Friday, July 24, 2009

Blogher, So Far, Not So Good

It's got to get better.

The doors in the hotel are not really wide enough for my chair. The carpet is making it hard to move around.. I'm finding it hard to find my way around, as I don't get to follow signs, as I have to search for elevators to try to get to places I'm trying to find without having to try to go down an esclator or stairs in a wheelchair.

I fell backwards and hit my head. I'm not feeling my best right now.

So far,

Blogher FAIL

OH!! And I registered for this thing and paid for it in frickin' DECEMBER.. and when I got here at 11...NO MORE SWAG BAGS.



  1. Don't let it ruin your trip. Find the happy!

  2. I hear you and I'm having some of the same problems. Especially bad for me: the lack of signs that give me information to find the ways to places and events. It's like it didn't occur to anyone that people who can't use escalators still might want to eat lunch or, in fact, go to anything at the conference.

    The carpet problem holds true for me at nearly every conference I go to, whether technical or academic. I have asked a lot of random people to push me around, which I don't like to do, but I have to in order to be in this environment. I also specially bullied the hotel desk people to give me a room next to the elevator so I don't have to do the horrible carpeted corridor to get to my room and out of it again every time. That helps. I am not sure if there's any fix for the doors and bad turning radius. Some rooms have double doors. One easily fixable problem would be marking out aisles and "parking spots" to keep clear in the rooms and parties. Unfortunately that easy stuff just didn't happen.

    Hang in there! The good thing is that people here are really friendly and helpful and the people & information here are super amazing.

    - liz

  3. FYI: on Saturday night the hotel "found" and delivered to us another box of swag bags. Please email and with your address and we can ship.


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