Monday, December 01, 2008

A New Farmer's Market

'Pup and I were driving around when we saw a sign advertising a new Farmer's Market open in our area. This is a big deal, as there just haven't been that many in our area of Harris county. The best known market is inside Houston, and it's not open when I can get there. I work on Saturday mornings and I can't get to any farmer's market on Saturday mornings.
This one is open Wednesday through Sunday from 9am to 5pm. Finally! A market I can get to when I'm off, and one that is open more than one day a week!
So, off we went to find it.
It is easy to get to. We traveled North on Hwy 6 to Hempstead Road, traveled West for just under a mile until we came to Huffmeister. We passed through the intersection and turned into the entrance on the right.
There it was, under the shadow of the water tower.
Okay, well, not directly under it, but the water tower's a good landmark.
We got to the market and found a pretty tent that had been carefully and thoughtfully arranged to be attractive and inviting. The tent was cheerful and neatly kept and the items nicely presented. Debbie did say that future plans included building a building that can be climate controlled--before summer hits again. Summer is not kind to fresh veggies, and they need air conditioning.
There are not only vegetables, but some plants for sale as well. On our first visit we bought a couple of things, including a honeydew melon and some pears, honey, radishes and tomatoes.
The produce was good. Especially the pears and honeydew melon. The melon was so good that I, as someone who is usually ambivalent about melons in general, ate almost a full half of the large melon. 'Pup finished it off, and said it was sweet right down to the rind. And 'Pup loves melons. He also knows pears and I didn't get any. The rat.
We went back again the next day and bought two more melons and more pears. The selection of vegetables is a little sparse right now (we went on Saturday and Sunday), but I can see that the location and the proprietors are going to make a success of this market. I look forward to supporting it.

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