Friday, September 23, 2005

A shot of my computer screen. I live just to the right of my finger nail, and a little down. Posted by Picasa


  1. Just checking in on you. Glad to see it's not going over your head!!

  2. Just hang in and stay in when the wind goes to whistling. The worst part of it for us last year when we went though a couple of them was the aftermath with no electriciy. But we played like we were camping. Listened to the radio and play rummy and went to bed at dark. No power for five days each time and it did make me appreciate having electriciy. But we stored ice in one of our freezers ahead of time-always a good idea in hurricane alley- and was able to keep our food from spoiling plus we alway keep enough canned goods to eat on for a month if we have to. Fill your bathtubs full of water and every pot and bucket you can spare becuase when the power goes you may not have any water. At least save enough to flush the commodes and to drink.

  3. That sky is beautiful.


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