Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Traveling Notes...Around My Head and an Angelic Visitor

I had fun at blogher, even with the carpet and the fact that the bathrooms were at one end of a long, long salon, and the elevators were at the other end. It's left me a little combobulated.. and I'm still sorting things out.

For the most part, I hung the swag bags on the back of the wheelchair.. until Leslie schlepped them upstairs to our room. Y'all... Blogher swag: Un- Be- Leeeeve-able!

Speaking of which, I used some of the Suave shampoo (full sized bottles!) and conditioner today.. and I LIKE it. Even as I was shampooing, I LIKED it, and the way it felt and smelled and left the hair feeling good. Thank you Suave!

'Pup is happy with the Microsoft Business Suite I got, and is fiddling around with it on his lap top. He loves spreadsheets, does my man.

Meanwhile, I've just about finished the food swag.. mostly cereal bars I've had for breakfasts on the way to work, but some baked chips and popcorn snacks too.. that weren't too bad. I still have some big old lollipops, but I did promise to save those for the nieces and grand nieces and nephew. A girl's gotta draw the line somewhere.

Now, if only I could have won one of the myriad contests I entered while there.. I'd be really happy.

So, now it's August. 'Pup's birthday is this month, in just a couple of weeks, and while he doesn't want anything big, I do like to find SOMETHING (on sale!) to give to him, along with a card. There are some big gig memory sticks out there, and that might do...or maybe a new belt. I dunno. If he's reading this.. now he doesn't know either. (Hi 'Pup!)

One thing I did find out while using the wheel chair, is that I need some sort of small, secure, mini backpack for the back of my chair. I've been using a couple of bags, and a Chicago Botanical Gardens backpack for the most part, but they have their drawbacks.. mainly.. accessibility. As in: way to accessible to someone standing behind me. I need something not quite so easy to get into.

It's a work in progress. I roll slow, but I get there, with a little help from my friends.. and the occasional angel.

Leslie and I met an angel in Chicago, btw. We'd gone down a long hill, looking for food.. and we were both feeling...okay.. about the prospect of going back up it... until we tried to go back up it. Not so good. Neither of us were at our best that Sunday morning, and my leg assist had been rendered impossible. I'd used them once too often and they weren't going anywhere for a little while. As we sat (and stood) there, pondering the possibilities, including a cab, we heard a voice behind us.

"Y'all need a little help?" I swear, music was playing. Of course, it might have been one of the street musicians.. but.. music. was. playing!

He pushed me up the hill, and talked to us the whole way.. and didn't even get out of breath. He was from Paris, Illinois, and I'm ashamed that his name escaped me. He was in town with his wife, celebrating their anniversary. She was in one of the shops, and he'd been waiting outside when he noticed we needed help. God Bless him.

Y'all, include him in a prayer tonight. One of thanksgiving and praise.

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