Monday, December 15, 2008

Tour the Country

When 'Pup and I went to Washington DC, we drove. It was a long drive, through a lot of, well, woods and trees, and lots more trees. We'd made reservations for hotel rooms where we figured we'd stop each night. Most of the hotels were pretty good, some more than others. I didn't have quite the resources for researching different hotel options that we have now. July 2003 seems so long ago in computer time.

Now, I'd probably insist that we actually fly to Washington, or at least, make fewer reservations so far in advance. I think we missed a lot of what we were driving to see. Ah well, what was not, can not ever be...

In 2008, only five years after our trip, things would be so different. 'Pup is healthier, I'm not as able. The economy was better, and we had more money. We had options.

Oh phooey! We could still go and do a lot of things, and even (with a little due diligence research) stay at places like those on the Westgate site. I'd like to go to Las Vegas...if only to gawk at all the people losing money, and to enjoy the pretty casinos. There are lots of other places I'd rather go, though...and most of them involve some fishing.

I'm just an old fashioned girl...

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