Friday, September 11, 2009

Cecilia E. Richard

Here is a face of a woman exactly my age. We had a lot in common, in fact, and there were some differences. She was one of seven children, I of five. She was the youngest child...I was the oldest. She worked at the Pentagon.. I worked at a school.

And there, I think, is where a lot of our differences ended. We both had a pet we adored, husbands who adored us and parents and siblings who loved us. We fit into lives here and there, filling in spaces that needed to be filled.. doing things that needed doing.

She liked music. She enjoyed Jazz, and would listen to it as a way to relax after work. She liked working and worked with her sister in a family owned catering business and worked at the club level during home games of the Washington Redskins. She loved watching the Redskins and cheered them on. From her picture, I think she was probably a happy person, who brought happiness to others as she worked, and lived. Some people have that gift. They make the world a little better every place they pass through, every life that they touch..

She worked for the Department of Defense for 20 years, holding different jobs. She started right after High School. On September 11, she was working as an Accounting Technician for the Department of the Army. I picture her, that day, coming in and saying hello to everyone, and commenting on what a beautiful day it was, with a perfect fall day at hand. A perfect day for football, it would have been.

Her mother, Mazie Lawson, waited, that long day, waiting for them to find her youngest, beloved daughter. Cecelia's husband, Michael, waited too. Cecilia had had to go on before them. She was gone.

Cecilia is remembered by a large, and loving family. Now, we are part of her family, too.
I remember you Cecilia.

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