Thursday, July 09, 2009

Seeing the Big Picture

As I was driving home last night, I saw a huge pillar of deep black smoke towards the general direction of home. Not a sight you want to see. I was pretty sure it wasn't my house, as the pillar was so big and so black that it had to be either a largish store or a factory of some kind. There are lots of small manufacturers out our direction, many making parts of stuff meant to extract or refine oil, or some other minerals. We have a mattress factory too, though they've come under some hard times recently and I'm not sure how active they are just now.

About the time I'd come to the conclusion it wasn't my house, my bump of concern became a full fledged itch of curiosity. I usually resist these impulses, but this one, I gave in to.

So, shoot me, I'm human.

Anyway, I got close enough to grab my camera and set it on video. It was the small Kodak, not my big new one, but I knew it would take some video.

Well, I get home, and try to download it, and dang! It won't come off the card. I can see it there, and even play it...on my camera... but can't download it onto the computer.

This is not the only time this has happened. It's why I've been looking at camcorders, not just a camera with video capability.

I travel through a variety of neighborhoods and one really large park. I've seen a large heron or crane, white with a black tip on the wings.. Dang, if I didn't think I saw a whooping crane.. tho unlikely. Still it would be good to have the ability to sneak up on something.

Hum... I may be playing too much Mafia wars on Facebook.

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  1. You'll have to check out my Flip video camera -- HD and 120 minutes of memory -- when you come to Chicago for BlogHer!


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