Tuesday, December 30, 2008


When I graduated from High School in 1978, my parents gave me some big, hard sided and heavy Samsonite luggage. Back then, one of the advertising campaigns had a gorilla bouncing on and throwing around, various parts of the luggage sets. Needless to say, the luggage survived nicely.

I can even attest, these 30 years later, that they still survive. I don't use them much any more. As I said, they are heavy and they were made before wheels were a standard part of luggage construction. They've been used as storage and moving boxes and, on occasion, as a prop for a table.

Now, they may be part of my simplify and clear out program. I don't need the table prop anymore, and anything in the luggage I've not unpacked in about 12 years are things I probably don't need.

I might keep the smallest piece tho. it makes a nice sewing box.

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  1. I enjoyed the heck out of those gorilla commercials. Just exactly my favorite brand of silliness.

    I have some of that hard-shell luggage too. I think it's only one, and has wheels?? It *mysteriously* appeared at my brother's house, not long after my sister moved to NJ, therefore clearing out all her own possessions. As if I wouldn't figure out where it really came from. *sigh*


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