Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Post, in Which I Confess a Peculiarity of Preference and an Oddity of Time Keeping

Beware, clicking this video will expose you to some singing done by someone who hasn't been doing her vocal exercises. You have been warned!

I have posted the text of this song before, on this blog. It is one of those songs that tends to rattle around in my brain from one year to the next. It haunts me, not so much for the words, though they are melancholy, but the tune is so simple, so easy to sing, and so easy to remember.

It might be why I've always liked Grandfather Clocks, even...or maybe especially, ones that don't look like the ordinary ones you think of first.... I like iron work. If I could afford it, we'd have iron stuff everywhere. Seriously. (The picture above is from Howard Miller Clocks.)
'Pup and I are having an issue with clocks right now. Light fixtures too. See, they all need either new batteries or new light bulbs. And they're all just a little out of reach for either of us. I may be able to do it now, that my knee's feeling a little better (OH! more about that later!), but I'm leery of misstepping and re injuring or aggravating the injury to the knee. Still, must be done, as it's very hard to be on time with a clock that has no batteries, even if it is still correct at least two times a day.
Tick Tick Tick.....Tock...............tick.............................
Time to reset the clock.

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  1. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Nancy, that for sharing that GREAT grandfather clocks song. Your voice sounds great, and the grandfather clock song very very familiar. Bravo!


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