Thursday, December 18, 2008

Under Covers

We went out tonight, to do some Christmas shopping. We also were looking at some clothes for 'Pup. He needs some new shirts and t-shirts. He also needed a lightweight jacket. Seems everything in the closet is either too big, too small or too casual for wearing to work.

We looked at some men's wool coats, but they were a little...too much. Too heavy for all but a few days in a decade or too much money for too few days in a decade. It's one thing to get a coat and know you're going to have it for a long time because it will wear so well. It's another to spend way too much money for a coat and know that you can pass it down three generations before it's been worn more than 20 times.

So, we found something a little more formal than the windbreaker he had before, and a little larger and a little smaller than some other nice jackets he has in the closet. It's large enough that he can layer underneath it for those normal winter days where it starts out in the 30's and ends up in the 70's...on the same day.

Besides, 'Pup gets hot inside and needs to be able to take off or put on layers. I've seen him going outside and being quite comfortable in just a shirt, even when the temperatures have me wearing a hat, gloves, a warm jacket and a scarf.

Okay, that temperature cut off is somewhere in the 50's... but still!

He has gloves, he has a scarf (I made it myself!), and even a hat. He prefers to wear a Santa hat to the knit one. Oh, the Santa hat? Well, he started doing that a few years ago, before Christmas one year. He just kept it up, as the hat was handy, he could easily spot the van with the Santa hat on the dashboard, and...well...he enjoyed the double takes he got from the people who passed him. 'Pup has an interesting sense of humor.

So, 'Pup has a new jacket. Best of all, the cost of the coat was just about covered by a gift card from his employer. THAT'S what I call a deal!

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