Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What I Did Yesterday

Lovely, ain't it. Yerks. I wrote most of this yesterday, after I'd gotten home. It was so whiny I almost didn't post it. I might not leave it up long. We'll see.

That's my knee, after the good Rheumatologist drained off a considerable amount of fluid from around my knee, and then shot in a good dose of cortisone. Y'all, it hurt. It hurt a LOT. It STILL hurts a lot. (edit: this morning, it does feel better)

The doctor said my knee would be feeling better soon. And, I suppose, in a way, it does. I don't know why I am having a harder time handling this than usual. It's almost as if, now that my knee doesn't hurt as MUCH, the damn has broken and my stoicism has been breached. I'd lost my composure and that distressed me as much as the pain from the needle.

I also went to a cardiologist. Not for my heart, it's fine. I even have proof it's fine, as I had a sonogram of my heart to prove it. He was worried that the pulmonary embolism I'd had in November of 2006 might have damaged it. It hadn't. (only click that link if you really want a blow by blow--eww, that's a pun you'll only get if you click--rendition of my hospitalization)

They kept asking me if my blood pressure was always as high as it was while I was there. Uhmm, no. I'm in pain, it tends to raise one's bp. Tends to make the heart beat faster too. (So will crying... I did a lot of that today too, maybe in relief?)

I'd gone to the cardiologist for some in depth, and expert monitoring of my PT rate (how fast my blood clots). Now I have a Primary Care Physician, a Podiatrist, a Rheumatologist, an Opthamologist, and a Cardiologist. My PT rate is just fine now.

All in all, I was a whiny baby yesterday. I'm fine, more or less. Just pouting, 'cause my knee still hurts, and I spent my whole day at the doctors' offices.

Tomorrow is another day. Thank GOD! ( Oh, yes, it really is!)


  1. Aw, Nancy! Big hugs. Wish I could be there to deliver 'em in person.

  2. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  3. I think you needed that whining and crying, Nancy. I'm glad you are starting the healing process, and hope you are able to do the things you want soon.

    I liked your flashlight hurricane post, too.

  4. Hope it feels much better really soon.


  5. You are stronger than I am--I hate needles and while I handle pain pretty well, who in the heck WANTS it?

    Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Sometimes we have to whine to get to the place where we can deal with things. Big hugs!


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