Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sunday Musings

It's been a quiet Sunday for us, but interesting.

Our neighbors next door, new this year, held a Sunday worship service in their backyard. I think most of the churches are still closed along with many stores. They had live music, and the singing of hymns in Spanish was a nice morning serenade. I like these neighbors. They have a lovely polite and giggly teenage girl and a sweet 5 year old, and lots of cousins to come visit. Braindog likes them too, and wishes they'd come to visit and play. Occasionally, a soccer ball comes sailing over the fence, and that is the one toy that this dog LOVES to play with.

I've seen the tiger swallowtail, it's still with us and hanging around! Speaking of which, before the storm, my neighbor on the other side (she and her son helped us clear the garden) told me she'd never seen so many butterflies, and that the passionflower vine I'd allowed to grow so abundantly had really paid off with a bumper crop of the winged critters. It's nice to know someone else had noticed! LOL

The Kroger near our house opened today, and I went over to see if the pharmacy had made it open as well. I met the poor lady pharmacist that had made the 10 hour drive from Galveston (6 am to 4 pm on the road). Unfortunately, if the doctor's office had called in the prescription for my husband's pain meds, it had been fried in their answering machine, along with the register in the pharmacy. They'll call the doctor's office in the morning (hoping someone will be there) and see if they can send it on again. Meanwhile, 'Pup is in a lot of pain, as he's had to ration out what meds he's had, giving him just enough to be able to bear going around the house, but not enough to do so without hurting.

The shelves at the store were a mix of full and completely empty. There was still quite a lot of wine, but the beer cooler had been hit hard. Lots of chips of various kinds but only one kind of bread. NO eggs, NO milk, very little orange juice. The canned foods aisle was patchy, with lot's of turnip greens (go figger, huh?) but very little else. The meat section was kinda sparse as well, but the emptiest parts of the store were the paper aisle (evidently I'm not the only one with "paper for the library" issues), and the place they USED to have charcoal and picnic supplies.

I asked when they'd be getting in shipments to restock and perhaps more gas, and received the answer I was dreading: "a few days, maybe a week". Not good.

On the upside, one of the nearby gas stations looked to have gas, possibly. At the very least, it had lines of people wanting gas. I didn't stop, as I have a little over 3/4 of a tank, so I'm not in need just yet. The Marble Slab Ice cream shop was open as was the Subway, a nail shop and a local cafe' serving southern style cooking. Tomorrow, when I go back to check on the meds, I'm treating myself to a manicure. I'm not very high maintenance, but I like having nice hands and nails.

My tutoring boss called this evening and we'll open again on Tuesday. She says some of her friends have a gas station and are getting in a shipment tomorrow, so I should be able to replace the gas it takes to get there and back again. This is one time I'm VERY glad I've a little Saturn, so the trip there and back shouldn't take more than a gallon and a half, so hopefully I can have almost a full tank on Tuesday evening. 'Pup's taking the rest of the week off, tho he'd probably not be able to go in to work till Wednesday, as the building he works in was one of the ones damaged. He couldn't go in tomorrow at any rate until he has the pain meds to "manage".

Well, my left hand neighbors are still socializing with friends and family. They've had a good day celebrating our blessings. I'm glad they're there. It's nice to have joy float through your window.


  1. What a lovely phrase to use to wrap up your post. ;)

    Good luck with the meds and gas.

  2. It's very nice to know you have fared well and that there are still some butterflies floating around. Hopefully TX will be getting back to somewhat normal in the next few weeks. Hopefully, there will be a better plan for evacuation in the future. Though I would call it a success. It did what it was supposed to do. It just didn't do it comfortably. And, I really don't see how that's going to happen. Yes, you could open the southbound lanes to northbound traffic WAY sooner. But, it seems that there will always be a bottle neck and gas woes. I was very impressed with the evac of nursery homes. Now THAT is a HUGE suceess!!!

    Glad you are well. TWO weeks of paper supplies would be good.

  3. Thanks for the Kroger tip Nancy, I went Sunday morning also and did manage to find some things I needed (like real It seems the hottest items are gas and bread.

  4. No matter how meager the intake, the library always is in need of paper. Perhaps a case at the local Costco (or Walmart) to be ready for next time?
    Glad you're OK.

  5. I am so happy to hear that you guys are okay and sitting tight. Hopefully you will be able to get meds for Pup soon. You are in my thoughts...

  6. You're like an actual writer and everything. Lovely ending to your post.

  7. What a lovely idea, to have the service in the back yard. I loved your last sentence as well. So glad you're all all right and hoping Pup gets his meds soon. Well, actually I know he does because I saw the post but I'm pretending. I like to read in order.


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