Friday, December 19, 2008

New Computers

'Pup and I take Consumer Reports. and use it to compare brands before we buy most of our larger purchases. Recently, they've been reviewing computers, televisions, and cars. While we need all three, we'll probably only end up getting a new television, assuming that the prices keep on going down as they have recently. We're kinda hoping on some really good after Christmas sales.

'Pup is also casting a covetous look at the new computers. Like a lot of geeks, he gets kinda dizzy when reading about gigs and terabytes of memory. Truth be told, I'm just enough of a geek-ette to look longingly at the new thin laptops and all in ones.

Which reminds me, I saw a teribyte external memory drive at Office Depot on the sale table. I need to tell 'Pup. My pictures are eating up a lot of memory on both the laptop and the hard drive. Hummm... I also need to tell a friend that I saw some Mac memory drives online. Her husband is a physics professor and he's got a MONSTER Mac computer. V says sitting down at that computer is like driving a very fast sports car when all you're used to is an economy hatchback.

Dang, I gotta go visit....

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