Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What's Bloomin'

Lady SpitFire wants you to know she approves this post. Provisionally.

The fire lilies (gloriosa rothchildiana) are blooming well and still growing. I think I may have another 2 plants soon. Maybe.

'Pup's been helping me with the gardening this year.

Two of my smaller and "better" varieties of day lilies. Damn, I wish I'd not lost the list of the ones I got!!

I guess things can't be too bad. The Esperanza (hope) is blooming.

I rescued the purple angelonica last fall. I think I'm in love with a plant.

Another close up of the grape scented (giant) angelonica.

I'm in a serious case of "like" with this plant too.

The ham and eggs lantana.....all ham. I was looking for a picture of the ripe berries, but between the cardinals, jays, and mocking birds... there ain't none!

The passion flowers are blooming. You know, between the split leaved philodendron and the fire lilies....I do, in fact, have several....somewhat unusual flowers going on...

What's not to love about this?

Speaking of passion... I think I'll call this photograph "The Kiss"

It's looking pretty good around the pond.

The back corner isn't bad either.

In my continual quest to see just how many "indoor" plants I can grow OUTDOORS, I put this little trio together. When they get bigger, I'll plant them in the ground.

I've three kinds of canna blooming.

And look what's growing in the cucumber pot. An actual cucumber looking cucumber!

The cucumber plant is in the middle. It's growing up a twine trellis, and if it doesn't slow down soon, I'm going to have to extend it someway.

The backyard corner on the west side of the lot. The white mandevillia is slowly climbing back up the seat. It should bloom again (after being frozen down to the ground!) in a month or so.

Vinca and coleus, a surprisingly nice combination.

This is another one of my rescues... a 25 cent plant that is now about 5 feet tall. I THINK it is a butterfly plant..budelia??

Oh, I got a leetle baby fig tree. It was 50% off, of course. I love a good bargain. I love figs too.

I've been trying to get something to grow in these two baskets for 2 years. I guess it was waiting for caladiums.

Speaking of caladiums, this corner is finally waking up. I think they like the soil to be warmer than it's been. They're very late in coming up.

The pineapple sage I've had for the last 5 years is filling in again. It had been frozen down to the ground too. I was afraid I'd lost it, but it clung to life under the leaves we'd piled on it.

Charles says, "That's all for now folks."


We heard back about the job 'Pup was hoping for, and they've gone with someone else. He was in the final group, but I suspect they went for someone younger and cheaper--if only they knew that 'Pup would have taken a pay cut way down from what he's worth for the job...

Random Blooms

This is the grape scented angelonica. It's standing about 16 inches tall and is putting on flowers.

Remember, I told you that it was MUCH larger than the other angelonicas?

It is a giant next to the normal sized bloom. Angelonica is supposed to be an annual, and I suppose it is in most climates. These are acting like perennials. The big angelonica is about 2 years old now.

The octogonal bed has more day lilies blooming. The Stella d'Oro are still blooming but the red (can't remember the variety..sorry) have exploded. They multiplied an amazing amount during the cold winter. The bougainvillea's growth has slowed down, but it's doing okay.

The split leaved philodendron's blooms have begun to open. It is such a freaky looking flower.

And, the lilies in the side yard are continuing to bloom.

The thyme in my herb bed (lemon thyme here) is doing well. It's finally established itself and is going to town. Right next to it, is planted some greek oregano. That plant hasn't really thrived there. There is basil in the back ground.
Most plants in the herb bed are doing well. No sign of caterpillars on the fennel yet, but I've seen some of the tiger swallowtails about.
It didn't rain today, and is supposed to be fairly clear New pictures then!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bostonmaggie: A Memorial Day Guest Post

Bostonmaggie: A Memorial Day Guest Post

I am the grand daughter, daughter, daughter in law and wife of a vet. We should all remember. Those who lost their lives left an empty spot at someone's table, an empty side of a suddenly too large bed, a little voice asking "What was daddy/mommy like?". Let us all remember those empty spaces and honor those who served.

There are many people who pass through this world and leave nothing behind.

Those we have lost in every war fought, and left so much behind. So much behind that must be remembered.


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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Flood Warning Came a Little Too Late

I mentioned in the post below that we've had a lot of rain lately. We must have gotten about 2 inches after we left for work this morning. I went outside after we got home, as I knew we'd have some tomatoes ready to pick. We did, six of them in fact! The three I had were quite tasty. We've more on the way to getting ripe too.

Then, as I was eating and watching television, I happened to look out the side sliding glass door. I blinked. I had known we'd had a lot of rain, but when we'd gotten home, the rain was pretty much over, and the water had pretty much drained off the side yard and into the drainage tubes we'd installed under the fence, out under the front yard, emptying near the pear tree in the front yard.

What made me blink was the torrent of water passing by.

See? Torrent!! Stream!!! Dang near a FLOOD!!!!

And the water was deep all the way to the back fence. It was also suspiciously clear.

What came even clearer was the source of all this water.

No, that's not our pool. We have no pool. Our neighbors to the back do have one. Or did. The lady who owns the house has a very good brother. He comes over and fixes things for her. Yesterday, he'd spent a long time cleaning out and relining and filling this pool. This 20ft in diameter, 4 and 1/2 foot deep above ground pool.

I almost feel sorry for the guy. He's a nice man.

But I am very thankful we have our drainage tubes, because without them, our backyard would be underwater for days and we're due for more rain, possibly a LOT more rain.

The side yard, passing by the monster split-leaved philodendron

Air bubbling up from under the paving squares.

The Imperial Taro doesn't mind wet feet. It loves it.

Outdoor Stuff

'Pup and I have two teak benches we got on sale a couple (three??) years ago. They've held up very well, as I've been able to keep them on paving. I need to put some oil on them for this season, but it needs to stop raining long enough for them to get completely dry.

OH, have I mentioned we got another 2 or 3 inches of rain today? And that even before today we were about 3 inches over normal for the month? And that we're due to get more rain tomorrow?

Oh well. Thank goodness for teak outdoor furniture. It's on our second list of "what we're going to get when 'Pup gets a good job".

PS: Keep good thoughts. We may hear something good next week.

Pimp My Ride

Hey.........I found a site that might have everything but the motor sounds I need to make my scooter into a lean, mean, motorin' machine. I mean, I could use Automotive detailing supplies to pimp my ride, right?

Oh well, if not, I'm sure I could use some of them (especially the buffing supplies) to make my '96 Saturn to look a little more...spiffy. I like my car, but she is showing her age and needs a new headliner (one more thing on our "as soon as 'Pup gets a job list...sigh) and a little repair to a back bumper.

When We Win the Lottery

I'd love to travel someday. I want to go to so many places. I'd like to see Italy and visit the gardens there. I'd like to be able to stay for a whole growing season and grow herbs where I didn't have to worry about too much humidity and RAIN drowning them. Then, I'd like to cook with them, all the dishes I've dreamed of cooking but never could because the ingredients were so dang expensive.

See, winning the lottery would mean I could do that. I could even stay in any one of the many Tuscany Villas that are available to rent.

While I'm dreaming, I think I'd like to add a cute handyman and someone to clean up after me. 'Cause if I ever win the lottery, I'm only doing the dishes when I want to, not when I have to.

Goggles on Your Face and Bugs in Your Teeth

Have I mentioned lately that I really like my scooter? When we were at the blogmeet, it meant that I could get around without being in pain. That made for a much happier me. The cart doesn't go real fast, even though it boasts of speeds ranging from turtle to bunny.

What I really need for the cart is some racing stripes and some engine sounds. Some monster revving sounds. I think to complete the look, I'd need some Wiley X goggles. And, perhaps a fan to fill my hair with a little wind.

Come to think of it, I could pass on the bugs in my teeth.

They cost extra.

Golf Carts

When my dad was alive, he got a new golf cart every few years. He'd put enough miles on one that he would need one by then. Remember, we're talking about a man who could play 18 holes of golf on a slow day.

My dear Pa-in-Law also uses a golf cart. He doesn't play golf, he just lives in a senior's community. You have to be over 55 to own anything there. It's a beautiful area they've got some pretty grounds and everything is accessible by golfcart.

He uses the cart to go to shop, and go out to eat, even go to the doctor. I don't think he wants to buy a new cart just now, but I know there are a few items on his cart that could stand a little maintainence. I'll have to direct him to a site that has golf cart parts. Perhaps we might even get one or two for Father's Day for him.


I wonder how many diet aids there are in this world? As I sit here, munching cheese puffs (I know, I know!), and I ponder what the doc would like me to lose weight (Yah, I KNOW, I KNOW!). The good news is that I've lost about eight pounds since February. The doc only knows about five of them though, as he was going by a January weight.

He's even asked if I'd considered the gastric bypass like 'Pup had. I have. And I have enough problems with the plumbing that I'd really rather not mess around with it.

So, I guess I'll just keep trying to be a little more active and eat a little less (yah, I KNOW...cheese puffs---bad!) and lose a little more slowly.

I'm not going to add anymore chemicals to my body either, but there are a lot of them out there. One more is ionamin.

"Ionimine is a non-controlled substance making it legal to purchase over the internet without a prescription. This is a non-prescription supplement that promotes weight-loss, but is not associated with Celltech Group, makers of Ionamin 30 mg. Ionimine does not contain banned ephedra, amphetamines or speed." (from website)

Friday, May 25, 2007

I Wonder

'Pup and I went to the doctor's today. One of the things I wanted to talk about was my chance of getting off of warfarin. However, after going through some family history, the answer was: probably not. Looks like I'll be taking warfarin for a very long time.

Which means that I'll be getting monthly blood draws. I hate needles.

I'll never be able to drink alcohol again. Bummer.

I'll have to be careful about not falling down and going "BOOM" against things. Considering my walking problem........that's a problem.

And the worst of it, is that I'll always be at risk to have another pulmonary embolism. I survived one, Lord knows why, but I'm not sanguine (yah, a pun) about chancing it again.

So, I get to continue to test my blood sugar by sticking my finger with a needle (I hate needles) and I guess I can do an informal guess about the clotting time of my blood by figuring that; if I stick my finger and can't get any blood out, I probably need to call the doc. Conversly, if I stick my finger and it doesn't STOP bleeding for a few minutes.......I should probably call the doc.

Now, don't that sound like fun?

Forida Agriculture

Looking through YouTube, I found this video that tells more about Florida Agriculture. Ya'll, we'd better start prayin' for rain in Florida, 'cause otherwise gas prices aren't the only prices that will be going up!

Florida Agriculture is a $87 billion industry providing food to the entire globe. Fresh From Florida markets Florida Agriculture all over the world, showing the importance and impact of Florida's Farmers. Rev It Up with Fresh from Florida!

When Guy (from Charming, Just Charming), goes and gets whole flats of fruits like strawberries for less than I'd pay for one or two pints, I start to wish I could shop in the same farmer's markets he does.


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