Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Putting it to Bed

This year, as a whole, has been pretty good. I've had some downs (I couldn't grow a tomato this summer, no matter what), but mostly I've had a decent year. Now, I have to admit, what I classify as a "good" year might not be what another would take. Like a sleep number bed. people's definition of good and bad are individual.

The good: No one I loved and was related to has died this year. Things have come close, but with a bit more than one day left in 2008, I think it's safe to say this.
The bad: Things have come close. Closer than I've blogged about and closer than I want to think about.

The good: most of my plants survived the hurricane.
The bad: well, our fences didn't.

The good: We've both been employed all this year.
The bad: Not all of our family have been employed...at all.

Things both good and bad will be changing next year. Most will stay on the good side (this is my fervent prayer), some will end in sorrow.

I am making the choice to end in joy. May you also have that luxury and blessing.


  1. "The good: No one I loved and was related to has died this year."

    Knock wood x 100,000,000! You're very lucky. Don't ever tempt fate like that.

    Wishing you and Pup a happy & healthy New Year.

  2. Yes. Happy and healthy. And lucky, too.


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