Friday, July 24, 2009

My Disease Doesn't Define Me,...

But it does help explain me.

Life and life happens, and not all of us end up perfect. Some of us are less perfect than others, and others of us are perfectly imperfect.

Building a community of people dealing with challenges that most people don't face. I have some personal experience with this, dealing with the challenges of trying to do a physical hobby with a less than perfect physical abilities.

Do you have to look sick to be be sick? Some people would be shocked to know that they have friends who deal with challenges that would floor them.

Don't limit your identity with your limitations. There are more parts of your lives that aren't limited by your illness. On the other hand, your imperfections don't need to be hidden and you don't have to hide.

So what are mine? Look at my side bar. I put it out there, what's wrong...but you'll have to read the rest of this blog to see what's right. Hopefully, what's right is stronger than the what's wrong.

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  1. People say that all the time to me you dont look sick.
    Just because I, like you dont let it define me, dont tell me I am fine because I dont look sick if I say I am feeling crummy.
    Always here for you!!


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