Thursday, March 24, 2005

Looks like a nice spot to wait for the flowers to bloom. Hope everyone enjoys the updates to this! I had to search for the camera for 4 days. Posted by Hello

This is a close up of my little barrel water garden and a visiting friend. There are five rainbow dace in there to keep the mosquitos down. I've got a nice little water lilly deep down that's just emerging from it's pot. I'm not even sure what color it will bloom. Posted by Hello

I love this lantana. It showed up two years ago, probably as a seed dropped by a passing bird. The little "bouquets" get lovlier and lovlier as the outer florets turn from yellow to pink and the florets in the middle open bright yellow. I cut it back drastically every fall and it just gets better and better. Posted by Hello

This is going to be a very nice bed of Calla lillies. I think I've FINALLY found a place I can grow them! The ones just coming up will be orange, with red accents. Posted by Hello

A nice view of the fountain. I've done some more planting around it, mostly succulants that enjoy a shady spot. Posted by Hello

Rosebud.................. Posted by Hello

This is actually in my front yard. The stones were set in the ground several years ago, and I'm told they are huge. Makes for a nice spot to display different plants. Posted by Hello

Hey, what can I say? He's sitting in a patch of peppermint and wild onion near my front door. What secrets does he keep for me? He's not telling.  Posted by Hello

These keep coming back, reseeding voluntarily. I LIKE plants that do that! Posted by Hello

A nice dark leaved begonia. One of the few plants that I have that won't attract butterflies or hummingbirds......... but it's pretty enough to exist on its own. Posted by Hello

A few lillies, just in time for Easter! Posted by Hello

A purple verbena, with a bouginvilla with varigated leaves climbing up the trunk of a very beset pecan tree. Miniature daylillies are planted in the ring around the bottom. Posted by Hello

The herb bed, with a few additions. I've got planted: chamomile, fennel, parsley (flat leaved and curled), lemon basil, sweet basil, spicy globe basil, common sage, varigated sage, pineapple sage, tarragon, marjoram, garlic chives, onion chives, lemon thyme, lime thyme, carroway thyme, English tyme, German tyme. There will be a flowering vine going up the spiral stakes. Posted by Hello

African "daisy's" with a volunteer wildflower. These plants don't need ANY help, and tolerate drought very nicely. Posted by Hello

Went looking for caterpillars, found LOTS of empty chrysalis'.  Posted by Hello

Look, found another one! Posted by Hello

I was looking for the caterpillar I'd seen munching on the Butterfly weed (a wild flower down here). Evidently, I JUST missed it! I'll be keeping an eye on the chrysalis though. Posted by Hello

I do like sunflowers! Posted by Hello

Another view of the new project Posted by Hello

The 'mum's in the teracotta pot have come back year after year for 5 years now. When they bloom, they're a peachy color. Posted by Hello

A volunteer sunflower, black oil variety. The birds missed these two seeds and they've done pretty well so far, even under the tree. It helps that the tree isn't in full leaf yet. I'm just enjoying them. Posted by Hello

Aren't these pretty? Posted by Hello

This is the newest project in the garden. It's a little bed around an Ash tree. The plants in there include ferns and periwinkles, all enjoying a shady spot. I'm going to enjoy this shady spot too! Posted by Hello

I rescued this plant from the "dying, needs adopting" area of a local plant store. I think I paid a dollar for it in all. I priced a similiar plant, of the same size, for about 40 dollars. I just love rescued plants! Posted by Hello

This is a canna lilly, variety Presidents' Flame. I love the way it glows in the light. Posted by Hello