Monday, December 15, 2008

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day December 2008

Anyone that has seen some of my past GBBD posts, sponsored by the good Lady at May Dream Gardens, would know that I usually have SOMETHING blooming all the time. It's one of the joys of living in Houston.

Even after a friggin' SNOW! In HOUSTON! In December!, I still have blooms. I love Texas.

The naval orange tree is still blooming, and might be setting fruit. Go figger.

Next to the front door, my somewhat geriatric geranium is going pretty strong. I've been covering that bed with a frost cloth, especially today, as we've had another cold front, and the meteorologists are tentatively covering their behinds by admitting there is a possibility that maybe something like rain that might be either very very cold or even frozen. Which is kinda what they said last week. And it snowed.

So, the covers stay on.

Lowe's had this at 25% off, and it was so pretty...I took it home. It will be living outside. It's covered with the frost cloth right now, just in case.

Belinda's Dream is blooming, but there are a lot more buds on there. From the rate of progress, I might have a very nice full bloom out right around Christmas and into the New Year.

More of the nasturtiums are blooming, along with a rouge PETUNIA (!) that somehow managed to survive through the whole summer, autumn and is trying for winter. I hope it sets LOTS of seed. The purple of the petunia and the nasturtiums

The Gold Medal rose is starting to bloom. I hope, in a few years, it will be as big and robust as Belinda.

Angel Wing Jasmine

The Cherry Parfait rose is still going strong.


A viola in the black pot, all the plants are blooming there.

While at Lowe's, there were also some "take me home now please" pansies and some pin cushion flowers.....thy jumped into the cart.

There seems to be a strange force around the calendula.... I like it, but it's weird. This one was taken on a very overcast day.

The last blooms of the lemon basil are struggling. This was a volunteer bush, and has lasted a very long time. It's one that I'm hoping will set seed and spread it in that bed (it's far away from where I'd ever planted it before!), and that it will be a good strain for that side of the house and this area.

The Golden Showers rose is bravely blooming in the cold air. It needs pruning.

The Pinata rose is blooming too. A few days ago it had several more, but 2 or 3 at a time will make me happy in December.

The figs are getting bigger. I'm a little worried, as it's growing very near a squirrel highway...

Under the enclosure, the Fushia is blooming! I thought it had died earlier this summer, but it looks like it must have been dormant. It likes the enclosure.

The Butterfly weed is blooming and was a bright shot of color in a dreary day.

I think the Carolina Jessamine is putting on buds. Spring is coming, but it will be a while.
Under more cloth, plastic and another, heavier blanket, the tomato plants are still blooming and the tomatoes are just beginning to try to get ripe. Now, we need a week of warm weather. The plants got slightly bitten by the cold weather last week, but the damage was very minor and only to the very outside leaves. Nonetheless, it has led me to add a couple of layers to it's protection. You don't mess with my 'maters!
Also under that tomato enclosure are some plants that are waiting for warm weather to be planted.

A gorgeous lantana, some red and white dianthus (the pics didn't turn out..sigh), and
a lavender lantana that is to replace one that I lost because of the hurricane.

It's not a big bloom day for me, but I'm happy when anything is doing well. I hope this winter won't be as horrid as it seems to have started out. But if it is, I'm ready. Things are covered pretty well, and should come through whatever happens.
OH! I'll be picking my oranges in a couple of days!


  1. Wow, Nancy it's like summer still in your neck of the woods. Blooms everywhere for the eye to see. :) I love all the gorgeous roses in your garden!

  2. Just beautiful all of your blooms. I really want to know how to grow Fushia, I have killed several.

  3. I can well understand why you love Texas - so many blooming plants in the middle of December! - I love your roses!!!


  4. Amazing what you keep going. I MUST revive the gardener in me in this dormant season so that Spring can spring.

  5. That's a pretty good showing for bloom day, even after that snow you had. Thanks for sharing all of it with us for bloom day!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  6. Looks like you may get some early oranges if we don't get a real hard frost.

  7. Hi again Nancy :-)

    Wow… what a display of blooms in Houston! My colour comes from foliage plants at this time of year :-D

    So much I liked, but it was the calendula that caught my eye. I agree completely that sometimes it takes on the strangest appearances – I had some last year. Great subject for photos ;-)

    My post is up now too if you would like to visit. All the best for 2009 :-D

  8. Hi Nancy, You have so many blooms this time of year. I remember you said you had snow the other day (!) must not have hurt many the flowers because they are still gorgeous! Jan


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