Friday, December 19, 2008

Time on Your Hands, and into the Red

I'm not sure how much time I'll have off this holiday season. So much depends on how many kids and which kids will be staying in town and whose parents will want them to attend tutoring classes. This has not been a stellar year for the Learning Center. Well, for learning centers in general, really, as many smaller centers have gone under as parents prioritize and cut back expenses.

Rather than all three of their children taking both Reading and Math or Vocabulary, the parents are triaging. The child who needs help the most gets the tutoring. Instead of three kids taking six or even nine hours of tutoring, suddenly, it's one child taking one hour, or the three kids taking one hour each. It's hurting all of us. Mr. Good Boss hasn't made a profit, we've had to cut back hours for the tutors, and we're all getting nervous. I have an extra day off during the week, and my hours have gone down enough that I'm getting about $100 less per paycheck.

It's getting scary out here in the world of luxury services...even when, for some, you're not a luxury, but a necessity.

I am seeing more and more stores go under, some large stores, some small stores. At other stores, I'm not seeing the variety or amount of goods I remember from previous years. And what goods there are, are often at a discount, and have been since before Thanksgiving.

Even online, things like Movado watches, are at a discount, as are things on the big box store sites. There are probably a lot of very nervous business owners out there, wondering if the year's going to end in the black, or the red.

I may have to scale up my other avenues of income. 'Pup and I are very grateful that we have some surplus, and some cushion in the form of my teacher's pension, and 'Pup's job. It's...good to know that we've...alternatives to keep us in the realm of black, and out of the red ourselves.

I have a feeling that a lot of books are going to be bleeding this year.

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  1. You're right -- it's a tough time for a lot of folk, ourselves included. I hope your job is secure.


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