Monday, July 27, 2009

More For the Money

First, hello to anyone who's here because they met me at Blogher! I've noticed my recently abysmal visitor rate is up a bit, so here's hoping y'all might want to visit again. And comment. Sometimes, it gets lonely in here...

After the trips I've taken recently, about the only things I want to buy are things I find on a deep discount and on sale. Money being what it is, or rather, what it isn't,'s good to find something you want a little cheaper.

One of the things I saw while traveling were an amazing number of younger travelers (when you're being pushed around the airport by a nice man taking you to your gate, you've time and energy to gawk), who walk around with these white cords seemingly implanted into their ears. They never come out, those white cords.

In fact, they seem to be so permanently in place, the safety lecture you get on the airplane has started to include them. Both up and back on American Airlines, the safety lecture told us that anything with an on/off button needed to be turned.. OFF.

Fair enough.

Then, they made it a point to tell the passengers that it was okay to leave the earbuds in your ear...but the media players had to be turned off.

Note: a separate instruction needed about the permanently installed white cords.

Talk about an earworm. When I go around with a song stuck in my head it can drive me crazy. How do the younger people manage to walk around, carry on conversations, do work, pay attention to things around them.. play games.. FLIRT... with tunes from a media player feeding into their heads non stop? It boggle the mind.. Okay.. well, it boggles MY mind.

A lot of things do that. Seems like more and more things do... is it an age thing?

All that being said. I want my own set of cords. The portable media players I saw looked like they'd be handy ways to carry some information, and I've been reading that you can even download whole episodes of televison shows to carry around with you. Audio books can even be carried. Audio books in small, portable players would be really nice to have when traveling, or when pulling weeds.

Though, often, I use the weed pulling as a way to picture removing/yanking out irritations...or people who irritate me.

You know, come to think of it.. after I retired from public schools...I don't have as many faces to put on those weeds anymore. Fewer things are so emotionally troubling to me now, and I'm happier. I like semi-retirement. Just wish it paid better.

All the more reason for the audio books, I guess.

But, if ANYONE ever sees me walking around with cords that are seemingly permanently implanted, you are hereby given permission to yank them out of my ears and step on them.

It will have meant that the aliens have taken over my brains.


  1. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  2. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Ahh,,,the white cord syndrome,,,its quite prominent here in New York where EVERYONE is plugged in at one time or another. Kids going to and coming from school,,,the gyms,,,sports games,,,music stores,,,shopping in general. Seems the young population were born with them readily installed into the ears,,,hahaha !!! How they do it all is also beyond me,,,i can multi-task but not sure i could do it while listening to my favorite tunes !!
    Have a great one Nancy and keep up the garden pictures,,,i love them.

  3. Hiya, Nancy! Stop feeling lonely in there. Think of you often as a fellow inhabitant of Gardena. :-)


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