Saturday, December 13, 2008


I blogged earlier about my knee, and how much it hurt, even after the doc took some fluid off the knee. He used a really big, ugly needle and it hurt...a lot...sniff sniff---(insert whiny voice here).

It continued to hurt that day, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and it was still hurting Friday when I went in to my hair dresser's shop to get my hair back to one color. (Let's just say the highlights were on the wrong end of my hair.)

I was a little early, and on an impulse, I asked for a pedicure from the new nail tech.

She was very gentle and included a massage of my lower legs and feet.

When I got up, well, stepped down, from the chair, I felt like I'd been hit by a miracle.

My knee didn't hurt.

It. Didn't. HURT.

I could WALK.

And I'm still walking (gingerly, carefully and with forethought), and I got to go outside today and actually get somethings done outside in the garden and I'm just about so happy I could bust! I'm going to sleep tonight without having to take Vicodin.

I am happy. I'm so happy I could just about cry.

But I won't.


  1. That's wonderful - absolutely wonderful!

    Massage is under-rated.

    I have a friend who was in hospital and in a lot of pain with an incredibly long-named problem.

    The doctors were pessimistic and said the only way to control her pain was to take morphine (or some other very strong medicaton).

    The nurses kept whispering to her 'You don't need that. You need massage.'

    She took their advice and is living happily at home, largely pain free and without medication.

    Acupuncture is incredibly good for certain kinds of pain too. I don't know if you've tried that?


  2. If the massage worked that well, perhaps some reflexology treatments would help, since the nail tech probably hit a lot of the nerve points during the massage. You could do it on yourself or have 'Pup do it for you (there is all kind of info on the 'net of course).

    So very happy for you that you are pain free. ((Nancy))

  3. anything that works is great!

  4. Anonymous8:25 PM

    ... you have struck upon the perfect Christmas gift for Pup.... a book on foot and leg massage........

    .... he'll thank you, and you will reap the benefits!..... win, win!...



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