Monday, December 08, 2008


'Pup and I are still looking for the best web hosting provider, and we've been looking at another site. This site doesn't offer the hosting themselves, instead, they've been collecting data on other providers and listing relative prices, space and a ranking system for service. It's arrayed in an easy to follow chart that compares the different aspects of the services offered.

It's like Consumer Reports for web hosting. I love Consumer Reports. They make it easy to either kick ourselves in the backside for buying what we have bought, or pat ourselves on the back when we've ended up making a good choice. I like the later better than the former. Not as painful to do, you see. And, of course, we use it to check out brands before we buy. We're researching TVs right now.

So, Web Hosting Geeks recommends a best blog hosting site called Bluehost. It's got unlimited domains we can host under the account ('Pup and I want to have separate domains, possibly several of them), and unlimited storage and downloading and bandwidth.

It's not a done deal. We're still looking. At least we've narrowed the search down to where we're looking. Now, if we can just figure out how to set up a blog with out a premade template like we've been using at blogspot...well...we'd be even closer.

Sigh. We're not techno illiterate, but somehow, neither 'Pup nor I seem to be able to get off the pot on this one. It's a matter of inertia I think, more than anything else. But inertia is a powerful force, and one that's stopped more forward motion than anything else in the universe.

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  1. I use Bluehost and they are very good with support...


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