Thursday, December 04, 2008

All Tucked In

It's gonna get cold here tonight, down to almost freezing, with the chance that it might briefly dip down past the magic number for an hour or so. For most of my perennials, that won't be too bad, and I'm not too worried. For the tender tropicals, and my beloved tomatoes,well, it could be just enough to cause harm.

So, everyone is tucked away in the blankets we set up earlier. (These pictures are from November 15, I didn't have time to take pictures this afternoon.)

I am more thankful than ever that we'd gotten this ready earlier. With the problems I've been having walking (bad bad bad knee), I couldn't have gone outside to cover the plants without the prep we'd done. Even with it, I was thankful for the pain pills the rheumatologist had prescribed for me.

I wish I could have gotten another shot in the knee, as they really do help. Unfortunately, the last one didn't help for long enough and it's too soon to have gotten another one. Plus, the x-rays I had earlier don't explain why I've been having as much pain as I've been experiencing. So...more tests are in order. Tomorrow, I go for an MRI.

I'm hoping it will tell the doctor that I just need a shot of some very good lube in my knee. The alternative could be surgery, and I'm not happy about that.

I've come to the firm conclusion that pain killers are NOT as good as being pain free.


  1. Gosh, it looks eerie - as if you have a garden full of bodies!

    Hope they sort your pain.

    Operations are horrid but - if the pain could be ended that way . . . ?

    Hope the MRI proves an interesting experience. I've had a couple and it really felt as if I'd entered a science fiction world.

    Best wishes


  2. Oww-y! Shots in the knee? Ouch. I know that is better than the pain but the idea makes me shudder. I hope the good doctors find something in the MRI so they can fix it and make it all better. Stay warm! (forecast is 25 degrees for high, 18 degrees for low here today in Ohio. Sigh.)


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