Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I've a friend online. One of our American Gothic Chicks. More Drama has occured, this time in the form of a tumor on a pituitary gland that's growing fast, has produced hormones that have caused ovarian cysts large enough to be life threatening... and oh. Yah. She's been losing her sight.

She's having surgery...pinpoint radiation to kill off the tumor, hopefully. It is also to be hoped that her sight will return to normal.

Keep her in your thoughts please.

Update: this is what proceedure she'll be having

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Here's the deal: This lady has convinced me it can be done.

See, here's the thing.

Between what I bring in with the tutoring center and retirement disability payments.......there's about a $250 dollar gap.

I need to close it.

Please, bear with me...

And helping her close her budget gap would be a good thing too.

Thank you all for your support. (Okay, I just channeled Bartles and James there...spooky)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Changes in Fortune

No, not monetary fortunes, though they've certainly changed from 5 years ago. Then, I was working and making (for a teacher) a pretty good salary. 'Pup was working and HE was bringing home an even better salary. With no kids, we had a fair amount of discretionary funds. We spent some of it fixing up the house (it needed it) and some of it was given to some family members, and some to people we knew needed some. We didn't save as much as we should have, but we were on to a pretty fair retirement in 15 years or so.

Things have changed.

But, the money isn't the biggest change for me. Oh, I miss cable TV and I miss being able to buy presents for nieces and nephews. I miss being able to shop for things and seriously consider buying them. I was hoping to have a new car by now to replace my venerable and reliable Saturn.

No, the changes include money, but the biggest change is really in the dynamics of the relationship between 'Pup and me.

Five years ago, I was just beginning to feel the deep pain that would come later. I was able to take the dog for a walk, I was able to carry heavy things and climb ladders (though, I never really liked doing that), and I was the "able" one in the marriage.

I married 'Pup in 2000, not knowing if he'd be alive in 2007.

Now? He is the (slightly) more able one. His weight loss has only increased that ability, and I can be as hopeful as anyone with a 55 year old husband, that he will still be with me in 10 years. Some of the household chores that had been mine, like laundry, he's been doing with only minor mumbling under his breath.

Five years ago, I did a lot of the physical stuff in the garden. I could paint walls, and wrestle furniture into a more pleasing arrangement. I could vacuum.

I am now a little more conversant with how to adapt things to the use of someone not able to stand for any length of time. I can still garden, and do many of the harder things, such as knowing what to prune and when. I can design spaces in my head, and even lay out long term the changes I want to make in that space to bring it to the "look" I can see so clearly in my head.

I am always ready to change plans when I come up with, or am shown a better one. Or, as has happened now and again, a plant grows far in excess of expectation. For example: Monster, the plant that eats plastic chairs...I really only pictured that plant getting about 4 to 5 feet around and no more than 4 or 5 feet high. It's now reached 6 feet high and is expanding more than I want to measure. I'm gonna have to prune that plant back. It's getting a little hard to walk around it. Plus, there is that "eating plastic chairs" thingie... I mean, what if it wants a little variety in it's diet?

Oh well, that's the charm of gardening. Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

'Pup's been feeling poorly the last two days. I was thinking it was a food or med reaction, but it's acting more and more like a tummy virus. (y'all...I'm thinking of sleeping in the guest room...the master bedroom is getting a little....redolent) Fortunately, I seem mostly immune to this virus. I think he picked it up from one of the kids at the tutoring center. One side effect of teaching so long is that I DID build up SOME immunity to some of the common virus' strains.

I hope he feels better tomorrow, he's got two sessions to tutor in at the center. He's at least feeling better than he was Friday night, or Saturday night for that matter. I'm hoping by afternoon tomorrow he'll feel well enough to tough it out.

So, up and down, in an changes.

I just wish I had the services of two very strong teens to help me get the garden in order. The good Sr. M has been busy working himself, and not been able to spare the time for me. Feeding his family comes waaaay before my need for him to dig and haul and argue with me about what plant to put where.

Okay, 'nuff said of all this, time to close this post and figure out a safe place to sleep.

Where's a stuffed up nose when you need one?

Good Heavens

Now? A google search "Go to your room and wait for your father to come home so he can spank you".

I wasn't the top page on the search.........but I was on the first page.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


This is freaky. I was looking at my blog stats one of the search terms that led someone hear was "Nancy's sex."

And the search page was in Arabic.


Friday, February 23, 2007


I was looking back over some old posts and came across the list I'd made about being prepared for hurricanes. It struck me, that 'Pup and I are still in survival mode.

We still shop for things, little things, cheap things, to round out our survival kits. We have some things that we carry in our cars (not a bad thing, considering our newest vehicle is now 6 years old). There are other things that we have stashed in closets and in the garage.

I wonder sometimes, if our need to have these kits is because of possible hurricanes, or do we worry about more personal disasters?

The Blahs

This winter has been so...confusing. Not only the weather, but the stress of losing a parent, and a parent-in-law, having to put down a much beloved pet, and the unending and escalating stress of trying to help 'Pup find a new job. Finances don't help either.

Still... must be positive.

When I married 'Pup, he owned the house we're living in. He'd been living here for quite a while...and like most bachelors....didn't really see the need for redecorating for decorating's sake.

The original brown carpet put in when the house was built was in place when I moved in. I know it was originally brown, because it was brown, and not bad the closets. Everywhere else... it needed help.

So, when our first plumbing adventure occured, a year or so after we married I was able to replace the carpeting and I got 'Pup to agree to a general refurbishing of the house.

I had even started changing some things. I cleared out the master bedroom and we bought some new furniture for it. I even painted the room myself. It was the first time I'd ever painted a room. I kinda liked it, once we got all the old stuff out of the room and cleaned the rug. Looking back, I would probably tape off things a little more neatly, but all in all, I did a pretty good job.

I'm not unhappy with the colors we have in the house now...except the hall bath. It's a funky brownish color that's just not what I like. I want something more festive, lighter, more "splashy".

I think I could afford the paint for the project. It's a pretty small room. The only thing stopping me is the prospect of having to empty and mask off the room, and then there's the painting. I wonder how much house painters would cost?

On the other hand, maybe I can get 'Pup to do it with me.


The tutoring center I work at is doing better than it had been in the fall. It seems to be a somewhat predictable up and down in terms of the business. It's less in the fall, when every student starts the school year with positive and hopeful expectations.

After the midterms, after the report cards and parent conferences, we start getting downright busy. Not too surprising to me, since I spent so many years in the public school system. The spring semester was and is a stressful time. Not only because half the year is over, and you've less time than you've already spent behind to catch up..... there's the TAKS tests and achievement tests, and projects and ........

The kids start feeling the pinch and mom and dad are suddenly aware that their budding genius might be suffering from a case of root rot. That's where we come in.

Still and all, that fall semester is a profit killer. 'Pup and I bought some pencils with the tutoring center's name on them, and gleefully watched them disappear with the kids. This year, I'm going to try to get the BossMan to invest in some pens. I think they'll be more effective than the pencils because they're more likely to end up with an adult carrying them.........and the sharpener won't eat them up.


When I was in college, I would get bad bronchitis, usually turning into asthmatic bronchitis. I suffered most when it was cold and the humidity was low. One spell had me in the "Quack Shack" aka the TAMU student health clinic. I was admitted. One of the doctors there prescribed one HALF of an ephedrine tablet to help me breathe. It worked, but I was just about hanging from the ceiling with the jitters. Seems I'm a bit...sensitive. My pulse was racing and my normally low blood pressure was sky rocketing. After a couple of hours, things settled down. Then the doctor came. The nurse told him about my rather extreme reaction to the medication.

Then? Rather than take the reaction into account and look for something else, he told the nurse to "give her the other half, I wanna see this". The nurse apologized when she brought me the pill. I was so young and innocent and stupid, I took the dang pill. To this day, I stay away from all things ephedrine or psuedoephedrine. And I'm a little leery of things like ephedra too.

It may have done wonders as a diet pill for some, but there have GOT to be better ways.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


It seems, sometimes, as if certain songs travel with you throughout your life. Some songs are the ones played in your head when something good happens, others for when your heart has been broken and sometimes...they just seem to be there, at the edge of your mind.

I've several of those songs. Some I hum, some I whistle, and others I sing. Often, I don't even realize I've started until someone asks me why I'm humming/whistling/singing. I don't think I hurt any one's ears, fortunately I can carry a tune pretty well.

Lately, I seem to be singing The Grandfather Clock. It just seems to hang around, tick tocking softly like a gentle memory.

These are the lyrics I sing:

The grandfather clock was too tall for the shelf,
So it stood 90 years on the floor.
It was taller by far, than the old man himself,
'Tho it weighed not a penny-weight more.

It was bought on the morn
Of the day that he was born
And 'twas always his treasure and pride.
But it stopped.
Never to go again,
When the old man died.....

Ninety years without slumbering,
Tick tock, tick tock,
Life's seconds numbering,
Tick tock, tick tock,
Stopped short, never to go again,
When the old man died......

Seems mornful, but somehow, it's never seemed that way to me.

Life's seconds numbering,
Tick tock, tick tock.......

My Garden

You may have noticed a recent..........lack..........of garden updates.

That's 'cause I'm trying not to think too hard about it.

The last freeze was colder and longer than the ones that preceeded it.

I'll just have to wait and see just how many are dead, and others just......dormant.

Keep your fingers crossed. Until then...perhaps a few rosaries could be said for my garden?

Also, as you're at it, a rosary or three on behalf of 'Pup's job search would really be helpful.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lagging Behind

I have never cared much about Brittany Spears. Maybe I'm too "old" to appreciate her music...but honestly? She sounds just like all the other pretty heads who sing. I do think she maybe a figure of fun to those rich, anorexic mannikins who have even less talent than she.

She's a walking disaster. She learned to sing and dance, but it seems they've forgotten to teach her how to behave like an adult.

Shaving her head, flashing her privates, getting tatooed, that girl needs more than walking in and out of drug rehab.

She needs LIFE rehab.

Midnight......errr Early Morning Musings

'Pup and I almost headed over to the explosion site area to see what we could see, but I did what I'd planned and slept late, had a little something to eat, took a nap, and then went to bed.

A very productive day, in my estimation.

Turns out there was one person hurt in the explosion. Seems a deputy was planting trees not too far from the place the bull dozer had nicked the pipeline. There's good money in growing trees around here. With all the new houses being built on repurposed rice fields and cattle pastures, the new homes sell better with a good sized tree plunked down in the middle of the front yard.

What gets me is, that the gas company knew about the nick and LEAK for 2 and 1/2 hours before it blew up. They told almost no one...especially those people who LIVE nearby.

Remember, it was a deputy on his day off that got near 'bouts blown up. Would'a been a good thing for someone to think about telling the neighbors, don'cha think?

I do want to compliment the Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department. They did a ..err I was gonna say bang up job..but that would just be a terrible pun, wouldn't it? They did a very professional job, keeping the grass fires under control and putting them out quickly. We should also be very grateful that it's been a relatively damp winter so far. A couple of years ago, it was so dry here, that a fireball like that would have resulted in a huge fire that would have taken far longer to put out, and it would have caused a lot more damage.

The homes in this area are built over a huge deposit of natural gas. There are large pipelines that move the gas to larger collection points. If you go to Google Earth and take a close look at this area, you'll notice several straight lines which have nothing built on them. They're the pipeline corridors. Several of them converge not too far from where 'Pup and I live.

Am I nervous about this? Sometimes, yes. But I know that it would take someone very ignorant, stupid or just plain careless to dig into one of the pipelines. They are marked. Really. For the LIFE of me, I can't figure out WHAT the HELL the bulldozer driver was doing digging there.


Oh, this is me, in ...........1982? 81? Sigh. It was before the advent of lenses that were thin enough not to look like coke bottle ends. This was when I wore my hair down past my hips.

This was me when I was about 9? 8? The only time I ever wore my hair that short.

This is me when I was...1 and 1/2? My dad got a kick out of me.

And here's my mom and dad from about that same time. Dad was in the Navy. My mom's hair was a dark red, and naturally curly. Her eyes are green. My dad had brown hair, and blue eyes. Uhmm, he got better looking as he got older.

And this concludes this episode of Midnight Musings. Okay.......Early Morning Musings.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


I'm breaking my rule against commenting on current events...

The arguement that some parents are using against the HPV vaccine is that somehow, the vaccine will encourage their daughters to have sex. Uhmm thats about as logical as this statement: "now that I've been vaccinated against tetanus, I make a point of cutting myself with rusty nails".

Now, the arguement against the vaccine that it's not been tested well enough? THAT is a more logical and thougthtful reason to refuse it.

'Cause y'all. Teenagers of ANY sex, need no encouragement to engage in sex. None at all.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Home Grown Excitement

Hummm. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.

A little excitement in my part of the world.

I never thougth about it, but I guess that natural gas must travel through some pretty big pipes. Never thought they got as big as 31 inches........but they do (anyone reading this who is more familiar with centimeters, it's 31 times 2.54 = 78.74 cm). 'Dats a beeeeeg pipe y'all. Big, Big, Big BOOM!!!

And our fire department...all volunteer. Largest all volunteer force in the state. No injuries reported.

We were coming home from visiting a friend who is installing that lift I was given. Between the weather and illness, and 'Pup's mom......we've had to postpone installation for a long time.

We were south of I-10. We saw a huge plume of black smoke. As the evening darkened, we saw a huge orange ball. We were still 10 or more miles from there.

By the time we got near home, the police had closed off the road leading to our subdivision. We went to a nearby bookstore, had a cup of coffee and waited it out. The news says they'd still like us to shelter in problem. It's my day off tomorrow and I plan on sleeping late.

I think the fire department is still fighting the grass fires set off by the explosion. There are a lot of new subdivisions being built over that way. I wonder if any houses were lost? I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

No injuries reported now, and I hope it stays that way.

Keep safe y'all.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

On to March

Valentine's Day has not always been a particularly positive holiday for me. I usually spent it alone (until there was 'Pup), and while I like chocolate, it really LOVES me. It loves me so much it never leaves me. Right now, I'm sitting on at least 14 years of Valentine's Day candy. It comes with me where ever I go.

The next holiday is one I like a little better. Not that I was ever crazy about green beer, but I like wearing green. And, with the red hair...well. At least some of my ancestors were Irish........or maybe Scottish. Or both. At any rate, I have a keen appreciation of Irish gifts.

Closer than that, my (late)MiL's birthday was on St. Patrick's Day. The last few years, we've not been able to really celebrate with her, as she didn't like leaving her house much. I think this year, we'll go and take my Pa-in-law out for a dinner and toast MiL.

Was she Irish. Nooooooooooooo. In fact, she was the daughter of Norwegian immigrants. She's the one that gave 'Pup his blonde coloring, blue eyes and the cheekbones. I wish she could have seen him now. She always worried so about him being so heavy.

Sailing, Sailing....

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of sailing around the world. I envied those people I saw in the movies who traveled in their own yachts. I wanted to sail to uncharted islands and explore and eat fresh coconuts and catch colorful fish.

I wanted to be a marine biologist.

I get sea sick in elevators. So much for marine biology.

But someday, there will be yacht charters in my future.

A Shrinking 'Pup

'Pup's target weight, according to actuarial tables should be about 180 pounds. This morning, he weighed in at 194 pounds. We've had to buy more clothes and have more altered. In truth, I think he's dressing better now, unemployed, than he did when he worked in downtown Houston. Back then, there was one type of slack he bought and had to have specially tailored to take a bad leg into account.

Me? I've gone down a few pounds. Not many, but I'm back into some clothes I couldn't wear 6 months ago. Sometimes, I envy people who can use a metabolism booster.

More Weight loss Options

Sigh, I suspect there is no quick fix for losing weight. I have had friends who try different weight loss strategies and products. They've had mixed results. Some lose a lot of weight, only to gain it back. Others, seem to have no effect at all. I think the ones with more success have the slower loss and do more than just try to take the pills.

Oh, how I want/wanted chocolates today.


Pain and I are long time aquaintences. It' s not a friend of mine. When I worked in a small school district down the coast from Galveston, I started with arthritic pains in my shoulder and elbow and wrist and fingers of my right arm. Oddly enough, the pains would often come and go and the same times every day. On top of that, I usually averaged two ear infections with a ruptured ear drum every year.

Yah, I'm well aquainted with pain.

To add insult to injury, I had a really terrible insurance (I was a teacher...terrible insurance coverage and teacher usually go together.) AND, I'm allergic to some of the most common and inexpensive antibiotics. Lucky me. No prescription plans back then.

Now, I'm having trouble with some of the pain medicines I'm taking. They're making me throw up soon after I take them. So, I need a new pain medicine. Way back when, one of the pills I took was ultram. So, I'm glad to see that there is a generic Ultram. And, very thankful for a prescription card.

Monday, February 12, 2007


Well, GuyK has a post up about funny signs you might encounter while roaming the roads of our fair contry. Here are MY contributions to the collection:

I've posted this one before. But it is a classic. And, I'm sorry to report, that the sign has been taken down and there is now an announcement about a Baptist Church there. Guess someone either got religion, or the neighbors SPOKE.

A sure sign that you're in a Texas grocery store.
This one ... caught my eye. I don't approve of teasing and was so happy to see that others felt the same way. (click and read it)

Sunday, February 11, 2007
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

My name as it is now. Not too many of us.
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

My name growing up. Even rarer.
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?
My name before I married 'Pup.
Now that it's no longer "mine", there ain't no more, so I must have been the only one. Which means, of course, that 'Pup got a one of a kind bargain when he married me.
Lucky 'Pup.


I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. If you're conversant with math, that adds up to 5 kids in all. That number wasn't all that unusual when I grew up in the 60's and 70's. We were the tag-end of the baby boom, sort of a baby boomlet as the oldest baby boomers came of age.

I may have had a private bedroom when I was one or two, but by the time I was three, I had a brother and a sister. From that time on, I never again got to sleep alone in a bedroom. Oh....wait. I did have one when we stayed in Northern Illinois for my senior year in High School.

Yah, we moved from Bryan Texas to Antioch Illinois my senior year of High School. Yipee. They had 69 inches or so of snow that year. Did I ever mention how much I don't really like snow? And really cold weather? And no spring wild flowers until around JUNE??

Then again, I did have a private bedroom once we moved back to Texas. Then I voluntarily gave up my private room to run away and get married. (Yes, I eloped...'nother story.) I should have kept my private room.

I would often try to figure out a way to get some "just me" space in the room I ended up sharing with my two sisters. I tried to claim the unused corners or space beside my side of the bed. From somewhere, perhaps my great-grandmother, I'd gotten a little rag rug, and I was the proud owner/user of a small rocking chair. I hated to outgrow that chair.

Then, we moved into bunk beds. I got to sleep on the top bunk. I liked it, as it actually gave me a space that no one else had any reason to be in, on, around or walking through. The added bonus is that it raised me to the sill level of the window in our room. My cat wasted no time in training me to let him in through the window when he meowed.

The bunk beds we had weren't fancy, but they did clear up some floor space. Most kids bed and bed room sets have come a long way, and ours was pretty basic for even then. But I did like that top bunk and the privacy I had.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Thought

I don't usually post about current events, but I'm going to say something now...

The astronaut? I hope she gets the help she needs, but I also hope she's never put into a position where life and death decisions must be made. And, DIAPERS??? **shudder**

Anna Nicole. Poor woman, all she had was her looks. It's always sad when a person dies so young...BUT. The media are crazy. They're even making a story out of the fact that no one is putting candles and stuffed bears and flowers somewhere she lived before dying. The spin they're putting on it is that bloggers are doing the "shrine" thing by posting about her.

Excuse me while I pick up my eyeballs. They've just rolled out of my head.

To the media:

While I feel sympathy for the little girl left without a mom and with wayyyy too many "baby daddys", I don't really want to hear anymore about Anna Nicole. She was an animated Barbie doll who played out every negative stereotype of girls (not women, she was never Woman) for the prurient interest of some men. Furthermore, the fact that she was from Texas seems to imply to many of the media hypists that she must be a typical specimen of Texas women. Let me assure you...ain't so.

There are no flowers anywhere because she had no real home. She had no real friends. She made no lasting contribution to the world around her, other than to leave behind a little child who will be used as a bargining chip for way too many venial adults. Poor babe.

That's the real tragedy.

No flowers here. No candle. No stuffed teddy bears.

Just a shaking head and a prayer for the little girl Anna Nicole was and for the little girl she left behind.

Before and After

Last February 2nd (2006), 'Pup had gastric bypass surgery. Recently, Leslie from Omnibus Driver posted a link to a picture from the last blogmeet in Austin. This is the before picture. Scroll down to the last picture on the page, that's 'Pup with Livey.

This is 'Pup today:
(down to within 20 pounds of goal weight)

See y'all at the blogmeet

On the Other Hand....

Another place I'd like to travel would be Las Vegas. I don't gamble, but there are a lot of shows I'd like to see. I suspect it would take more than a new job for 'Pup for us to afford it...sigh. Maybe a lottery win? Of several million dollars? Let's examine the possibilities......

Let's see...we could have a home here in Houston. I'd hire some muscle to move my best plants to a new, bigger yard...say...a few acres of garden? Then, we could have vacation homes in any number of interesting and stimulating places.

In Las Vegas, perhaps a home in one of the Las Vegas Luxury Condos?

Other Places

'Pup and I haven't done a lot of traveling out of the state since we've been married (July 2000). We did take one trip to D.C., driving the van there and back. Someday, I'd like to go to Florida. It's warm, it's pretty and a couple of my favorite bloggers live there.

Hummm if 'Pup gets a new job.... Maybe a blogmeet in an Olando Pool Home in a couple of years?


Me, I'd rather stay in Texas. My family is here, as is 'Pup's.

'Pup is still looking for a job. It's taking longer than we'd hoped it would take. Recently, a recruiter asked if we'd be willing to relocate for the right position. Our answer was: "Only if we must!"

Looking around at some of the possibilities, I guess if I had to move and look for a new home using Raleigh North Carolina Real Estate , it might not be so bad. Sounds like a good place to live.

But I would not want to leave my garden.


It's odd. We share the same parents, lived in the same house, went to the same schools, watched the same TV shows, shared the same germs... and yet. We are very different, my siblings and I.

We look like siblings... we share a common face structure and our feet (though of different sizes) have certain traits in common. We all have high arches (our dad) and a funny little toe (our mom). There's no doubt that we're dna testing services needed to prove we are indeed blood relatives. Everything in between though? Especially between our ears?

We each think a little differently. Some of us a LOT differently. I guess it's the real proof that we are more than just animated hunks of matter.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Yard Art

I'm not a real big fan of most yard art. I guess I like the living stuff better. However, as I've mentioned before, our address numbers on the mail box have fallen off.

Now, I know I could have just grabbed a bottle of gorilla glue and stuck the numbers back on........and I probably will........but a girl can dream.

I found a site for yard markers. I want the antique looking address plaques on the home page.
Last year, just before my dad died, I was included in an article in I got a lot of hits for about a month or so......then it settled down and disappeared from my stats.

Lately though, it's showing up again. Not in great numbers, but one or so a day for a while.

Nice, but puzzling.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The American Gothic Posse

I've known Val for several years now. We talk a lot on line, sometimes on the phone and someday we hope to have a ...humm can't be REunion....nor

I met her through another online friend, V. V. is someone I met while playing pool. She'd just had a baby.

There is a lot more to this than I've said just here, but the three of us are going to work on each of us writing our own versions of events.

Let's just say for now? We've seen each other through quite a lot of stuff. Enough stuff to fill several potboiler, 4 hankie Gothic novels....hell they'd even qualify as SOUTHERN Gothic, which has even more melodrama.

'Course the melodrama is real, so it really qualifies as Drama. Suffice it to say just now, that all three of us are going through some major shit. Luckily a tripod is a lot more stable than a single leg. Even better, we've got another part-time member, P. She's not as into chatting online, but she's real life for Val. She's also going through bad stuff. She may be the most stable of us all.

So. Four legs to support a bunch'a STUFF we're going through. I've felt very fortunate to have had this support system.

Val and I were chatting last night. I've got her permission to post part of this conversation. I've edited it a little, but changed as little as possible. We'd been talking a while, so this is an excerpt from about the middle of our chat. Anything in parentheses are some explaination for you to more easily follow what we're talking about. Any mistakes in grammar are my own.
Val: they euthanized that horse with the broken leg
Me: yes
Me: they tried hard
Me: too bad they didn't think to bank his sperm before he broke his leg..
Val: LXXX (Mr. Val) thought you were talking about him
Val: he's reading over my shoulder
Me: 'scuse me??
Me: it's gonna take me a moment to finish laughing here
Me: snicker
Val: lol
Val: he asked what I've been telling you
Me: if he's not careful I'm going to post that part of our conversation on my blog.
Val: lol
Me: names expunged to protect the guilty
Val: lol
Val: he should know better than to casually drop into my conversations
Me: 'cause you never know what's gonna come up..........errrr
Me: was that a poor choice of words?
Val: he just realized it's going to be some time before anything comes up
Me: groannnnnnn...choke
Mee: snicker
Val: lol
Nancy : go to bed
Nancy : sleep while you can
Val: that was my decision yesterday
Val: I have to stay up for another hour for Lxxx's meds
Val: the doc wants him to start using his arms so his shoulders don't stiffen
Nancy : good thought, he's gonna need'm
Val: he's going to have to start with crutches
Nancy: pad them well.
Val: his rib seems to be better (broken rib and collapsed lung, y'all, he was hurt bad, but is already home and the prognosis is good)
Val: it won't heal for 2 months
Val: but he has to start breathing deeply too
Val: they gave him one of those things
Val: you know...things
Nancy : nebulizer?
Nancy : or the thing that you have to blow real hard into and keep the little ball floating on the air??
Val: yeah
Val: he has a nebulizer
Val: the ball thing
Val: does that have a name?
Nancy : probably.............but I don't know what it is... I just call it the lungersizer
Val: that works
Val: he can't do it very well yet
Val: but god, we don't need to add pneumonia to this
Nancy : no, but he'll get better
Nancy : DAMN STRAIGHT! no nasty P word (we just got word, MiL's cause of death was the P word)
Val: I've brought raging PMS to the party
Nancy : ahhh
Nancy : Lucky LXXX
Val: P word
Val: he doesn't know yet
Nancy: Don't worry, he will
Nancy: he will
Val: k....that's your assignment (never mind what the assignment was. Somethings y'all ain't gonna need to know)
Val: I hope it works
Nancy : me too
Val: you're the only one out of our little American Gothic group to not to (never mind what)
Val: so you're not exactly alone
Nancy : LOL
Nancy : We now have a club name!
Val: lol
Nancy: the American Gothics
Val: let's call it a gang
Nancye: yah, that's cooler
Val: or a posse
Nancy: oh............even Better!
Val: lol
Nancy : The American Gothic Posse
Val: god, we are terribly uncool
ValL: Vi's going to make fun of us (V is the third member of our little crew --- the much cooler one)
Nancy : I think that's kinda a prerequisite for joining
Val: Vi's going to make fun of us
Nancy: hell.........she'd better not.........or we'll elect her president and treasurer
Nancy: and put her in charge of refreshments
Val: lol
Nancy : and day care
Val: that'll teach her
We will be accepting applications for membership. Y'all have fun today. Gotta have some fun.