Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More Positive Thinking

So, as long as we're redecorating the house...

'Pup and I have an adult special needs niece who comes to visit us when she can. She's a doll and a great visitor to have around. Our guest room is hers and she gets to pick out a lot of the decor. She likes pink. She likes pink a lot. Oh well, she used to like purple. I do draw the line at the "Hello Kitty" explosion she'd love to have, but pink bedding is just fine.

I found some nice things, furniture and some bedding.

Well, As Long As I'm Surfing

If a plumbing disaster did occur, I wonder if we'd get to replace a couple of pieces of furniture? I need a desk for the little garden room attached to the master bedroom, I'd like an armchair there too, and a nice lamp wouldn't hurt.

Someone at work mentioned that they had bought some Powell furniture and liked it a lot. I found a few things I like, and part of my positive thinking involves thinking positively about things I'd like to have.

Ow. That last sentence made my brain hurt.

Plumbing Adventures

Now, if you've been reading my blog for a while, the title above might lead you to say "OH NO, NOT AGAIN!"

Don't worry. It's not a Disaster Adventure. At least not yet.

Sigh. We need a plumber and possibly a new faucet in the master bathroom. We replaced a gasket, but that didn't stop a leak and now we'll have to open up the access panel in the wall and every time I think about that a "Ching, Ching" sound goes off in my head. (breathe, breathe)

It needs to be a three handle one as the tile in there is one of the nicer things we have in the house, and the faucet to be replaced has three handles. I want one with a little style to it as I was looking at a site that has club furniture and found one like --the one I want but can't seem to make a link for!--GRRRR.

Oh well.

Sleep well.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


My friend Val, in Ohio says I never mention her in my blog.

Gonna now.

Shudda sooner.

She's okay, but her husband has a smashed ankle and broken rib and collapsed lung. His leg is pinned back together and he refused to stay in the hospital so Val drove him back home. Luckily, she has some nice neighbor gents who helped her 'rassle him into the house, up an icy step and across a cold dark backyard that never seemed so large before.

She's hoping to get him to go to the hospital when his pain meds wear off. She'll call an ambulance.

Stubborn man, Val's husband. Val's stubborn too.

It's gonna be an interesting night.

Assorted Pictures of the Garden

Let's start out pretty. 'Cause later? It gets ugly.

I just about cried as I walked around outside. Most things are alive, but there is soooo much clean up to be done.

More commentary is down there amongst the Pictures of Shame. These will be the definitive BEFORE pictures for this garden. I hope. I mean, it can't get any worse, huh???

A bit of the front yard and the still clean herb bed. I really did a very good job weeding that weekend. It was worth it, even if I did suffer from a rash on my face for 3 days. I bought some herb sets to plant today, but it wasn't as warm as I'd hoped it would be. I'll keep them (alive I hope) for a slightly warmer day.

Those fuzzy, oddly shaped thingies are rose buds. I told y'all, the roses are ignoring the temperatures and, tho they've slowed down, are continuing to do well.

The bougainvillea? Well. Sigh. It's lost some of the leaves I'd thought had made it through the freezing rain. It still looks pretty viable, it will just take longer to recover than I'd hoped.

The patch by the front door. I used the step ladder to hold up the cover.

This is what happens when you don't keep an eye on the broccoli. How is it warm enough for it to bolt and yet so cold it took me half an hour to clean the filter in the pond because I had to thaw my hands every 5 minutes or so???

The snap peas are okay. Tasty too.

The corner pond area... I could weep. All the plants made it, but it is a mess. Oh well, just think how much better it will look...later. Much later.

The pond area. I keep telling myself. "It's just that all the plants are scrunched up together and they're all alive and will do so well this summer."

As you can see, Monster did quite well. The leaves actually had icicles hanging off of them and the ice was so heavy that some of the leaves were bent over and touching the ground. Y'all, beware of things that come in 6 inch pots. They grow, they grow. And, apparently, they eat plastic lawn chairs.

I think it's like the house though. If I could just get all the leaves raked or at least blown off things that don't need dry leaves on top or IN them (pond), it would look better. Just as a house just looks...cleaner with a vacuumed rug.

The side yard bed looks dormant, but not too bad. Uhm. I've offered before, but I really mean it y'all. Anyone need Aloe? 'Cause I gots me some Aloe. You could have some too. LOTS of "some aloe"....

I think I'm going to have to get Sr. M to come and dig me out. Sigh

And last, I'm including two pictures of the sky today. Why? Because I like the color blue. And the rainman.......I mean weather man says we're due for another two weeks of rain.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I'm very glad to see the sun shining today. It's still a bit brisk, but the dreary gloomy rain is gone for now.

I took a quick survey of the front yard this morning. I need to take some pictures. They're gonna make some dandy "before" pictures.. sigh.

The bougainvillea new leaves are still healthy. They're small, reddish, but the variegation is pronounced. They're thicker than they will be when they grow out full sized. There are some dead tips of branches, but I'll trim those as I am sure we're not going to freeze again. That way, if more of the branch is damaged, I won't be able to measure it. Also, and more importantly, I'm afraid that if I prune any part of the bush, it might stimulate some growth and that might leave it more susceptible to any more frost damage.

The miniature daylilies I've got growing around the bougainvillea are going fully dormant. They kept their green leaves late into the season. I'm hoping that will mean more blooms in the spring/summer. I may have to divide some clumps come spring as well.

Other plants have frost bit tips as well. I'm not going to prune them back for the same reason I'm going to leave the bougainvillea alone. Also, the dead tips can be used to hold the plastic off the green bottoms, and provides a little more insulation against the cold.

The geraniums came through well under the plastic. The begonia is a bit bedraggled, but it is still blooming. The herbs came through with little or no damage.

The roses? They seem to have shrugged off the whole thing. No damage that I can see, and the dang things are setting buds again. The big yellow one even bloomed during the freeze. I think the years of composting the soil and encouraging healthy growth seems to have paid off.

The back yard will have to wait until tomorrow sometime, after Richie's appointments. He wants me to go with him and wait nearby. He's got one at 11, and another at 2:30, and he says it's a good excuse to celebrate with a restaurant meal.

Can you believe this is the same man who swore he'd never eat Mexican food? Since the surgery his tastes and food preferences have changed. Finally! We get to eat MY idea of comfort food---TexMex! lol

How do you tell a Texan? Ask her what her list of comfort foods are. Mine include tortillas, tamales, chili, enchiladas, macaroni and cheese, turnip greens, mashed 'taters, pork chops, meatloaf, smoked sausage and humus.

Yah, a pretty eclectic list. But I've rarely met a food I didn't like.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Still discuss'n....

Dang! I knew we should have done the business card printing earlier. We're both agreeing that business cards are one thing he really needs. I've got work tomorrow morning (3 hours ESL at the tutoring center) and then we've some downtime until it's time for the evening 3 hour reading/writing sessions (and 'Pup has a math student to teach too). Maybe we'll have time to get it done.

I'm thinking 'Pup will win on this one and go kinda plain, but I'm hoping I've infected him with the idea of a LITTLE color!!


Cuss'n too.

'Pup and I've been talking about what to bring to the interviews besides the resumes, some cover letters, Social Security card, birt certificate (one of the recruiters requested that one), ect.

I say it's like a presentation and he should go in and sell himself. 'Course, whadda I know? I don't do business. I think he should have his stuff in some nice presentation folders (I even found a site for presentation folder printing). Okay, the smallest order they do is 50, and even if we had the money we couldn't get them here in time... but they shore is purty.

Oh well. We're still discuss'n stuff.


And surprisingly, it's good.

I got approved for the teacher retirement due to disablility, and the last piece of paper I was waiting for from my last school district came to Austin today. The nice lady on the phone told me that it should only take another 7 to 10 working days for me to get scheduled for my first check.

'Course, we're getting it direct deposited, so I guess we'll just have to keep an eye out in the bank account. It will be nice to see the balance go UP instead of DOWN. We've been cutting it close guys. We've loaded a credit card up to a scary level and we were getting down to the last of the fluid cash we had.

The irony is that we do have savings. It's just that they're in IRA's and 401k's and 403b's and if we touch any of it we'd pay so much in penalties I cry just to think about it.

The other good-ish news is that 'Pup got two phone calls and a couple of emails from some recruiters that have lines on some temporary contract work that matches his skill set.

One of the phone calls isn't a recruiter really. He's a guy from a power company in another town that had been recieving some faxes from the placement company we'd contracted with to help us find a job. We are not overly pleased with said company, as this was the third phone call we'd gotten from someone that said "QUIT IT WITH THE FAXES ALREADY!!". Seems they've been recieving multiple copies of a letter with 'Pup's name on it. I wonder how many other companies those faxes ticked off.

The good in this is that the guy that called said that he'd gotten and crumpled up 4 or 5 of the letters before he happened to glance over it and read it. Seems he's been looking for someone like 'Pup to solve a problem he has with his billing system.

No, one good result does not excuse the bad manners shown IN 'PUP'S NAME. I hate spam, and to think that we might have had anything to do with spam faxes gives me the creeps.

I'm considering biting the bullet and ordering some return address labels and mailing them to the placement company and telling them to MAIL the dang letters, not fax them. And, if they MUST be faxed... for GOD'S sake, count how many you've sent!!

Slow burn...breathe breathe breathe.

This started out good and is gonna end that way. We have insurance, we have some money coming in, I've got a job that's regular, if not overly renumerative and is tailor made for my interests and physical abilities, and 'Pup has two interviews with recruiters on Friday who seem real happy with his resume.

Things are going to be better. (That's another example of positive thinking btw)

I need a Vacation in the sand.

I'm not sure why, but I'd like to go see the Carolinas. I think mostly I'd like to visit the coast there. I've never really seen the Atlantic from the beach and I'd like to go somewhere where the water wasn't so heavily silted as is the Gulf of Mexico. I seem to remember a book as a child... perhaps that's it. Somewhere, I've mentioned this before, on the Outer Banks. I even found a site on Outer Banks Vacation Rentals.

Walrilla's Back!

While I was in the hospital before Thanksgiving, I got some very nice phone calls and emails. One of the people emailing me was Walrilla. He's just had a stint in the hospital of his own, and then got the stomache flu. (Some people just have all the luck--huh?)

The good news is that he made a wise and brave decision that some men would have a hard time making. He is a wise and brave man. Mrs Walrilla got herself a keeper, as you don't often find tough, nice, kind, brave and smart all in one package. Ain't bad lookin' neither.

I'm so glad he's recovering.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Brrrr Dang it

Yah, I know, it's not freezing anymore. We're in the mid to high 40's....but that is COLD for here, and I'm not a happy camper when it's too chilly to sit outside when I'm feeling well enough to sit outside.

Maybe I'm still a little sick with the earache/congestion. I can't seem to get warm, and my hands and feet are cold.

I like warm weather, I really do.

I know I promised pictures, and they will be coming soon. I just have to thaw out enough to go take them. Thankfully, 'Pup has been uncovering the plants so they can get some sun, and any of the rain we're getting on and off.

'Pup is still looking for a job, and there are jobs out there for which he is suited and qualified.

Ah, I know. I'll post some pictures of him.

This is when he was a senior in HS:

Ain't he cute?

This is him now:
Actually, this is from November or so.. he's lost more weight since then. Still cute, ain't he? He doesn't look 55.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Gulp I did It

I switched to the new Blogger. Not too many problems, but then I don't have a really big blog. Any hiccups you notice...please bear with me. Ah is a'trackin'm down.


A week at my PiL's house with three squares and snacks took their toll. I gained a couple of pounds. 'Pup, the rat fink, LOST 3 pounds. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. And he had a lot more ice cream than I did. Fact is, I didn't have ANY!!

Makes me wonder. Sigh.

Has anyone heard anything about Hoodia Diet Pills? I keep running into stuff about them, namely that they're the "celebrity diet pill secret".

No, I'm not going to take anything unless my doc okay's it. But I'd rather take a pill than have the surgery to replumb my innerds. Tho... 'Pup's success makes a pretty good arguement for it.

I dunno. We'll have to see.


As we visited PiL, we've been updating some of his genology programs. Some of my ancestors came over well before the revolution...though they weren't... willing colonists. Instead, some of them were sent over by the crown for...less than salutory behavior. The family legends vary as to just who these ancestors were and why they were sent. One legend says that there were a pair of brothers who were the sons of a judge gone bad, another says that they were Scottish or Irish rebels, or the sons of one... At any rate, they got here.

One of my aunts did an extensive geneological search, wanting to find the props for joinging the Daughters of the American Revolution, and she did indeed find enough for that. Along the way she discovered the information to qualify for the Daughters of the Texas Revolution as well. Seems we had an ancestor or two that died in the Alamo. Or so it's said. Whatever.

More interesting to me is where my family has lived through the last 250 years or so...Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee...westward bound towards Texas.

I have a feeling though, that they never left homes like the ones I saw when I googled Raleigh Real Estate.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

What was that outside?

There was blue. The light was bright. There were shadows everywhere.

Oh yeah! That's what a sunny day looks like.

Wish I'd gotten to go outside today, instead I was sleeping out a tiring week and an earache. 'Pup got some of the plastic off the front yard plants, but it looks as if we might have to put it back on before Thursday.

I'm feeling a little better, but I think I'll go back to bed now.

Y'all be well.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Huh. Whadda'ya know.

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Friday, January 19, 2007


I've done a preliminary walk-through the garden, and it looks like I didn't get bit too bad. The front yard, on a southern exposure did even better than I could have hoped for, as I'd not been able to cover most of the bigger plants there.

Even the bouganvilla, who'd been foolishly putting on new fresh leaves, was the one I'd really been worrying about. It seems to have come through unscathed. The roses look fine, as do the day lilies.

I've yet to uncover the delicate ones in the north facing backyard. I've still got my fingers crossed on those. Pictures on Sunday.

Oh, we're up here in Georgetown today, Friday, for the Soc. Sec. meeting with the BiL. It went better than I'd hoped, only one small hissy-fit when the possibility of a doctor's visit came up.

We're not done yet. I would like to ask for some good thoughts, prayers or whatever support you can wish for us. BiL needs help, but the question is will he take it. Sigh.

They got a lot more ice and sleet up here. There is still unmelted sleet or snow accumulations on almost every rooftop in the places the sun don't reach all day. It was warmer today, but they've got another dang cold front a'headin' this way.

We're driving back to home tonight, as we've got to work tomorrow at the tutoring center. I'm looking forward to Sunday.

Y'all think warm thoughts. Brrrrrrrrrr

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

And So It Begins....

Okay, those of y'all who live waaaaay up north (lub's ya Livey), don't be laughing, but we're treating this cold spell with just about the same intensity as we'd cover a hurricane. Really. All the local TV stations are doing hourly and more updates on what the temps are where and who's dipped below 32 F for how long and was there freezing precipitation involved.

And it occured to me.......lots of people live blogged the hurricane.... should I live blog the "Great Freeze of 2007"?

Nah. It's cold sitting at the computer, and I've got a soft bed and warm blankets and a dog that really hates to get cold but loves to snuggle.

I do hope Monster and company make it through the night and day tomorrow. The last time it got this cold for this long, was in 2001. It was the first winter after the first summer after 'Pup and I'd gotten married and my garden was full of little baby tender plants. I didn't have NEAR as much to cover, but every plant I lost, and I did lose a few, hurt me. It hurt me baaaad. Well, actually it pissed me off. Stupid cold weather.

Now, I've got waaaaaay waaaaaaay WAAAAAYY more plants and it was a lot harder to cover them all, esp as many of them aren't in pots anymore. It was easier in 2001 because I was more able to move then too. 'Course, 'Pup was less able to help back then, and this year did a lot of the heavy work. I guess we'll just have to see what will have to be replaced. I think that many of the plants in the ground may get bit back to the ground, but many have a pretty robust root system and I think they may come back with a little babying once it gets consistantly warm again in.....oh.....February or March.

Sigh. How DOES one survive these long bitter winters?

Now, a little more seriously, it may be a little......exciting, driving to work and then home tomorrow. 'Pup knows how to drive in ice, we've got good tires and the van is in good shape. Our biggest worry will be the drivers who do NOT know how to drive at the best of times (we almost got sideswiped by an a**wipe today).

So, in tribute to the Acidman:


Y'all stay warm.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Duz this meen Ah kin reed?

Your Vocabulary Score: A+

Congratulations on your multifarious vocabulary!
You must be quite an erudite person.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


So, to protect our delicate and TROPICAL (weep, sob, moan), beautiful plants from nasty cold freezing rain, 'Pup and I are using newspapers, plastic sheeting old bed spreads, leaves and some of the shirts he's out--? under? grown. This gives the curious effect of an exploded garage sale in our front yard, but perhaps will work.

The plastic sheeting will not be touching the plants. That's what the newspaper is for. Where and when possible, I've clumped potted and stationary plants together and made a sort of temporary green house. This will work, esp the one's I've built around the disappearing fountain and around the pond. The water features have a lot of residual heat stored in the water and will hopefully keep the most delicate plants alive and healthy. Everything that couldn't be moved is covered as thickly as possible in a mulch of leaves.

We are still not done, but have come inside to rest a little.

HELP! Please send Energy Pills !

Well, For Goodness Sake!

We went outside to check on what we still have left to cover before the sleet and THIRTY HOURS of below freezing weather will get here. Y'all... I'm gonna lose some plants, 'cause while they can stand an hour or two, they are not going to be able to stand THIRTY HOURS of the nasty weather. I'm most concerned for some jasmine that I've planted in the ground and the split leaved philodendrons. I do have more than one. The huge, monster plant behind the tree there, and another in the Northeast corner of the backyard. It's actually older than Monster, but not as large.

I am not looking forward to the cold weather. I like green.

Anyway... where was I? Oh, we went outside to look around and discovered that the last of the numbers on our mailbox had fallen off. Again.

Looks like we'll have to find another house marker.


'Pup and I are deep in the bowels of searching for a new position for him. (that means JOB y'all).

One tool we're looking at are professional business cards. I've found a couple of sites and the prices seem pretty reasonable. Now, we have to decide on a design. I want to go with a little color, not too much--just enough to catch the eye. 'Pup wants to go more traditional, with dark print on white card.

We'd both like to have something on the back. I used to have a card with a simplified version of my resume.


I mentioned before that my sister in law was settling her oldest son into his dorm room at a university. Some teasing went on, as my PiL recalled that at his grandson's age he'd been in the service, shot at, married and was the father of a bouncing baby boy.

This degenerated into a general discussion of when Sis in law could possibly expect to become a venerable grandmother type person. Somehow, she wasn't as...entertained as we were.

So, for my Sis in law, I found this Emily crib.

(Just in case, you know)

Ah! A Possibility

I found a very nice card and pin on another site. It's a site for first communion gifts, but it did capture what I wanted to say. It's mostly to honor her faith and perhaps to express my wish that I'd been able to get to know her before her "self" began to disappear. I know I got to get short glimpses of the fire cracker she was, but not as often as I would have wished. Ah well.


Although I support PiL's decision to honor his wife's request for no service to mark her passing, I wish there'd been something more. 'Pup's sister will be keeping the ashes. She and 'Pup and PiL chose a nice box style urn. I'm thinking that I'd like to add something to the box, perhaps something from a christian gifts site. I'm thinking a small cross perhaps.

More Tools

Humm. Looking around, I found another business cards site. This one seems pretty easy and gives the option of uploading our own design. I still think we need SOMETHING unique or at least pretty. 'Pup is still stuck on black and white. I'm not giving up. It's gonna be cold for the next few days and the discussion will at least help us stay warm, esp if we do the ice storm we're dreading (more about that in a bit).

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I want to thank everyone who has left their condolences via comment or e-mail. I've shared some of them with my PiL and he sends his thanks as well.

Because my mother in law passed on so soon after arriving at the hospital, a medical inquest had to be completed. It's not been until today that my father in law (PiL) has been able to clear the mortuary to go pick up her body. Indeed, until today, we didn't know where exactally her body was, nor what was to happen next.

PiL has made an appointment with the mortician on Thursday. That's the earliest that 'Pup's sister can make it. She's settling her oldest son in his new university. He's just finished basic training and was assigned further training up there.

Now that we know at least some of the particulars, PiL feels much relieved. He's said several times that today was more productive than any for a long time. We still don't know the cause of death, but we're progressing. And waiting.

'Pup's older brother isn't able to live alone. There is some kind of developmental delay, and I'm not a qualified anything to give a diagnosis, but he reminds me a lot of kids I worked with, who were either autistic or had Asperger's syndrome. He's able to speak, but he gets fixated on a single subject, has difficulty in crowds, hates change, likes routines, reads and writes with great difficulty, and seems not to understand what his mother's death means. When PiL told him that his mom had died, he started talking about the television show he'd just seen. PiL doesn't really understand why he (bro in law--BiL) has troubles dealing with life. PiL has thought for many years that BiL was just lazy and didn't try hard enough. The conflict has been going on for almost 60 years (BiL turns 60 in a few days).

BiL keeps saying that he's "going to be leaving soon", and "has plans", but of course, those plans don't really exist. He refuses to go to the doctor, even to get new glasses. PiL had even gotten him to the doorway of a pyschologist's office and neither the doctor nor PiL could get BiL out of the car. The last time he had an appointment with a doctor, he climbed on the furniture and had a hissy fit, refusing to leave the house.

For some reason, he responds better to me telling him what to do. I suppose it's because he's no history with me, correcting or fussing at him.

We got him to the Dept. of Public Safety and now he's got a picture identification card coming in the mail. We've got a Social Security appointment on the 19th, and he doesn't like the idea of going, but I think I can get him down there. I've been telling him that doing these things will make it easier for him to have some independance. He says he's tired of people telling him to wait for things. I keep reminding him that we're not waiting for anything, that we are doing now. No waiting.

I've recieved permission from PiL to write about MiL and about him. I'll have pictures to go with it, but the post hasn't jelled yet. I'm waiting for some closure to the story.

Everyone deserves a celebration when they graduate from one part of their lives and enter into a new one. But, it doesn't have to be done right now.

So, we're waiting.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


'Pup got a phone call about 11 this morning. We were working at the tutoring center.

His mom passed away just a little earlier.

She'd broken her hip a couple of weeks ago, just a freak turn and twist and bang: broken hip and smashed elbow, both on the right side. She came through the surgery to replace the hip and to repair the elbow, and was in a rehabilitation center. She was doing so well that she'd been up and walking just a couple of days ago.

Last night, just before midnight, her blood pressure began to drop. The rehabilitation center called my Pa-in-law, and he got there as soon as he could. The staff worked hard to get her stabilized enough to go to the hospital by ambulance. P-i-l rode with her. Sometime, either just as they got there, or just after, she went into crisis again. Again, they stabilized her, and my P-i-l was sent home as they were admitting her into ICU. An hour or two after he got home, they called again. She'd gone into arrest, and this time, they couldn't stabilize her, and

She left us at about 10:30 am this morning.

'Pup's sister was headed up there to stay overnight even before this happened. (She and her family live in SW Houston) Her oldest son, our nephew, is registering for college in Lubbock. The plan is now for them to spend the night there, and go on to Lubbock as planned.

Tomorrow, 'Pup and I will head up to Austin.

She never got to see 'Pup since he's lost the last 150 lbs. We were supposed to go see them at Thanksgiving. The doctor couldn't clear me to travel then.

We'd been joking that she wouldn't have recognized him. Several people who've known him for several years haven't recognized him. Even our neighbor, who's known 'Pup for 18 years didn't recognize him when he went over to her house. She almost screamed, 'til she realized who was raking her leaves.

My mom says that his mom recognizes him now.

Throw Away Society

We spoke to a neighbor the other day about 'Pup's search for a job. The neighbor told us his son had had the same long search until recently. His son doesn't live in or near Houston, but it was nice to know that we weren't the only ones having a long search.

The interesting thing about it, was what the son got a job doing. He is in circuit board repair. (no, this isn't the company he works for) I didn't even know they still repaired things like circuit boards! I'm glad to hear of it, as anything repaired and reused is one less thing that ends up as a throw away. Too many things are thrown away, and never reused.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

WAY' vy Positive Thinking

When I was a young girl, I feel in love with "The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau". This infatuation was doubled when I actually got to meet Jacques-Yves Cousteau, shake his hand and immediately run away in embarrassment and shy-ness. I was only 10 or 11 years old. He had been visiting the father of my best friend. He (the father) was a professor at Texas A&M University.

For me, it was like meeting a Beatle. Only, I if I'd a choice between meeting a Beatle and Jacques-Yves Cousteau.........I'd have chosen Jacques Cousteau. I've mentioned before that I was not a real...average...kid.

I had resolved to become an oceanographer. I even started college with that major in mind. After my freshman year however, I realized that what I really missed was working with kids. I'd been a Girl Scout, an Assistant Girl Scout leader, and a Boy Scout (yes, Boy Scout, not Explorer---but that's another post) and had an active baby-sitting business in High School. Everyone had always said I'd be a great teacher. My only teen rebellion was to refuse to even think about being a teacher.

As I said, I was missin' the kids.

But the real clincher was that I get motion sick---in elevators.

Still, one of my "want-to-do's-before-I-die" is to take a cruise, a romantic cruise. A cruise like a Yacht Charter. I don't care if I'd have to live on Dramamine.

Positive Thinking

I've been reading Lisa W's and following her Orlando vacation. Sounds like a good place to be even when you're feeling poorly. I hope they have a wonderful time at the park. I know I would. I'm pretty sure I'd have a hard time getting out of that hotel room!

You've got to love a place where the maid comes everyday to clean up, you have a big spa tub and you know that just outside the door is an adventure waiting to happen. When 'Pup gets his new job (positive thinking!) I want to take a trip to a Disney park. I might not be up to the more thrilling rides, but I've a feeling I'd have a good time anyway.

Get well soon, Princess KK!