Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cafe con leche With My Friends

When I started this post, I had just come back from the Lone Star College library where I meet my adult conversation student. I say student, but it's more like meeting a friend, and of course, I'm learning too.

A delightful woman, charming husband and 2 kids that are both cute and smart and nice. I'm privileged to have a conversation with the lady and/or her husband every Friday. We'll have to miss next Friday, as I'll be out of town...with Leslie.. in Blogher.

I never thought I'd ever be attending a Blogher, not really having the sheer courage it would take to walk into a convention of women I didn't know, really, except, that some of them, I've been reading for several years and kinda know more about them than I do my next door neighbor. It's a disconcerting and heart stopping and stomacher fluttering thing to walk into a blog meet for the first time.

Fortunately, this won't be my first blog meet, not by a long shot AND.. I'll not be alone. (Hugs Leslie..I can't wait for Friday!!!)...where was I?

Oh.. I'll not be alone.

I'm alone right now, having some cafe con leche at a Cuban restaurant near the house. I've decided to pick up dinner, as I just don't want to cook, and it's actually not too hot this evening to actually know...go out and garden. So that's what 'Pup and I will do, when I get home.

'Pup will be alone next weekend...and for that, I'm not happy. Seems he's going to have a biopsy done on a place where, well, most men don't wanna go there. And I'm not going to be there.

His dad will be around though, and has gone through the same procedure. Still, I wish he'd not scheduled the biopsy this next weekend. But he did, forgetting the date and nonrefundable plane ticket and Blogher fees.
So..I'm torn between wanting to be there and here.

That's where the computer comes in. I've been able to get hooked up to Verizon's wireless broadband service, through their little...wireless modem. I've had it about a month now, and I likes it. I likes it very much. The speed is good, I've not found a single place I can't get a signal, even deep inside a high rise building, or out driving in the country. You can hear me now. And we can have coffee together, now, because of the wonder of this service and this modem.

It also means, that whether I'm at the airport or in a taxi or anywhere else, I don't have to depend on anyone else's wireless. I'm covered. Doubly so at Blogher, where we've been assured that the whole hotel we've arranged to commandeer will be wired and wireless throughout the whole building.

But I still like my own access. I know, now, that I can count on it to get through.

I like being heard, and I am going to like hearing from 'Pup that the biopsy was nothing much and found less than that. Positive thinking, y'all. Positive thinking.

Thank you Verizon, for the service and for giving me the little wireless modem to plug into my tiny computer....for free. I asked, told them where I was going to use it and that I'd be plugging it like crazy....if I liked it. And, I do. I've liked Verizon for the last 12 years I've had service with them. During Rita, when every other cell and land phone was down and couldn't get through... I could.

When the power went out during Ike and everything, especially cell service was out for everyone else.. I was able to blog from my phone. If I couldn't get to my site, I could get to gmail and mail it in...or I could text it in with a picture message. (so, thanks Google too, come to think of it.)

Can Y'all Hear Me, Now?


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