Wednesday, December 03, 2008

In the Night Sky

Note to self... spend more time looking up.

The last couple of days, I've been enjoying the views of the night sky I have as I arrive home. Above, is how the sky looks to the east, towards the lights of the stores and parking lots. Usually, it's an annoyance, as I don't get to see many stars because of the light pollution. Still, on cloudy nights, it lights up the cloud terrain quite strikingly. I wish my camera could do it justice.
The big news, of course, is the rare (ish) planetary alignment of Jupiter and Venus so close to where the moon shows in the sky. The larger "star" is Venus (much closer to us) and the smaller one is Jupiter, much larger in the real sense, but so very very far away. Click on the link for a better explaination.
I felt lucky that the neighbor children were playing tag in their front yard as I got home. I called them over to show them what was above their heads. They thought it was pretty neat. I did too.
Of course, it took me a LOT of tries to get the clear (ish) picture of the moon and planets. I didn't have a tripod with me, and it's hard to hold still long enough for the right setting on the camera to do its best. I make a poor tripod. Which, if you consider it, is odd, as I've just about become a permanent tripod myself. Me and my canes...
Not so good. Streaks against the sky wasn't what I was looking for... BUT! It could get much worse.
How much worse?
No, this isn't a frantic call for Superman. Interesting effect, but definitely not what I wanted. Oh well. It was my first attempt at the setting and I'll have to try it again.
Y'all keep looking up.
Oh, I hope it will be easier to comment today. I've set it so anyone, even anonymous can comment. I'll do the moderating later.


  1. I was hoping to see venus and jupiter too, but all we've had here is clouds every night. It was nice looking at yours. I especially liked the superman one:)

  2. Wasn't this neat to see? My husband and I had been watching and photographing Venus and Jupiter for a couple of weeks. Then, one night we came home and there was the moon too! Lots of excitement and running for the camera. We had no idea while taking photos that it was such a rare event. The next night we were snowed in so there was no view of the stars. I'm glad we caught it just in time on Sunday.

  3. Just beautiful! I've been skygazing a lot too, ever since these two planets got close to each other. But didn't get a clear pic. That "S" also showed up but I deleted it.

  4. Darn! I didn't see Jupiter and Venus and the moon. And I doubt if I could have gotten a picture with my modest little camera.

    Keep looking up and when you get a good sky shot, post it on Sky Watch.

    Now, it IS easy to comment on your blog.

  5. Yep, I've done that Superman thing too--I'm way too shaky to take night time shots without a tripod. Too cloudy to get the moon, Venus and Jupiter together here so I've been enjoying others' photos.

  6. I'm glad you got to see the conjunction. It looks great in your photo. I looked up when I was going home Tuesday, on my scooter like I usually do, but I figured I'd better pay attention to the road. By the time I got home the clouds had rolled in off the ocean. Sad, but nice to relive that sighting with your photo!

  7. i have seen this also...that night the sky was very beautiful...we cannot see them every glad that we have seen it...


  8. Nancy, you did a great job on the first photo of the planetary alignment. I know, since I've tried photographing the moon, and it's not easy. I like the "Superman" effect, too. Sometimes the neatest things happen unintentionally.


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