

Good: picked up some extra "paper" for the "library". 'Cause it don't go bad and there's never too much "paper" in a "library".
Better: as I got out, a lady needed a jump to get her car started. One good angel moved her car into the right position (and then disappeared as good angels often do) and then we got her car started. I checked, her husband had been called, and was waiting for her at the mechanics. The lady lives near us, in another subdivision. Nice to meet another neighbor.
Best: 'Pup just reminded himself (and me) how lucky he is to have me for a wife. LOL He is a very SMART 'PUP.


  1. Stay at home. Enjoy a beer. The odds are that you are safer right where you are.

  2. Still praying for your safety, sounds like you guys will be ok tho.


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