Thursday, September 22, 2005

Pictures from the Garden before the Storm

I decided that the wind, what we're going to get, should not be the one to enjoy the roses. So, I went and dead headed and chose the best of the blooms for a nice bouquet.

The bush, neglected the last couple of weeks, but even without regular deadheading, it put on a really nice bloom. After the storm, it should put on another one. It will keep blooming until the first frost....which might be in October, or November or December. Some years we don't go below freezing at all. Then again, last year, we had snow. We don't really have a winter season, so much as we have a series of "winter weather days".

Pretty, aren't they?

They look nice in the house too, and smell divine.

(sorry for the mess, but I've been a little busy)

The Hummingbird bush. The news is now, we'll get wind, but maybe not enough to denude the plant. I hope so. We need the rain. I'd like to keep things like...ohh...... plants, trees, flowers....MY ROOF!

Some of my plants are taking refuge in the dog house. 'Pup and I refer to it as the "doggie condo", as it is big enough for a great dane or three. If I were to sell it, I think I'd word the advertisement something like: "Dog House for Sale, Big Enough for Any Errant Spouse". Not that 'Pup's been in that much trouble....not as long as he reminds me what a gem and a treasure I am. I've said before, he is a SMART 'PUP.

(inside the dog house)

Other of my plants and pots have been tucked under bushes in the sheltered side yard.

It's crowded in the sideyard though.

The trees in front of my house and my neighbor's house. Guess what her name is btw? She's gonna get some teasing for a while after this storm!

Her son and she are the good folk who helped us put away the stuff in the backyard. 'Pup has known this young man since he was a child, and says that he was always a positive, polite and generally good kid.

The backyard after the good neighbor's hard work. Humm I need to go get that turtle. Everything looks so bare. Notice the ivy on the fence. The leaves have grown HUGE from having the plant rooted in the ground. It should be enormous next year, providing it survives the next couple of days.

The first clouds from Rita.


  1. NAncy, all the best from us in the northwest. We wish you nothing but the best. Hope your garden gets a nice drink and stays in tact.

    Btw, I posted about my garden, just for you. If you could help me identify the flower I mentioned, that would be awesome.

  2. I like the pictures of the garden and the flowers. I hope everything works out well for you and your family.

  3. Hi Nancy, I'm not sure I have been here before. But again, bear in mind I am much dumbified and therefore no part of my psyche is trustworthy. I see DM up there. Where is that woman NOT! Connections, connections...

    Say, those roses that have this caption: "They look nice in the house too, and smell divine." - are they smallish and with the most inebriating smell? I spent hours image-googling roses for this post ( and came up w Rosa 'Cecile Brunner', Sweetheart Rose (I link to an image). WHAT ARE THEY?? They are my favourite flower, we call them St Teresinha's Roses. Please, please, what are they called and do you know the scientific name?

    Oh, I so want a garden full of roses as well. You're so lucky! I hope they, you and yours make it through hurricane season unscathed. It's boiling hot here as well - welcome, viral thingies! - but at least we don't get them. Ye.


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