Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My Citrus Crop of 2008: The Oranges!

Okay, it's not much, but it's 1/2 of my orange crop. Both of them are slowly turning, well, orange. 'Pup had to convince the neighbor kids that they weren't ready to pick yet, and I would be sure to have them there when I think the oranges are ready to pick...and, I presume, to eat.

Half for them, half for 'Pup and me.


  1. lol, love your large orange crop, but at least you'll get to eat half of it.
    Glad your PiL finally sold his house too. With the market the way it is, I'm sure your PiL is very relieved, too.

  2. I had a pretty good crop of sour oranges on my tree but most of them got knocked off when we were taking out a couple of big post oaks a while back. The ones I have left are a pretty orange color and juicy..but it is like sucking on a lemon when you eat 'em. Makes good orange ade though..

  3. Two or a dozen--having oranges from your own tree?! Nothing like it! Congrats, Nancy!


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