Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Sun is Shining

We've made it through the night with minimal damage. Houston made it too, with light damage. The mayor is asking local school districts to remain closed M0nday and Tuesday at least to encourage those who evacuated earlier to remain where they are, sheltered in place. All Houston citizens and area citizens are asked to stay off the streets unless they are part of the essential services---medial, fire fighters, police, and fuel distributors. For more professional info, I'll post this link:

There is essentially NO gasoline in Houston or surrounding areas. There is little in other parts of the state as well. A large part of the nation's refining capacity was shut down for this storm, damaged by Katrina or both storms and it's going to be a while before they're up and running again.

Sigh. It's early, but I can already tell that the aid that came so freely for Katrina victims will have to be extended, exceeded for the combination of the two storms. Let me thank all of you in advance. The Red Cross is one million dollars in the hole for Katrina. We may have to dig a little deeper and give more. It's a good thing the credit card company's already made a note in our file that we're likely to be using it rather more heavily than usual.

Mother Nature's done what no terrorist ever could. She's brought a whole state/two states economies to what is essentially a complete stop. The good news is that our government and it's officials are still doing their jobs, and doing them pretty well.

Well........the sun's gone back behind more clouds as we've been covered by another arm of the storm. We're set to get a little more heavy weather. So far, the rain's not been hard enough to flood anywhere, and the soil was so dry that it has the ability to soak up a lot of it. The bayous that drain the city are filling up though, and we still face a little trouble there.

I've not called my family yet, but I suspect they are all well. I've not been able to get through to my engineer student/friend, but I'll keep trying.

The storm is not over, it's just moving on.


  1. Thanks for your kind offer Nancy and if we need it I will certainly call and accept your kindness.

    You are right, we got soooo lucky with this one. Big G and I just HAD to get out today and check on some homes of friends that are out of town. I'm glad it is just about over.

  2. I'm glad you're safe. Hope your family and friends are also doing well.


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