Saturday, December 20, 2008

Signs of the Time

One of the lines I heard from the newscasters after Ike was about the huge billboards that plague parts of Houston. More or less, the guy said, "Remember everyone thinking there are too many billboards on parts of the 610 Loop? Well, that's not a problem anymore." I liked the quote because it was so delightfully descriptive, and at the same time, very understated. Sigh, since then, I believe a lot of them have gone back up...good as new.

The only really big sign I see on my way to work is on the Tollway. It's some digital signage, and it's used to give out Amber Alerts, and Missing Elderly Alerts and important traffic details. Right before the hurricane, it was pretty much used for "Hurricane formed in Gulf. Fill your gas tanks". Not high poetry, but very utilitarian and worth the air space it takes up.

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