Friday, July 27, 2007

Oh yah, My Garden

Thought it might be time to give some updates on the garden front...tho first:

The detectives investigating the case are still active, but they've called us THREE times for the address we gave the deputy Sheriff. Seems he may have misplaced the paper.

We're going tonight to make sure of the address and to scope out the scene.

Yes, we'll be staying in the car.

No, I've not gotten a gun yet... tho for the first time in my life....I've been tempted. Maybe at the next blog meet I go to, someone can let me shoot and give me some feedback as to what kind of gun would be safe for me to carry. I'm not going to get something I can't use properly.
Okay, now the pictures.
The mallow hibiscus, ain't she purty?
And I caught this fellow hanging around.
He was a big feller.
But right handsome.
I think there may be a hose caddy under that pile of morning glory vines and grass. I'm tellin' y'all this work stuff is getting in the way of my gardening. 'Course, not feeling well the last couple/three weeks hasn't helped any.
My pretty lavender rose is a real trooper. She's blooming under the vines.
The cherry parfait is going vigorously.
Right next to the front door, we've stuck yet another plant (in a pot---the mint will eat it if we don't), this time a spectacular variegated coleus.
The Esperanza and fire bush are blooming. Often, around this time of year, I would be seeing at least one hummingbird. Not this year.
A close up of the fire bush.
I have Esperanza in the back yard too. See? I've got hope coming and going.
This geranium is on its second full summer. I like the flowers on this one especially. Okay, I like varigated plants...
My day lilies are still blooming.
This is a fairly new aquisition. If I weren't feeling so lazy today, I'd go out and look at the tag. I need to start a notebook and start cataloguing my flowers...oh well...maybe later.
There is pursulane in my herb bed, quite appropriately, as it is also edible, tho I've not tried it myslef. I like the flowers. There's a brave little sage bush in there too, somewhere...
I thought this plant was dead this spring, a victim of the winter cold. When I was emptying the pot to reuse/replant it, I found the root ball was still viable, so I plunked it in another pot with some new soild. And it's BLOOMED! Who'd a thunk it?
'Pup likes these flowers too...
More coleus, doing well. This is the first year I've had any luck with coleus. I guess the rain is good for SOMETHING.
A full view of the pink canna, next to a Budelia (in a pot) and Esparanza (also a pot), both of which were 25 cent rescues. They're about 5 feet in diameter and 4 feet high. I got my money's worth, didn't I?
Next are some different view of the pond area. The cuban pot disappearing fountain is tucked behind them.
Well, that's all for now folks.
I'm feeling a little better. My leg isn't quite as swollen, nor as red, nor as painful. No fever today either, so that's an improvement. My jaw is still swollen. I tried to get into the doc today, but he's out sick too.
I may have to take a day off next week and go see the back up doc. Ah well.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Continuing Saga...

I got a phone call from the detective handling the robbery case. He asked me if I could identify the boys if I saw them again. I had to say no, as I only got a really quick look at their faces before they turned to run. Yah.... I got to see more of their backsides than faces, just before I was counting the dots on the linoleum floor.

But, they've got some VERY clear pictures of the perps thanks to the new digital security cameras. These pictures ain't fuzzy.

One thing was puzzling though. When I asked the detective if he'd had a chance to talk to the witness who'd seen the boys hop the fence and hightail it to their house, the detective said he'd not been given the information. He wasn't pleased. I had him call 'Pup, who looked up what the address was, gave the name and address of the witness to the detective, who was delighted to have the information. Wonder what the deputy sheriff did with the information??

Anyway, when the detective called me, he was very polite and solicitous. When he called 'Pup he was also polite, but after getting the address and info, 'Pup says the guy got downright happy... and described in detail what he'd like to do to the punks.

It may be a small, petty victory, as I'll never get anything in my wallet back again...but at least I know that some of the money they stole had to be used to buy gas to try to get away, and that the boys may be in some trouble for leading the cops back to their house... I'm pretty sure they haven't had an opportunity to celebrate their crime.

Oh, I hope the detective gets to do a couple of the things he promised to such forceful and colorful language.

I just returned from the ER room tonight. My left leg has been a little swollen, and tender in spots, and I was afraid the DVT was kicking up. The ER doc ordered some sonograms of my legs, and they didn't find anything, so she thinks it may be a secondary infection associated with the abscessed tooth.

And yes, I need to go to the dentist, but the dentist can't do anything until the antibiotics have cleared up the infection. Meanwhile, I can't really take off of work, as we're a tutor short in reading and writing and the math tutor decided he didn't really like working with little kids. Go figger.

Anyone out there the West Houston area with a mathematics background and some experience in teaching or tutoring? I've got a sweet little part time job for you....

Sunday, July 22, 2007

You Know, I've Had Better Days

Today started out with an admonition by my dear 'Pup, to the effect that: "We need to talk." It was about B-i-L.

Day was pretty good after that, for the most part. I'd gotten the new Harry Potter book yesterday...btw, what was everyone lining up at the door for? All I had to do was walk into a Barnes and Noble, pick up a book (and a few others--yesterday was good day after work), and check out. I even checked out faster because I'd not reserved a copy. Those that had reserved a copy had to be checked off a list and go to a special register.

Back to today: I spent most of the day sitting out back by the pond, reading. I got down to the last 10 or 15 pages of the book when I had to go in and quickly dress and get down to the tutoring center to interview a new tutor.

On the way home, we stopped at a Walgreen's. I left my purse in the car and took my wallet. I should have put the wallet in my pocket. I didn't.

I took my eyes off my wallet to say something to 'Pup. I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye and turned back in time to see two young men come running at me. They grabbed my wallet and were running away almost before I had time to screech "STOP!" I kept screeching. Loudly. Some of the screeches came as my first instinct to CHASE came clicking into my head.

Unfortunately, that instinct hadn't received the memo that the legs..don't chase nutt'n no more. I made it about 1 1/2 steps forward, and then the next half straight down, left side a little ahead of the right. Which is logical, as I'd been pivoting on my left leg. My pivoting impulse manager had also failed to get the impaired mobility memo.

My screech-at-the-top-of-my-lungs function was unimpaired. Not that it did much good. No one stopped them. 'Pup took off after them, and got outside in time to see which way they were going. He got in the van and took off after them....first yelling back that his wife was on the floor in aisle 3. He lost them, but a woman who'd almost run over them as they were running was able to point him into the subdivision where they'd gone over the fence.

Once in the subdivision, he saw a man in his driveway, who told him that yes, he'd seen three young black men hopping the fence, and that they'd often done so just there. He was able to identify the house he saw them go into, just two doors down.

At this point, 'Pup should have gotten the addresses of the witness and the house. He didn't. Instead, he walked up to the house. The lady who answered said that there were nooooooo young teenagers in the house, the only boys in THAT house were only 5 years old. Meanwhile 'Pup noticed that the curtains in the front windows were twitching in at least three different places.

Meanwhile, back at the store, I'd been picked up by the good people working there. We'd gone up front, looking for 'Pup. That's when I found out that he'd taken off after the young men. I spoke to some of the witnesses, who told me what they'd seen.

The assistant manager took me in, got a chair and started taking my information. Someone had already called the sheriff (we live in the unincorporated part of the county). The good sheriff got there before 'Pup got back, but only just.

There were several employees who'd seen the jerks leave. Their descriptions matched mine pretty well. There's even a camera record of what they look like. Unfortunately, it is a new system and can only be accessed by the manager.. who wasn't there. They'll get the records to the sheriff's office tomorrow.

I hurt my left elbow and perhaps shoulder. While sitting there, I began to feel dizzy, probably because I was coming down from the adrenaline rush. Just in case, the sheriff called EMS. They checked my bp, it was fine. They had a student with him who got to do the vitals. Poor lamb was shaking like a leaf. I asked them to check my blood sugar levels, as I wanted to make sure the shakes, et al wasn't due to me crashing down. When it came time to do the lancet.. ohhh my. The poor guy was really shaking. I coached him about stimulating blood flow on the finger before using the lancet. With the blood thinner I'm on, I don't usually have trouble getting a good droplet, but I figured he might as well learn with me.

The student and the other EMS gent helped me out to the van, as by bp was good and the sugar levels, while lower than I'd expected (I'd eaten only an hour or so before), were good to go. We'll see how I feel in the morning.

Meanwhile, I'm on hold with the bank. We've got both credit cards I carried frozen and I can get my licence redone tomorrow. Luckily, one of the tutors lives not too far from me and can give me a ride to work tomorrow, and 'Pup can take me home.

I lost some money, my licence, some identification, my insurance card and my dignity.

Everything but the dignity can be replaced.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


A while back, I wrote about my P-i-L calling a family meeting with 'Pup and his sister. 'Pup has a brother who can not live alone. As a child, way back in the 50's and early 60's there were no real programs for kids that the way my B-i-L was "odd". It didn't help that his parents were pretty much in denial about the fact that their oldest son wasn' fast as other kids his age.

The disparity between his world and the world the rest of us live in has only gotten more obvious. When he was told his mother had died, he had no reaction. None at all.

The only thing that has brought b-i-l into interactions with the real world has been the dog my P-i-L got when they had the land in the Hill Country. He's been able to teach the dog tricks, and spends every living moment with the dog. He takes good care of Butch.

But. My P-i-L is getting on in age and wants to divest himself of most burdens. He wants to live in an apartment, perhaps one with some assisted living amenities. He does not want to live with his son anymore.

So, he's found the b-i-l an apartment, within walking distance of some grocery stores. He'll cover the rent, but he wants 'Pup to take control of the money he gives to 'Pup's brother. And, no, the apartments do not allow dogs.

B-i-l is adamant about not wanting to go to this apartment. He is convinced that somehow, someone will come and tell him that he can bring his dog and live for free. He is contentious, and a little paranoid, thinking others are stealing from him.

What's to be done with Butch? Well...seems we'll get custody of him too. He's not a small dog. He's bigger, by about half, than Chuckie. And I am afraid of what taking this dog away from my b-i-l will do to both him and the dog.

I don't know what to do. We approached Social Security, but b-i-l is afraid of doctors, so we've no, and let me repeat that, NO medical records for him. This is a 60 year old man who hasn't been to the dentist, doctor or to get new glasses for over 25 years, at the very least 25... it could be more.

My take on him, for what it's worth, is that he may be a fairly high functioning individual with some form of autism...perhaps Asperger's. But, what do I know?

I don't know what to do. I would almost rather he came to live with us so that he could be with Butch rather than see the two of them separated. B-i-l is so much more...connected...with things when he's working with this dog. 'Pup's not so sure. He wouldn't mind the dog, but says he's lived with his brother and it wouldn't be easy. I know that. I don't really look forward to sharing our house with a person who might forget to lock the door behind him, or might feel "guided by God" to give away everything in the house. This has happened before. He's an easy target for a con artist.

I think a better option would be a residential placement. Somewhere he'd be cared for when needed and perhaps get some Occupational therapy. I think he could hold down a job that didn't require a lot of human interaction and was comfortably repetitive.

Does anyone out there know of anything that might help? Please?

Friday, July 20, 2007


I love the blinds I have in the windows in the master bedroom/garden room. They're honeycomb blinds and, while a little more expensive than we could have gotten, are worth every penny. We had to have something in the windows that would block out some of the light so that 'Pup could sleep. He has trouble sleeping with a light on or when the sun is shining into the window. Personally, I have a hard time waking up without natural light shining in the windows. Oh, well.

Sunday, July 15, 2007



Four things had to happen before I could get this picture.
  1. A moonflower had to open while there was still a leettle bit of light left.

  2. I had to have the camera.

  3. It had to be NOT RAINING.

  4. 'Pup had to tell me it was blooming. And I'd BEEN outside today, and just didn't see the just about to open bud.

Oh well, in my defense, I woke up this morning with a chipmunk cheek. My right lower jaw was swollen and it was hard to talk. I've been ignoring a bad tooth for a few weeks, hoping to wait until the insurance kicked in before going to the dentist.

Looks like I'll have to wait for a week now anyway, till the antibiotics take effect.

Why do these things always happen on a Sunday? Oh well, the good news is that there is an Urgent Care clinic near the house. We didn't have to wait long, about 10 minutes, and the doctor and nurse were apologizing for the need for us to wait at all. See, one of the patients before me had to be transfered by ambulance to a hospital. I didn't mind the wait!

One telling remark overheard in the waiting room (there was one family there, probably with the patient needing transfer). A little girl, playing with the sand/magnet table said that she didn't mind staying there, she didn't have to go to X's (I'm assuming a relative) house. She liked this restaurant...

She was incredulous when it was explained to her that this was like a doctor's office. And y'all... it was nice at that.

It was nice right up to the point (pun intended) where the nice nurse had to give me a big ol' shot of antibiotic....and no, it wasn't in the arm.

Oh well. I've got Tylenol 4. I'll survive.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lady Bird

I've been trying to compose this post for a couple of days. It's been harder than I thought it would be to organize what I wanted to say.
I don't think I've ever met anyone who didn't have something good to say about Mrs. Johnson. She managed to stay...real, even after a life that had more than her fair share of important times, both good and bad. She could have used her influence to isolate herself, instead, she reached out to those around her. She could have lived a life of self-centered importance as the widow of a former president, instead, she used her influence to make the world around her a better place.
Most will remember first her highway beautification plans that resulted in a whole state's highways painted in vivid colors every spring. She campaigned for the preservation of the environment, without insisting that humans had no part in the natural world around them. Instead, she seemed (to me) to approach preservation like a good gardener. She advocated using the world around us wisely, knowing that, no matter what the short term gain, people had to live with the long term results.
The flowers were the easiest accomplishment to remember, but it is her courage and quiet, strong insistence on what was the Right Thing To Do is what I will always remember. At a time when she could have stayed quietly in the background, she walked forward. She went where it was too dangerous for her husband to go, to do something that many women of her generation would have thought foolish. She, quietly and insistently, campaigned for the rights of all people, no matter what the color of their skin.
She graciously and gracefully made the position of the First Lady of the United States more than just a decorative adjunct of the President. Like Eleanor Roosevelt, she wasn't behind the great man, she was beside him.
And that spot beside him was not an easy one. LBJ was a cantankerous, obstinate and volatile personality. He was a man easily angered and stubborn about admitting when he was wrong. There was only one person who could call him on things he should or shouldn't have done. That was his Lady Bird. Her most powerful weapon were the two words "Now, Lyndon..."
After his death, she didn't diminish. She didn't withdraw from the public eye, and she didn't hide. When people came to visit the ranch, she met the buses if she was there. She greeted people and meant her words of welcome. She was known to enjoy some of the area fundraisers by dropping by for some plates of barbecue to go. She didn't want attention, but she PAID attention to the community around her and was part of it.
I admired Mrs. Johnson. She was a great lady, and a lady of great charm and grace. Whether or not you liked LBJ as a president or politician, he was smart enough to do one thing, he met Claudia Alta Taylor and knew from that first date that she was a treasure.
He was right. She was a true treasure, and now, while we're the poorer for having lost her, we're the richer for all the legacies she left us.

photo from here

Friday, July 13, 2007

Monster Plant

Yes, Lady Monster Split Leaved Philodendron lives and has grown another foot or two taller. It is now taller than the 7 foot fence it grows next to.. and it's planted at a slightly lower elevation than the fence.

And she still enjoys munching on the occasional ladder....

Some Luxuries

There are some things 'Pup and I have done without for a while. Cable, a new Tv, and new towels and bedding. Hey, we married when 'Pup was 49 and I 40. We requested no wedding presents. Sometimes I wish we'd gone ahead and just asked for good sheets. 'Cause, a while back, I did splurge on some 400 count cotton sheets and ohh my goodness.... they are so, so nice to sleep on at night.

So, we've two good sets of sheets, and they take turns spending time on the bed. I want more. And, I want some for the daybeds. And I want some with whimsy. Adult stuff is so.....boring sometimes. I want to go with some really bright colors and patterns. They don't come in the grown up areas. I have to look in the collections of kids bedding to find my inner child's perfect room.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Backyard

I was going to write about each picture, but really.... somethings speak for themselves. Just a few words here and there...

The outside of my "garden room"...aka the former porch turned into an extension of the master bedroom. The vines on the arch are: moonflower, hyacinth bean and sweet potatoe. The sweet potatoe was by accident. I wonder if we'll have some sweet potatoes afterwards?

The moonflower vine is starting to flower. I've not caught one open when I had a camera.

Caladiums. They've naturalized there and I just add a couple every year. I need three more corms and the little area would be full.

My elephant ears are getting big. The rain's encouraged them.

This was a 25 cent rescue. It's a rubber plant and it didn't look like much last October, but it's beginning to do well outside. After the new growth gets a little bigger, I'm going to cut back the original, tired and somewhat worse for the wear stalk.

Sword ferns.

I have a few things I need to finish planting.

I had an iron plant that was almost dead, so I took the stalks out of the pot and stuck'm in the ground. They're finally reviving nicely.

Pretty, huh? That's the Imperial Taro, and an ornamental pepper, some caladiums and a taro that grows best in the water..

I replaced my mosaic plant, and some of the fish.
I spend time sitting on the bench by this pond before I go to work. It's a good place to sit and think.


Now that I'm driving myself to work and back, (I lost my built in chauffeur when 'Pup got his job.. I just love saying that!) I listen to the radio on the way to and from work.

This isn't really what I want to do. I'd rather find some books on tape, or in this case, CD, to listen too. When I listen to music, I tend to drift off, and daydream. This is not a good thing when driving in Houston traffic.

The audiobooks are expensive to buy though! And I prefer the unabridged versions when I can get them. I sometimes borrow some from the library, but I uhmm sometimes am late, and late fees are not my friend. Besides, except for Friday, I can't get TO a library when it's open.

So, I'm thinking of signing up for a service that sends out audiobooks much the same way that Netflix sends out movies. There are a lot of titles out there in the genres I prefer, and in a pinch, I've even been known to listen to a hysterical romance or two if I'm not in the mood to ...ohh...say.....THINK.

Thinking is sometimes an overrated pastime.

The prices are reasonable and there are three plans to choose from. They even have one plan that includes a choice of getting paperback books. That would save me a lot of money......and space. 'Pup is so unreasonable about books stacking up around the house. Not that I've been able to buy many lately. I miss new books, I really do. I miss them more than I miss cable, and I miss me some HGTV.


Chuckles doesn't like this new development in his life. Both his people are gone for most of the day, almost every day. This does not make for a happy puppy with attachment and abandonment issues.

On the upside, he is really GLAD to see us when we do get home. And I think he looks forward to Fridays and Sundays as much or more than we do.

He's funny about what he will and won't eat. He loves chewing shoes, for example...but most of the high quality dog foods? Eh.

Ever since the scare with the Chinese melamine in the wheat gluten, we've been kinda particular about what we feed the furry kids. Spitty is okay. She likes the food we give her and we've finally found the perfect style of canned or pouched wet foods.

For Chuckles, we're trying a variety of Premium dog food types to try to find one that he'll do more than nibble. We're thinking that since he prefers to eat people food, perhaps an all natural food will appeal to him.

It's worth a try.

Holy Sauna, Batman!

I'm having some mixed feelings about the rain stopping. On the one hand, I can now take a couple of tentative steps onto the ground in my backyard without worrying that I'll end up sunk down somewhere around my knees. On the other hand, I've had to get into my car after it's sat outside all day when it's time to go home from work.

I would be willing to lay odds that I could probably rig up a solar oven inside my car and have dinner ready to eat by the time it was time to go home.

Thank GOD above for Auto air conditioning.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

In The Dark

I know that most of these under cabinet lighting fixtures are meant to go into the kitchen or in a display cabinet, but.

I am sooo tired of trying to read in my chair, next to an anemic lamp that doesn't really give good enough illumination to make out the (increasingly fuzzy---I ain't gettin' old am I?) letters in some of the paperback books. Outside light is better, but y''s gettin' hot down here, and after all those weeks of rain, the ground is still so saturated that the humidity hasn't gone below 99% (okay..90%) since I can't remember when. And them 'skeeters is gettin' hungry.

I need a better lighting system.

Where Am I?

Another one of the numbers on our mailbox that tells people just where we live...has fallen off. I think there's maybe one left. So far, the mailman seems to remember where we live, but I'd not make an even bet on anyone finding us by the house number if they'd not been here before.

Yah, we need at least on new Address Plaque.

Although...I think I need to weed the flowerbeds first. Sometimes anonymity is a good thing.

Closed Captioning

Occasionally, when I'm eating at a restaurant with a TV, they have the volume turned off and the closed captioning
on. And when the show is a live interview, the abilities of the people that must be listening while simultaneously typing at mad speed to keep up. I do well to keep up with my own thoughts, much less trying to keep up with someone else's thoughts.

How do they do it?


When I graduated from High School, one of the gifts my parents gave me was some nice luggage. If I remember correctly, the set was Samsonite luggage, one of the older hard shelled versions. I used those pieces for a long time. But you know, it's time for an upgrade, methinks.

Well, if not for me, then at least a portfolio for 'Pup and, eventually, something for me to carry my new laptop in. (They say thinking positively will help make things happen...)

Till then, at least the old ones are durable.

Concert Tickets

I wanna have some fun. I do. It's been so long since I did something or went somewhere (well...other than the blogmeet) just because I wanted to go or wanted to do it. I can't wait till school starts and the tutoring center closes for a week.

I want to take advantage of being in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the US by actually going to concerts, plays or just the dang museum. Actually, as I've got my scooter, I can do the museums again..YEAH!

I want to go traveling and see some friends I've only known online and treat them to concert tickets to something we both want to see or someone we want to hear.



Now that 'Pup has a job, we can see the end of the tunnel. The last couple of years, we've slowly added up some debt. We've also been paying down a lot of it, and when 'Pup gets his first paycheck (next week) we can continue.

When that happens, I'm getting a new computer, hopefully a laptop. Tho...

I was in one of the uhmm Office Supply stores and was looking at the options. One of the discussed options was Dell. The machines are very reasonably priced and it is possible to upgrade them fairly inexpensively. One place to get the Dell Memory products offers a variety of parts needed to make a good computer even better.

Now, if only artificial resuscitation was possible for my poor dead laptop...

Made in America

"For over 25 years, New England Die Cutting & Gasket Manufacturing has been a proven gasket fabricating facility to the military, electronics, medical, and commercial industries for die cut rubber, foam, plastics, EMI/RFI, metals, films, and thermal interface materials."

The above is a direct quote from a site that provides RFI Shielding products along with a variety of other small parts that make sure big parts don't fail. They are small, but very important pieces of the whole.

It's nice to know that some things are still made in the U.S.A. I've heard for so many years that American workers were among the most productive in the world. Why then, do so many companies outsource? It is a mystery to me.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I was tagged by this pretty lady and this lovely lady for this meme. So here we go.....

1. Post the rules for the meme at the beginning of your post.
2. This meme consists of the blogger listing eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged in this post are to write their own post listing their own eight random items and list the rules.
4. At the end of the post/meme, list the folks you are tagging and leave them notice of such in their comments.

Eight Random Items About ME.

1. I LIKE anchovies on my pizza. Why? I don't know. They're salty, smell to high heaven and taste yummy. 'Pup hates'm with a purple passion. This causes a problem on the few times we allow ourselves a pizza, as I am the one who orders. If he doesn't want a pizza with half of it covered in anchovies...well........

2. I am a storyteller. Y'all, I can tell fairy tales to adults and have them spellbound. I've done it. It's a cool feeling to look out at an audience and see somewhat surprised enjoyment on faces.

3. When I'm happy doing anything, I tend to sing snippets of songs. This is especially true when I am tutoring. Something, a word or a phrase, brings a song to mind, and I sing parts of it. Fortunately, I can carry a tune.

4. When I was singing regularly, I sang women's a cappella barbershop with the Sweet Adelines. I sang the high harmony part. I had a three octave range. I miss being able to do that. Perhaps, when we've got the last of the debt from the last two years paid off, I can take off the nights of tutoring I need to go and join a local chorus.

5. I know a LOT of kid's songs, old songs, campfire name it. The chorus I sang with used to play a game where the teams would throw out a word and see if the other team could come up with a song with that word in it. After the fifth time I was the last one singing...they stopped playing the game. Dang.

6. No one in my family, especially 'Pup, will play Scrabble with me. Hey. My daddy taught me that it was disrespectful not to play to win. 'Pup won't play Canasta or Spades against me either. It's not that I'm a bad winner. It's just that usually.... I win.

7. 'Pup WILL play Backgammon against me. He used to play for hours at a time when he was in college. He usually wins. Well...mostly.

8. I can speak VERY loudly. And I don't mean shouting. Shouting implies that one is straining one's voice. I can make a gymnasium full of third, fourth and fifth graders fall silent in fear when I speak loudly enough that even a hundred or more of them cannot drown me out. This has been a useful talent. What can I say? My voice...carries. When I was singing with the chorus, I'd sometimes be the only tenor amoung 30 other voices. I was more than enough tenor, thankyouverymuch.

Okay, now for the tagging. Uhmmm. Hummm. Most of the people I read and would do this meme....have done this meme. If you've not........then consider yourself tagged.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Rain Dance

I like going outside
just before the deluge hits,
when you can smell the rain in the air,
wind blowing everywhere.
when the air smells of ice cream
and green leaves.

I venture out uncaring,
out in a nightgown, if I can
(just the gown)
The air takes liberties with me,
blowing under and over and thru me
and the thunder rumbles like my heart beating,
and the trees sing with the wind,
and all else is quiet
except for the approaching storm.
Even the summer cicadas silence their song in reverence
to the approaching weight
of rain-laden wind.

And I, embracing
Dancing as I stand,
leaning into wind’s caress
with arms outstretched and worshiping
Rain’s outrider,

by Me

July 2007

Saturday, July 07, 2007


You know....some days are better than others, but I don't think I've ever had a day as bad as this lady had:

These are the pics AFTER they'd pulled the car out of the store. Luckily, the store was empty. Even luckier, this was the empty store next to a Jason's Deli. If she (the lady driver) had to pick a time or place to confuse the brake with the EMPTY shop is better than the Deli. No one hurt, tho........what her husband is going to say, I don't know. It was his car.

Money Money Money

'Pup is employed. I am employed. We still have some (to say the least) credit card debt. We've been able to pay it down a little, but we've still a way to go. Because of this, I'll still be posting some paid posts.

That being said, I've found another company that pays for posts. It is Bloggerwave. I'm trying out the postings for now, and I'll tell you how they work out. Till then, you might check them out too.

(Only one more week till 'Pup gets paid for the first time!)

Looky, Look

When 'Pup was looking for work, one of the tactics that was suggested was to do as much research on a "target" company,( ie: one for which he wanted to work) and then to contact someone in the company directly. The target in the company we were to look at would have been the person in charge of the IT department, or one of the accounting or data handling areas of a company. Then, we were to write a letter to that target person, discussing any new event or newsworthy development we could find.

This tactic had some mixed results.

He finally got a job with a company he did not do this to.

But, there is a website now, called masterseek that provides a lot of information about a lot of companies. Might have been useful...but I'm really glad we are done with the looking!


I work in a strip center. None of the stores is a drive thru. However, I perhaps should have written the previous sentence in the past tense.

Four store fronts down from us, brand new car, juuuuust missed going into the Jason's Deli, a very pretty silver car was driven INTO the (mercifully) empty store.

Details later

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Work, Work, Work.

You know, as much as I love teaching the kids at the tutoring center, and as much as I need the extra money from working 8 to 9 hours a day tutoring....

This job thing is really cutting into my gardening time!!!

Oh well... I'm off tomorrow. Okay those of you out there who said I'm "off" today too... consider yourself disciplined. Go, stand in a corner. Go, slap your widdle hands.

I'm grumpy, sleepy, sneezy, dopey....and I need a nap. (it's 7:42 am when I'm writing this)

Yah, I get to have July 4th off, but I have to work on Friday to make up for it. Sigh.

Meanwhile, 'Pup got the news that his July 4th day off will start a few hours early, as the bossman at the new company wanted everyone to have plenty of time to celebrate.

On a disquieting note: after years of 'Pup and I asking his father if things were in order for when he'd be gone (not a morbid question, one prompted by the fact my mom and dad had set things in order about 10 years ago, in response to my grandmother's death), (where was I?) Oh
After years of asking about arrangements, my dear P-i-L has called his two children (there are three, but my bro in law is not able to be part of this) together to discuss with him what he wants done and what's to be done. One of the things they'll be discussing (I hope) is what is to be done with the bro-in-law, who cannot live by himself, and will need some looking after.

Something in the tone of his voice when he called the other day has me worried that he's about to share some bad news.