Friday, July 24, 2009

When You;re Not a Mommy Blogger, Political Wonk or a Geek...

What do you blog about?

Some of us fit nicely into a lable. They concentrate on their subjects and do them well.

Then, there are the rest of some of us. What are we, anyway?

Some of us keep and write several independent blogs, (I've tried..not so much for me...others have more to say).

Are you diluting your message, or just fully expressing oneself?

Personally, I have a couple of blogs I try to keep up with, but this one is my baby. I don't focus on just one thing. As Maria Niles said, "Interesting people have lots of interests..."

What do advertisers go after? Who do they pursue?

The give money to Mommybloggers, and to Technology bloggers and even to Political bloggers. They seem to think the rest of us....don't spend money.

I've got news for you. We do.

I was glad to know, here at Blogher, there are a group of women who have the same frustrations about that. We're out there. We have interests that go beyond our front doors, and lives that range far beyond any narrow category.

I read Mommybloggers (tho, I HATE that term, btw), I read political blogs, technology blogs, blogs about diverse lifestyles, military blogs. My question is: Why the hell would anyone WANT to be known as only one thing?

Women have been marginalized that way for... well....forever. We are ONLY (fill in the blank).

NO. Time for us all to step back and start telling companies that, DAMN IT!... we're out here too.

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