Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Heat

I was searching for some plants to put into the new extension of my herb bed.

Yes, I was gardening! 'Pup and I waited until I got home tonight to do some of the heavy digging, as it's just too frickin' hot to do anything during the day, even if I were off work to do it. We've both been taking it kinda easy this summer, as we've both been a little under the weather. More about that, later.

Anyway, as I was searching for herb plants that might do really well in dry, hot conditions HOUSTON this summer... I found out that the herb they get ephedrine from loves hot, dry places. There are even a lot of the plant varieties that don't contain the alkaloids that got the herbal supplement into such trouble.

I've no idea how to get any of the varieties of the plants, but it's interesting what you find out on the internet...

We're going to be redoing the water system there too, having gotten some DIY drip irrigation kits. I'll be able to water the bed again, without having to use a sprinkler. I had to use one tonight and waited and waited until it was finally time to turn off the water...only to discover that a friendly neighbor had done it for me.

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