Monday, December 01, 2008

Thinking About Moving On

'Pup and I have been thinking about moving away from blogspot and into our own domain. There are a couple of reasons, some financial, others...well..........just because. So, we've been looking at different hosting services for the Best Web Hosting as far as price, quality, bandwidth, etc.

There are a couple of ways we've been doing this. One is by asking anyone who might know anything about anything.... and the other is by looking on the web and trying to compare the different options. Who knew that choosing a good web hosting company would be so hard? Who knew that there WERE that many web hosting companies?

We'll get it all sorted out, soon enough. Even if I move to my own domain, I suspect that I'd keep this blog as my home sweet home. I've just got it broke in good!


  1. Good luck with your new domain!

  2. I just switched to my own domain today and the transfer over seems to have gone pretty smoothly, so I'm happy. You can set things up in Blogger so that your old URL still brings people to your blog, and then switches to your new one. I changed mine for the same reasons you are considering - it's so much easier to switch to a different blogging platform if you have your own domain!


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