Thursday, April 21, 2005

Welcome to my house. Posted by Hello

This new bed is slowly filling in, and the sunflower is even surviving the shady spot.  Posted by Hello

The fountain project is doing well. It's been relaxing to sit next to, and the birds seem to enjoy getting a drink. Posted by Hello

We went on a wildflower viewing, driving north and a little to the west of where we live. This is spanish moss hanging off of an old oak. Posted by Hello

Indian paintbrush.  Posted by Hello

Wine cups. These were quite endangered when I was a child, but seem to be making a comeback. Posted by Hello

These are commonly called "pinks". They grow everywhere, even on traffic medians. I love them for their delicate looks, which belie their hardy nature. Posted by Hello

I've always called these blackeyed susan's, but I'm not sure I'm correct.  Posted by Hello

I'm not sure what these are, but if I weren't a law abiding citizen, they'd be growing in my garden's illegal to pick or gather wildflowers when in bloom. It is legal to gather seed. Posted by Hello

Wild flowers weren't all I found on the trip. I think this is a water moccasin, about three feet long. Posted by Hello

Yes, these are wild flowers.  Posted by Hello

Honeysuckle Posted by Hello

Red and gold lantana growing wild on a fence, with honeysuckle growing in and amoung it. The smell of he honeysuckle was beautiful. Posted by Hello

Texas prickly poppy. They stand about 2 to 3 feet tall.  Posted by Hello

Went looking for wild flowers. This is part of a field of blue bonnets. Posted by Hello

There is a frog living in my "water garden". It's not a very big pool, but the frog doesn't seem to mind. However, I think he and the fish don't get along, as I've found 3 of my dace floating belly up. Ahhh well. Posted by Hello

The orange flower is on a "butterfly weed". This native wildflower supports several kinds of butterflies. A larger plant near a dryer vent and close to an evergreen produced about 15 butterflies. That's how many empty chrysalis' I found! Posted by Hello

Purple lantana and Stella D'Oro miniature daylillies.  Posted by Hello

The morning glories are starting to bloom. I think they're a little late this year because of the cooler than normal spring we've been having. Their color is quite vivid though! Posted by Hello

The herb garden is growing well. I have enjoyed using the fresh basil and fennel. The lemon thyme and lemon basil were great in a salad dressing, and the parsley is slated to go into a tabouli salad. Posted by Hello

The roses are blooming profusely, and I can smell them as I walk out of the house. I'm glad they're there to greet people who come to my house Posted by Hello

The rose bush is full of blooms, buds and new growth. They smell lovely, and the scent greeted me as I walked outside today.  Posted by Hello

My herb garden is growing well. The basils are very good and the parsley is ready to harvest. The fennel is almost ready. I've used some of the fennel leaves, thyme, and some of the basils in cooking already. It's nice to have fresh herbs available. Posted by Hello

I have two kinds of clematis blooming after all! The white double bloom, and this purple with the stripe. If I remember correctly, it will open flat and the petals will have a darker purple stripe. Posted by Hello

A new clematis opening, the star jasmine is blooming and behind it all, the canna. Posted by Hello