Monday, December 22, 2008

How Do Y'all Do It?

The temperatures here in Houston are in the 30's right now. We had a freeze last night, and it's going to be close tonight as well. I've got the plants covered, so I'm not too worried. What will be, will be.

I will be torqued if my tomato plants bite the dust though. Seriously.

But the thing I'm marveling about has to do with covering ME up. Y'all. I got a seriously good winter coat from the Thrift store (full length, wool, with a fur collar) for only $20. It's pretty, and it's warm and it is freakin' HEAVY!

Lord Above Us, have Mercy!

I got tired getting DRESSED. Walking around in this thing, is warm, but it's work. And the sleeves! Between the heavy sweater I have on, and the coat... it must weigh close to 10 pounds of cloth...or more.

I do not think I would like to do this too often.

I'm tuckered out!


  1. Well, you have to have strong muscles up here in the frozen tundra. We have years of practice too and it's about 5 months of the year we have to wear them so we've got plenty of time to build up our endurance.

  2. This supposed "deep freeze" we're having? It's nothing, really. They say, with the wind chill, it's supposed to be like -15, but I went outside in a velor sweater for 10 minutes this morning and it really didn't phase me. It was quite refreshing, actually.

  3. OMG Erica... I would be dead from frost bite. I have been wearing warm clothes and sleeping under a electric blanket. I like my hot summer weather.

  4. You see in a place like MN (where I came from) the extra effort you must expend to haul around the heavy overclothes helps to generate enough heat to keep from freezing.

    But there is definitely an acclimation that happened every winter, such that by late January I could go out in shirtsleeves to gather an armload of firewood from the stack whenever the temperatures were above -10F.

  5. I was raised on the Gulf of Mexico, and I simply can't adapt to the cold. Spent one winter in Illinois and thought I was going to absolutely die.

  6. Nancy and Pup, Have a great Christmas!!!!

  7. Long Johns. Silky, light, loose enough. Or stay inside! Or look for a Gore Tex coat at the thrift store!!! Merry Christmas.

  8. I HATE cold. HATE it. And oh yes, I lived in it, for years and years. Worked outside in it. Once, for three solid weeks running, the HIGH temp was -20. BEFORE the wind chill.

    All that heavy clothing, and the expense of it. OMG. Hell on earth.

    As soon as I was old enough I moved out of that climate again. I didn't move back to the desert SW, where I'd lived as a child before my parents *kidnapped* us and shanghied us off to the horrors of chilly Chicago.

    Nope. Seems I'm actually a desert girl and a woods girl and a tropical girl. Tropical girl won out for the permanent residence location.

    South Florida is MUCH better. *Best Winter Weather in the World.*

    For once, I agree with the tourist campaign ads.


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