Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween errr November...heck, Let Us Give Thanks


been an interesting day.

This morning I talked to the doc's office and they had precertified me as needing the motorized assistance as a medical necessity. That meant no co-pay. So, I dragged 'Pup with me to a store that sells all sorts of medical assistance, and picked out............a wheelchair.

I had thought I'd do the scooter thing, but the chair was so much easier to maneuver, and was sturdier than the scooter that the insurance would pay for. Seems they'd much rather pay a lot more for a nice wheel chair. I can understand that, as most people would be using the chair at home to get around. I've already figured out how to get around the house and the rolling chair I use works just fine.

So, I went for the more expensive and sturdy wheelchair. It was hard to pass up the baskets and possible bling for the scooter, but... Y'all. This electric chair thing turns circles like Linda Blair's head. It is sturdy enough for use inside and outside and can handle a 2 inch curb.

Think a 2 inch curb isn't very high? Go to one. Pretend you can't raise your foot over one inch from the ground. See how high a 2 inch curb can be.

I won't be getting it for a week or so, while they order it. When I was asked what color I wanted I told them the red would work for me.....(no green available).......since the chair was probably as close to a red snazzy convertible I'd ever get.

Hey, a girl can dream. I know that in real life, I'd probably get something practical and durable and probably one of those Hybrids. But I'd still see convertibles and dream a little.

So, instead of a front sign saying: "If you can read this, you're probably in my way.", I'll be putting a sticker just under the back wheels that says: "If you can read this....you really should'a moved faster."

Hee hee..... Christmas shopping is going to be pain free (except for pain in the wallet). I plan on shopping, even if I can't buy anything. I will be window shopping with glee.

After that, 'Pup and I stopped by the CAP (Citizens for Animal Protection) thrift store. We got Chucky from there, and 'Pup had gotten Brain from there. 'Pup found some very NICE dress shirts that fit him just right for $1 each. I hit the shoe rack, 'cause little ol' Chuckers is in some very hot water for chewing up my only pair of black dress shoes... actually that was the SECOND pair of dress shoes (black) he'd chewed up.

I found several I liked, none over $4 a pair and all much nicer in quality than I'd ever be able to buy retail. The queen of the finds is the $3 pair of FERRAGAMO shoes. That FIT!!! (I'm well on my way to forgiving Chuckie.) (Lovely doggie.) In all I got 5 pairs of shoes for $11. (Oh, Chuck'a Duck, you are my lovely pet. Touch these shoes and you will be wearing one of them on your snout for a few years.)

'Pup spotted some possibilities in the suit rack too, and he may be going back again, as his bad knee was hurting.

He's continued to lose weight and all his pants are too loose, even the ones we deliberately bought too tight. So far, he's lost about...150 lbs.

I also got to hold and scritch a lovely little ginger lad-kitty. He spotted me sitting down and hopped in my lap. I must have been a good scritcher, as he followed me around the little shop. One time he even meowed what was clearly an order for more lap time. The lady at the shop said his name was Linus, but I know his whole name. It is, "His Royal Highness, Sir Linus of the Sharp Paws".

Hey, don't believe me? Go to the thrift store and see. If you get him just right with some scritching on and around his cheek he'll tell all. He even offered to tell me the location of his buried treasure box. I passed on the offer as I have a feeling we may have had different things in mind that would classify as a treasure box.

So, anyone in Houston who hears a "BEEP BEEEP" better watch your backs. If the chair doesn't come equipped with a horn, it will be. I am a firm believer in fair warnings. My little beauty goes about 4 mph and I'm going places I've not been able to go to for far too long. So make way, 'cause I'm comin' through.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006



I'd like to
climb a tree again.
Like my neighbor's tree
as I was growing up.
A huge tree knocked over,
but refusing to die,
stayed connected to it's mother earth,
with half of it's roots skyward bound,
towering over our heads
grasping the air.
It hosted myriad games
as the neighborhood horde
of youngling humans
(the tail end of the baby boom)
ran up and down it's broad trunk
climbing the leaning canopy
until the last fine branches
would support not even the weight
of a tiny Brownie girl.
I played on that tree in my
Brownie uniform;
with an acorn shaped cap
bobby-pinned to
my orange-red hair,
The fabric,
an odd shade of brown
made into a little dress
with a full skirt.
It had a pocket over my heart
and a corner shaped tear
where the tree tried to hold me back
as I danced on it.
Brownies should dance, you see.
In my memories I am still
that Brownie, aged 6 and a half
wearing the sash that would
follow me into young womanhood
with it's badges of honor and
I still have that Brownie pin
given to me when I Bridged,
walking over a paper stream,
but the real bridge was an ancient oak,
too stubborn to die.
I would climb it again,
that tree,
and a Brownie be.

A poem
by Me. Today.
at the very cusp of the new day,
Midnight born.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Oh, to say V'room V'room

Not yet. Sigh. The good news is that I will probably get the scooter I want/need with no co-pay. I just wish it could be before this weekend. I really wanted to go to the Home and Garden Show. Maybe next year.

'Pup is still working at a "bookmark" job. One that keeps stuff in place, but is easily lost and soon replaceable. Not a valuable bookmark.

In fact, I met the lady with whom he works. He's been telling me stories about her crazy-ness and I wanted to see for myself.

Y'all. Have you ever met someone and known immediately that he or she is not someone with whom you want to get stuck with on an elevator? I think I would pass on the elevator with her in it and start crawling up the stairs.

In the parlance of my extreme youth: She's got baaaaaad vibes, man!

She is not stupidly malicious, she is maliciously stupid. There's a difference.

We've got to get 'Pup outa there!

He's been doing his best to make where he works a pleasant place. This is a marketing survey company. They're the ones that step into your face and ask you to follow them down a dingy hall to an unmarked door, all for the promise of a small check. 'Pup's one of the ones that actually do the interviews.

He goes to this job wearing a coat and tie everyday. It has sartorially inspired some of the young men who walk the mall hall waving their clipboards with lists of wanted people. "Two white females, aged 35 to 45". "Ten and unders with parents, who watch cartoons". They used to dress just this side of scruffy. He's taught them how to tie a real tie and told them to eschew the tacky clip-on, saying that if one must wear a clip on, make sure it's got some quality and long enough "clips" to hide the fact that it's a clip on.

I wonder. These young men have never had their dads show them how to wear a tie, and why. He's spoken to them of the efficacy of white shirts and proper pants with a belt. Some of them listen and learn. I hope it helps them someday.

It's been very cool the last couple of days. We went (rather soggily) from mid 90's in the day to low 70's with lows at night of 48. Hey, that's a cold snap down here. When I finally found my sweater this morning, I had to look closely at it, trying to remember...humm... now....which arm in which sleeve???

I've still yet to make that last raised bed, though 'Pup and I got the dirt for it yesterday. I have some peas to plant. Oh, and I rescued some more plants from the "take me home before I'm composted" racks. Major scores of some tattered but very viable specimens for a quarter each. I love fall clearance at the garden centers.

The pond is doing well. We've finally figured out what's been killing some of the fish...BIRDS!! So, we went to a pet store and bought some cheeeeeeeaaap light colored fish for the birds to go after. I predict that we will lose no more fish (esp the one's we'd gotten to sacrifice to the wing'ed beasts). At least I can see these fish.

Ahhh and one more thing. I've got another idea for a "license plate" for my hope-to-be-scooter.

I Brake for Frogs and Butterflies.

and one for the front:

If You Can Read This, You're Probably in My Way.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Experiment In the Mall

It's been a long time since I've been able to go to a mall. Not that mall's were ever my favorite place to be, but it was nice to have the option, a place to stroll languidly and gawk surreptitiously at people. Sometimes, I would even catch the eye of a little'un and share a giggle or smile.

Then, it got harder to walk around, and I didn't go to malls. And, even when I would go because a friend or family member wanted my company, I tended to gravitate towards the handy benches. I even started.......looking for the next one.

Harrrumph. I would say to myself. I must really walk more and get stronger. This weak stuff isn't for me.

I'd try to go walking with friends, but my steps kept getting slower. The distance I could walk be came shorter. I even cut down on how often I went fishing, because the piers and jetties were so...long.

Malls don't have electric carts. Wal-Mart does, the grocery stores do, some of the local Targets do, but not the malls.

The mall where 'Pup's found a part-time job does have wheelchairs. So, Sunday afternoon, I borrowed one.

I propelled myself. I didn't go very fast or far, but I did get to Burlington's Coat Factory and found some pretty things at some very good prices. But the store was hard to get around when in a wheelchair. They'd put tables in the main ailes and had put as many clothes as possible on as many racks as would fit. I had a difficult time negotiating my way through everything. I did find some help though, from an associate on the floor who went to get items that went with other items I'd already picked out and struggled to hold.

When it was time to return the chair, I was late. I tried to hurry, but the chair was hard to roll, even on the hard mall floors. No, the brakes weren't on.

I discovered something as I returned the chair. My arms were tired, but they didn't (and don't) hurt. I was tired, but I wasn't in agony. I had gone farther in my chair and almost as fast and had gotten to a store I'd not been able to shop in for a while.

It was a hassle in the store, as I'd not been able to reach some things and had to push hard to get through other narrow places, and I have little places on my thumbs that would have become blisters if I'd kept wheeling the chair. But. I wasn't in pain.

This is a good thing. Powered cart or wheelchair, I will be able to go places I've not been to in far too long. Only 3 more days till the appointment. I like saying "I can" instead of trying to figure out IF or HOW.

I wonder what this next week will bring. What's something that's been a challenge for you?

Ahhhhhyup, dat's me.

You Are: 50% Dog, 50% Cat

You are a nice blend of cat and dog.
You're playful but not too needy. And you're friendly but careful.
And while you have your moody moments, you're too happy to stay upset for long.
Guess that's why I'm happier with at least one of both in the house. How 'bout y'all?

Friday, October 13, 2006

I am.......

Wired? Tired?

I got no sleep last night. I think I have trouble sleeping on any night my joints hurt enough to take a pain pill. I had one tylenol 4 last night, thinking it would help me sleep. Turns out that tylenol 4 (yes 4. not 3. 4.) has caffiene, probably as a way to boost the pain relief and tone down any possible nausea.

I think the dihydrocodiene (so sue me, I googled it.) reacts oddly with my body chemistry. My mom is allergic to codiene in all its forms. She usually throws it up. Me? I just don't sleep.

I'm afraid that if I lay down now, I would mess up my sleep cycle badly, just on the day (Saturday) that I have to actually wake up in the morning before 10 am. (Yah, I know, sucks to be me).

So, if any of y'all out there notice a certain.....slap happy feel to my comments on your blogs, I plead innocent by way of temporary non compos mentas..tes?? I'm having trouble spelling English just now.

Y'all play nice out there. Let an old lady......(I'm a LADY! (mostly)) sleep. Or at least have free rein to play blythly out in the net-o-sphere.

This is the closest thing to drunk y'all will ever get to see me, as I cannot (damn drugs) drink. Yes, it does suck to be me sometimes.
Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic Intelligence

You are excellent with words and language. You explain yourself well.
An elegant speaker, you can converse well with anyone on the fly.
You are also good at remembering information and convicing someone of your point of view.
A master of creative phrasing and unique words, you enjoy expanding your vocabulary.

You would make a fantastic poet, journalist, writer, teacher, lawyer, politician, or translator.
Hummm. Kinda what I expected.
I got this meme from Lemons and Lollipops.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


'Pup got a job yesterday, and he's being called in for an interview with another company.

Before you get too excited, they are not companies who pay very much (but sumptin' beats nutt'n). On the other hand, they are companies we could stand to live with for however long it takes. Life goes on.

I have clearing out chores in the front and back yards. I might get to them today. I might not. Well, I do need to finish the front a little. The place it is now, ( in the continuum of "end of summer clearance and transition") : "Messy as All Get Out, or "Pull the Weeds, Pile the Weeds, Bag'm Later" stage. Esp the "Bag'm Later" part.

The weather is really nice today. Coolish temps and low humidity and I was sitting outside in the backyard, enjoying the sounds of water, bird and not much else until the neighbors in the back started doing their own backyard maintenance chores. These chores are done much more often of late, since the lady back there has had her brother come to stay. He's actually cleaned up the backyard and planted some beds and does things to keep up her property. I think I like her brother better than her. (think: white trash barfly who smells of stale tobacco and other chemical fun)

She also can't hold a hammer right or hit a nail three times in a row. She'd occasionally get two in a row.. but that was dumb luck. I know this because we had to replace the back fence 5 years ago when her dog then, a huge blonde retriever, ate through the fence to get to our backyard where he had a friend (Brain) and could come in our house to get away from the firecrackers and lightning that July 4th. He was over 100 lbs of dog and squeezed himself in through our doggy door which was on the small side, even for 40 lb Brain.

They kept that beautiful and gentle, huge dog tied up or thrown out back, all alone. Almost all the time. After he started chewing up the fence because he was lonely and scared (he'd been the neighbor's sister's inside snuggle dog all his life up till then), they started chaining him to a tree. He almost hung himself trying to go over the fence to our backyard and then did hang himself trying to get to the other side's neighbors.

I feel guilty that I'm glad it wasn't our back fence. I don't feel guilty that I did nothing. I was trying to find that dog a new home, and had found one, when we got word that he'd died.

After that, they got two little yappy dogs that I often felt sorry for, as they were also relegated to the backyard most of the time in all kinds of bad weather. And they barked of course. And that lady tried to blame the fact that they were barking all the time on Brain.

She continued to do that even after Brain was gone. We overheard her and her brother outside when she did this. Her brother told her that wasn't true, especially as Brain had died and that we were very upset about it. I think he'd overheard Rich and I morning over his death one afternoon.

I have very little liking or respect for the lady behind me. Can you tell? I don't know. Maybe she's reformed a bit and has become a better person. Think so?

Nah, me neither. She has a nice brother. I think I'll concentrate on that aspect of her, and leave the judgements alone. I'll try, anyway, and ask for forgiveness and for the grace to forgive her. I'm trying.

Harrumph. This is what happens when you let 'Pup loose with the camera. Pictures today courtesy of 'Pup.

Not bad, huh?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Progress, or "Things Done"

Sunday, 'Pup and I' made a new raised bed. We used all of one roll of fencing and most of another. Monday, I planted some sugar snap peas, carrots and some lettuce. We'll see what grows. This bed will be in a lot of direct sun once the leaves drop this year.

I think last year, the ash trees were green for most of the winter, and finally dropped leaves sometime in Jan/Feb. , so that's a question as to when they'll get the sun..lol

Posted by Picasa
Yah, we still have tadpoles. But, I'm seeing more and more of these little fella's here and there in the garden. They tend to turn up in the dangdest of places, and I marvel at how far, relative to size, that they've been able to travel without being 1) eaten, 2)stepped on, 3) eaten and 4)escaped the attention of Lady SpitFire.
The Pinata climbing rose is blooming well, it seems to like being out of the pot and into the raised bed. The yellow rose is doing better too. I need to go on a pruning frenzy. Some of the bushes in the front yard are getting a little leggy and it's time to go back down to the good wood. I need to do some weeding in the front yard as well.

I've been neglecting the front yard because of our raised bed projects in the shady backyard. Oh, and the fact that it's been in the mid to high 90's and the front yard is in full sun has a little to do with it too.

The plants I got on sale (hey..an $8 dollar clematis for $1.25!!!) are doing well. The lavender lantana is blooming very prettily. It's going to be a lovely plant. Even the "Lucky Lemon" lantana that really was almost gone is recovering and putting on a little bloom.

I'd show them to you, but blogger is getting to be a booger just now.

Maybe later.

I called TEA (the Texas Education Agency) and checked about filing the paperwork. I'd gotten a folder dated earlier this summer when I thought things might go faster. They said the old stuff would be fine, I just have to cross out a date and write it above the space. They also said it would be best to have as much documentation as possible, so I suppose it's for the best that I hadn't just jumped into it all and sent it in.

'Pup had a job interview today. It's a job working in a call center, with the possiblility of becoming a manager. It's with the energy company we use, so he'll be able to sell it with a real dedication. Yah, he's worth more and can do more, but sumptin' comin' in shore beats nutt'n all to heck and highwater.

Y'all take care.