Friday, September 11, 2009

Patricia Malia Colodner

This is the hardest of the tributes to write. It's hard because...I can't find Patricia. I know where she worked, and where she died, and her age....and that is all I have been able to find. Unlike Kevin and Cecilia...she is a cypher. Did she have a large family, or was she the last of her family, living and going on alone in the world? She did not leave alone. More than 300 of her fellow employees left with her, that day. Almost one in ten of the people we lost that day were from her company,
Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc., mostly from their accounting and information technology departments. Patricia was listed as a secretary.

The only personal thing I could find online about her was one tribute from this site: 911 Heroes. It is one short entry:

Patty I love you forever.

*** Posted by Patti. on 2006-09-11 ***

Not enough, and says that someone, somewhere knew her and missed her and misses her still.

And so, with Patti.... I will remember you, Patricia.

Edited: I gave up too soon!

There is a Tribute to her from her family here. She had a talented brother, who wrote a beautiful song for her. I don't have permission to post it (yet?), so, please, take a step and follow the link. Visit for a while.

I remember.


  1. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Patty had a beautiful family. A husband who loved her deeply and whom she adored. 2 beautiful children for whom she lived and breathed for. She was a dear friend that cried when I told her that my only sister had passed away. She hugged me and pledged that she would be there for me if ever I needed to talk. I miss you Patty beautiful that you had to say it twice. May you have everlasting peace in God's loving arms.
    Your friend, Sally R

    1. Thank you for telling me this! I will repost this...including your comment.

  2. Anonymous7:14 PM

    I remember Paty well, we once dated when I was a waiter at the Vista International Hotel and she was a waitress in the lounge. We became close and dated for little over a year. We once had lunch with her brother Dean who was a song an d movie write and mostly knowed for the song Fame and movie Foot Loose. She was truly a caring person and She did very well in life after the Vista and got married and had two kids. She will truly be missed by many and am glad to say I onew her. Rest in peace angel


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