Friday, July 03, 2009

Take Me Away...

'Pup and I recently celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. Our honeymoon that year was cut a little short by the fact that, after the wedding, we were tired. Very, very tired. So, we went home early and relaxed.

In past years, we've usually traveled somewhere by car to somewhere in Texas. This year, 'Pup's not been feeling all that well, so we've been staying close to home. I miss the trips. We'd go to small towns, often on a "there and back again in one day" visit.

What we've really wanted to be able to do is to go on a longer trip, perhaps in an RV, and staying in RV parks. I'd like to spend a week at the beach, fishing. Of course, I'd like to have enough energy to go fishing for a week....I think I'd settle for one or the other, to be truthful.

'Pup has some good memories of staying at RV parks when he was a kid, with his parents. They were in a pop up trailer, and he says they got good enough at setting up and tearing down that they attracted notice. One time, his dad got a little distracted by someone commenting on how fast everyone was moving, when...he closed the trailer...with 'Pup inside.

Fortunately, 'Pup just happened to be in the one spot in the trailer that had just enough space for his small body. He'd been sitting in the spot, stowing some last minute items when the top came down.

I have a feeling that his dad never closed the trailer down again, without first counting noses.

'Pup's not been feeling 100% recently. Y'all send some energy our way. He's gonna be fine, and isn't missing any work, but he'd like to feel better at the end of the day, and we'd both like to have more energy to just....go out and live.

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  1. I'm a few days behind...hope 'Pup is doing better...sending prayers and hugs.


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