Friday, December 19, 2008

Get. It. OUT!

I hate sneezing. I have a specific reason to dislike sneezing, in fact. See, for the last couple of years, when I eat something and start to sneeze, things...happen. And they aren't nice things.

Still, once it's over, I feel fine. I even stop sneezing. I get hungry. Not surprising, as after the incidents, my stomach is pretty much thoroughly empty. Yeah, it's "that" kind of incident.

Doh! Who needs diet pills? Even something like Fenphedra, which is supposed to be "too strong for the average weight loser" doesn't get rid of what you eat faster than a sneeze does for me.

Still, I'd rather never sneeze again.


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  1. Well, you know, many years back I learned to enjoy sneezing. See, I had a physiological psych course as a grad student, and the prof assured us that there were only two body functions of this unique type: sneezing, and...orgasm.

    Since then, I have really enjoyed my sneezes!

    Happy regards of the season to you and 'Pup (from up here in below zero temps, blowing snow and 2'drifts)


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