Monday, August 31, 2009

My Three Pups

The black and tan dog is Chucky the WonderDog, aka Charles. The big one with the realy big nose and lighter colored coat is Butch, our adopted-from-my-pa-in-law dog. The one in the yellow shirt is my hubby, 'Pup.
It wasn't easy getting this picture. The only one that responds to the command "Sit" and "Stay" is my husband....

My Constant Companion

Most of the time I was with my mom, I had my little computer out and was fiddling around the internets. Many people saw me with it and asked me if I liked it. For the record, I do. It's portable, lightweight and powerful enough to do what I want to do with it, which is mostly surfing the 'net, blogging and editing pictures.

And then, there's Facebook. But we won't go into that, here. Let's just say that I've gotten disturbingly good at robbing electronics stores and there are at least 35 bodies out there that I haven't had to dispose of.... (that's Mafia Wars, y'all).

I wasn't able to write much last week, because it was hard to concentrate on writing when there were just so many little things that really needed to be done. Worry tends to interfere with other mental tasks. Which is why I try not to do it too often. (yah, right)

One of the staff talked with me about her son. He's going to College next year and she's already looking forward to the time he'll need a laptop to take with him. Planning for the future is an important thing, and I was glad to hear about her son.

She asked where I'd gotten mine, and I told her the name of a store that isn't in the little town my mom lives in. However, I didn't buy the machine I have until I'd looked online at the options I had. I don't really like to buy things on impulse. ( stop snickering 'Pup! I do think things out. Usually. Okay, mostly.) I like to compare.

I don't think my little machine is what her son will need. I've a feeling, he'd be happier with something a little bigger and faster to carry around. My little keyboard is a little hard on most men's hands. Plus, my machine has only 1G, and at 3G, the alternative will be a lot faster.

There are a lot of things out there to look at, and before she buys, I hope she'll look at what's on sale online, as well as offline.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Eat, Mom, EAT!

My mom has lost about 18 pounds so far since her fall. She won't eat, says the food is awful...but it isn't. At least, it's no worse than many a school lunch I've eaten, and better than some, by far. But, she just won't eat.

Well, let me qualify that. She has eaten a few things, some pudding, some fat free, sugar free, strawberry free "ice cream", cheerios and one bite of just about everything else. It's as if she's taken weight loss pills that have closed down her appetite completely.

I'm not happy about her weight loss. While it is true that she carries a little extra weight, her body is having to repair three bone breaks and replace a lot of blood. She needs more protein and calcium and ... just about everything else. Yet, when asked if she's eating...she says "Oh, I've been eating just fine."

Her bruises have just about healed, and her bones are beginning to knit, but I'm worried.

As God is My Witness!

I will never be without online data backup again!

Hey, if Scarlett O'Hara can get that emotional over a carrot, I can over all my pictures.

I've been looking for some pictures I've had, some of them the last pictures we have of my dad, when he was still with us. After long searching I came to the sickening realization that they are in the semi dead laptop. I say semi dead because I was told how I could probably recover most of my data. And, knowing what exactly I have to might be worth the money after all.

We're also backing up on an external hard drive, but I suspect, that if a disaster should occur, it will be the online data backup that will pull our backsides out of the fire.

Now, how much does a case for a hard drive cost, and where can I find one?

Life Paths

I watched the people working at the Nursing Home and I wondered about the forks in their roads, that led them there.

Some of the young ladies and gents are very good at their jobs and it seems to suit them. Others...well, one of the people here (only 1!) should probably consider a different career. One that does not involve working with people who are vulnerable to her bullying.

I'm thinking she should probably consider a life castrating bull calves. She'd like that, I'm sure, and she'd be working with animals big enough to do her some harm if she started to have too MUCH fun.

There are a couple of others who shine brightly above the rest. They are not only caring, they're capable, calm and confident--even when doing something for the first time. They helped, and taught me what could and should be done. I'm a teacher, not a nurse, and even after some experience nursing my uncle and grandmother and my mom through an earlier illness didn't prepare me fully for some of the things I had to do this last week.

They did reaffirm my career choice. It's one thing to do this for my mom, another to do it for strangers. I like teaching. It's easier on the emotions and uses the things I'm still good at... my brain and figuring things out. I'm too old and crippled now to nurse someone full time. It's definitely a job for the young and strong.

When those young nurses and nurse's aides get older, I hope they'll find themselves looking for a new challenge. They can go on to administrative jobs, as my mom did, or they can go into other fields. Nowadays, living in a small town isn't a barrier to getting more and more education. There are a lot of courses on line in things like Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Science, and you can even continue a college education after a bachelors in Education, towards a Masters degree, as in a Masters in organizational development, or almost anything.

In fact, the Organizational development degree can be very helpful, I would think. It could open up administration jobs in small or large health care facilities and go beyond them into other large businesses as well. Going even further, if they got training in organizational leadership, the doors open to management, administration, consulting jobs and multiple industry paths.

Hummm.. I wonder if I'm too old for that? Maybe not... maybe not...

I hope a lot of the people who were so helpful to my mom continue to be happy and caring people. There are a lot of us getting older, and someday, a lot of us will be in Nursing Homes for a short, or long...or final...time. Hopefully, there will always be enough young, strong people willing and able to help us when we need it, and who will be smart enough to make sure they always have options.

So, to all the ladies and gents who have been and are helping my mom-- I wish God Speed and all His Blessings.

Thank you.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything

Well, here I am, with my mom. She's feeling a little better, not in as much pain and is beginning to be able to move her hands and raise one arm. That's not bad, considering she had breaks on both shoulders and another break a bit lower down on the humerus on one side. The arm with two breaks is coming along slower, as you'd expect, but she's able to scratch her own nose now push up her glasses. Those accomplishments made a great deal of difference in her happiness level....which, as you could expect, isn't as high as we'd like it to be.

She's still not eating much. That worries me a little. Okay, it worries me a lot. The fall that broke her arms caused so much bruising that the blood loss almost shut down her kidneys. She has two broken bones to mend and needs to replace that blood. The good news is that her kidneys are back in working order. There's a new kidney doctor in town, and he. is. good.

Meanwhile, the learning center is shut down and I'm on "vacation" for the week. I'm glad I could be here.

Okay, let me stop here and tell you I wrote the above was written a little over 24 hours before what I'm writing now.

Most of the ladies and gents at the home are decent, kind and good people. And then, there's the one bad bully. She was negative and for three days, nothing I did was to her liking.

Yah, I know. She didn't have to like what I did.. but she didn't like it. Let me quote some of the pearls of wisdom she bestowed on me:

  • (when I asked for some extra pads, towels and wash clothes : "Okay, I'll give some to you this time, but we cain't be givin' out clean laundry to just anybody."
  • When I took the bed pan out from under my mom (broken shoulders, both, and an extra break on the upper humerus on the right arm) : "You just bes' be waitin' for us to take it, 'cause you just be wastin' that pee on the bed." I wasn't. Let it end at that.
  • On me insisting that the cleanliness protocol be followed strictly, so my mom did not develop infections: "We cain't be givin' her no bed bath every time she pee."
Now, I need to tell you, that at no time was SHE the one doing ANYTHING...but she was happy to be telling everyone what couldn't be done.

Hey, I took it for three days. And I'm tired. And she's my mom. I yelled at her. And, there were witnesses.

She actually asked me why I was yelling at her. Tho, tell the truth, I'd not been yelling, precisely. That question changed things and I did start yelling at her.

You know, I really don't get that mad, that often. So, I guess when I do, I do it quite thoroughly. The shift supervisor was supposed to come see us today. She didn't. When I asked the Social Worker about it, she went to the lady and asked her. She was told that the supervisor didn't think she had to come down, as someone had told her that I'd left to go home to Houston. Uhmm no, I hadn't.

The place here has it's ups and downs. There are some very good staff who are taking very good care of my mom. They do care, and some of them are remarkable in how confident they can make you feel that...eventually...everything's gonna be okay.

Taking care of mom is a combination of lots of activity, and periods of ...well...her sleeping and me being quiet.

Okay, make that three days since I wrote the first words. It takes a while. So...

See ya later

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Don't I Wish

'Pup's physical therapist wanted to have him do some water therapy sessions. Unfortunately, he's got reasons that he can't do that. For one thing, no amount of or special kinds of spa filters, no matter how wonderful could handle those issues. He'd be in danger of infection. His skin is too delicate in at least on spot to handle or risk the infections.

I wish it weren't so, but it is. I've wanted to get, somehow, a spa or a small pool for us to use in the back yard, or side yard, but it isn't to be. I'm going to try to rig an outdoor shower though. I think it would be kinda cool...and be able to rinse off the compost and dirt before bringing it into the house.

It could happen. I've got a plan. I'm a dangerous woman when I've got a plan.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Glamorous Life

I wonder how many people train for and dream about being a writer? I suspect that there are a lot more out there that wanted to be...than are writers now. Though...there are some of us that are living some of that dream by at least blogging. Somebody reads me, now and again, and that's a good thing.

Of course, when you're a kid, being a writer sounds like a heck of a deal. Work when you want to (HAH!), reach millions of people (HAH!), and be rich. I'm not even going to grace that last with the huge HAH it deserves. There are some rich writers, but they are few and far between. Most of us (and I'm being generous in including me in "us") bumble along, writing what, when we are writing it, seems to be deathless and inspiring prose....only to be kinda... sigh.

So, what do writers really do? Well, they write. They write whatever they can and for whomever will read it. They take jobs writing things like apidexin reviews, which, while useful...aren't glamorous. I do think though, that writing something that people will read, and get information from is probably the hardest thing a person can do. We've all suffered through some pretty badly written instructions that took at least 7 hours away from our lives, trying to put together something that had promised to be done in about 15 minutes.

The last thing I put together that involved instructions was a computer desk for my mom. None of the "men" of the family, having, perhaps too much experience in that sort of thing, would even touch the task. So, I did it.

I have, since then, prayed for forgiveness for some of the curses I wished upon whomever it was that wrote the instructions for that thing. After a while, I had better luck looking at what it was supposed to look like and just putting it together. I only had a couple of screws left over, and it's still standing, so I guess I didn't do too bad a job of it.

Which reminds me, there are a couple of sets of shelves I bought a while back that I've not put together yet.

Perhaps I should pray for forgiveness .... starting now?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rainbow, But No Rain

We had a lovely rainbow tonight, just as the sun was going down. It had rained in other parts of Houston, but nothing in our neck of the woods.

Fortunately, we still got the rainbow. It was a full arc across the sky, but the other end was too faint to capture with my cell phone camera (all I had with me). I did run and get the Good Neighbors to the West to show their two little girls. No little girl should ever miss a rainbow.

Oh, and I found out that their older brother has just finished basic training in the Marines and will graduate (?is that the correct term) next week.

It was a good night.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weather Reports

Well, the first three named storms have finally happened in the Atlantic. Ana fizzled out, Claudette made landfall as a big rainmaker, and now, Bob is out there strengthening and heading towards the East Coast, and looks like it will be giving most of the East coast of the United States a real bashing as far as waves, even before it makes landfall.

'Pup and I are watching this year, with even more interest than usual. We don't want another Ike to come and leave us with no power for days. Alas, we can't afford a portable generator, unless we can find a real good sale --and that's not likely right now. Oh, the generators are out there, but they're not cheap.

One thing the storms have us doing is checking our hurricane kits. And after last years several days with no power, a portable TV, one that works with the digital signals, (our old one is analogue) is called for . I think I found one for a very good price, but not quite so good that I can afford it right now. The one I found online is a good price, but not quite good enough to get...probably. You never could happen.

While I was visiting with my mom this weekend, I mentioned to one of the nurses that we had, included in our hurricane kit, some of the same disposable bathing cloths they use at the hospital for bed bound patients. The nurse looked surprised and wondered why it had never occurred to her to do the same. They're readily available over the counter, not that expensive and very effective. Not as good as a shower, but it makes you smell better.

I'm hoping that we get some of the random showers that will be popping up here and there this week. That is the usual weather pattern for this year, and I'm glad to see "usual" back. I might not be getting any rain, but at least someone is, and it makes for a general lowering of the temperature just to have the big clouds building around us. The temperatures this morning were quite nice outside, drier, less humid, and less...mean. Even during the rest of the day, the weather seemed to be in a more mellow mood. Let us hope it stays that way.

So, 'Pup and I are ready, made some adjustments to the hurricane kit, but all in all, not in a bad position to be.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Family News

My mom is a world 'a sick right now. She fell, getting into bed, and caught herself on the arms of the chair she keeps by the side of the bed. Both arms are broken, above the elbow. Combine this with the fact that she just got out of the hospital not long ago, and a funny reaction to a lot of pain meds, some heart trouble and you get a woman in the ICU.

As it stands, she's going to have to go into an assisted living facility to recover with the arms. There are two big problems with this. 1) she hates not getting to go home and 2) that's where my dad died.

She's not been herself since he died. She's not as confident, or as outgoing and I know she misses him terribly.

I'm going to go see her on Saturday, after work. I hope she can be awake while I'm there.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

When you open a blog, you never really know what to expect. Most of us didn't open one to be famous, or even have more than a few, family readers, with a few kind friends thrown in. And, for most of us, that's what we get.

On the other hand, there are those blogs that suddenly take off like a house afire, building readers like a muscle builder on testoripped builds muscles. And why they become popular is as varied as the people who write the blogs. Some are effective communicators, finding a niche and addressing a need. Some are wonderful photographers, able to tell a story in a picture, more evocative than words can express. Others are just so frickin' funny, you go there to laugh and feel better. Others can move your emotions with their words... bringing you to righteous anger, or inexpressible sadness.

What all of them have in common is the fact that they all manage to tell a good story. An effective food blogger makes a recipe engaging enough that even someone with absolutely no desire to cook that dish, much less eat it, still read raptly to the end. A political writer makes you stand up and want to shout in agreement.. or disagreement.. but you read either way. A humorist manages to make a semi-tragic event and have you simultaneously laughing and crying. They're writers.

Someday, I'd like to be an effective writer. I"m working on it. It's a work in progress.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Politics, NOT as Usual, and Civil Discourse

Normally, I do not post political opinions on this blog. I'm not adverse to political discourse, but this is (generally) my Happy Place, and I don't do politics in my Happy Place. It's the wrong kind of compost able material for this garden spot.

Now, however, I have to break my silence before I scream.

This is about Health Care.'s not.

My views about government run health care are colored by the fact that I've very rarely seen any really large (or small) governmental program run well. The closest thing to a successful governmental agency are the different branches of the Armed Forces... and even there, a veteran will tell you that it is no coincidence that the acronyms SNAFU and FUBAR come from the military. And, VA hospitals? Well, there's a reason that the congress critters that are veterans don't go to VA hospitals when they need medical care. They value their worthless hides.

So, Health Care. When Congress signs up for the program they come up with, because it's so wonderful, then, and only then will I consider supporting any plan they come up with.

Medicare and Medicaid (two more programs that the congress critters don't participate in), were put into place to serve those with no insurance, or access to insurance. These plans aren't doing well, both of them are well into the red and may fail. Those being served by those plans are often faced with difficulties actually finding doctors that will take the deeply discounted fees they would get for twice the cost of administering their billing systems for collecting them. I think taking Medicare and Medicaid patients may have contributed to one of my former doctors going bankrupt and having to close his long running practice.

So, the prospect of someday having to be on one or the other of those programs has never filled me with much joy or confidence. See, when I reach the age where I "qualify" for Medicare, the option of even purchasing insurance through my teacher's retirement program goes away. I have only the governmental option. I've a feeling that private employers offering insurance would react the same way. With the prospect of being able to choose between providing private insurance for their employees and paying for that AND paying for the taxes to support the governmental health care, why pay for both?

But, as I said before, this editorial isn't about Health Care, and I really don't give a tinker's dam (not damn, people.. a tinker's dam is a real, if ephemeral thing), about your views or opinions on the matter, one way or another.


I do care deeply about the fact that you have the right to have an opinion and express it in whatever legal manner you choose. I CARE about living in a country where having an opinion and being able to express that opinion has been seen as a primary, basic, human right. A right that, until now, the government has had no right to interfere with, as long as the opinions have not been expressed in such a way that will hurt another individual's right to similarly express his or her own opinion.

Civil Discourse people. It's about Civil Discourse. It's about our RIGHT to Civil Discourse.

Civil Discourse is not everyone agreeing with everyone else. If you already agree on the solution to a problem, or in this case, what the problem IS exactly, then you're not going to be debating what to do, or why.. you'll be discussing the best way to implement the solution. Not the same thing as the Civil Discourse I'm speaking of, here.

If you already agree with one another and will permit no other view point to be expressed in the privacy of your mutual masturbatory self congratulation, it is not Civil Discourse.

Civil Discourse is not agreeing with, but agreeing TO talk...and (this is mandatory, folks) LISTEN to what is being said, respectfully. Respectfully folks... also.. not optional... mandatory.

You do not call the others who disagree with you: Libtards, or Fascists, or MOBS. You don't state that the reason they're there to disagree with you is prima facia evidence that they are being paid to shout you down. You don't condescendingly say that someone is "too well dressed", and therefore, not expressing an opinion of his or her own. You don't complain that it seems like there are so many people who are disagreeing with you that it must be a sign that it's an organized effort to discredit you.

May I interject here a moment with a private observation that it seems hypocritical to me for a group of people who so brilliantly and effectively "organized" people to help get a candidate elected to now be decrying even the possibility that the opposition might also be organized?

Let me make it clear, also, that I have not been contacted by anyone to request that I express my own opinion here, nor have I sought permission from anyone to compose and post it here. And, that HERE isn't necessarily the only place I'll post this. More on that, later. Oh, and organization isn't one of my skills.

As past employers and my dear husband will attest, organization isn't in my natural skill set.

And, if I may continue my interjection here.. and y'all can't stop me, as it's my blog and my post and I can write whatever I damn well please (at least for now)...

It has been my experience that a liar always is the first to assume another person is lying. It seems that what others most quickly accuse you of doing is often the very sin, crime, or impoliteness that they, themselves have most often engaged. It has also been my experience that the ones that are frustrated in their attempts to do something, often accuse others of having done it (before they could). And they always seem to add "It's not FAIR!" Odd, how those sorts of quirks are in both children and SOME adults. (ON BOTH SIDES)

So, Civil Discourse. It doesn't always have to be polite, although that's the goal that one should strive to attain. Your opponents will not always think well of you, though they should not call names. They fact that some people do, anyway, is just an illustration of just how few real adults there are around lately.

Civil Discourse mandates a difference of opinion... or opinions. There are not always two sides to a matter of discourse, and even those that share some opinions, may not share all opinions. There are overlapping ideas, but rarely does even a polarizing debate create only two sides, with two voices. You do not have to agree with everything someone says, just because you may share an opinion, and/or they may generally be "on your side". Conversely, one should not automatically disagree with something someone has said merely because their main position is not one you share. This is part of Civil Discourse. Civil has two meanings here, by the way. One pertains to how one should strive to act... but it's not the main part of the definition I'm aiming for here. Civil also means "of the people".. as in civilian... citizen.

All of the above has been a prelude to my main point. It's taken so long to get here because I don't and haven't spent much time making my political positions clear before. If I've lost half of the people who started reading this..oh well. This is supposed to be a Garden Blog, with pretty pictures. That's another part of Civil Discourse, by the way... the ability to just get up and decline to engage. If you don't care... or you aren't interested in why I have to say, you have the right to walk away from me.

We have not been engaging in Civil Discourse as it pertains to the discussion on Heath Care reform. We've been engaged in one side trying to make itself known to the other side, and that other side not wanting in the LEAST to hear anyone not fully in agreement with them.

This is true on both sides, by the way.

The real clincher of this disheartening state of affairs is also the one that is most distressing. It is found on a governmental web site. The same government that is supposed to be run by the people and for the people, and following the constitutional directive for free speech... is asking us to turn one another in if we disagree with their view on things. They are asking you to listen to conversations...and report any "odd" statements. They are asking you to pass on emails you might get that don't agree with the Health Care reform proposed by President Obama's administration. They are asking us to help them compose a LIST of people who don't agree with them.

If this were an individual, trying to poll individual with no power over the ones expressing those opinions... then that would be fine. If you're an individual that wants to find out if there's a market for an invention you have or an opinion or a book or story you want to publish and sell, that's fine.

But the government does have the power. Through the years, little by little, we've given it to them.

I wrote some of this essay at work, while a student was engaged in writing his own essay. I do that sometimes, I write at the same time the student is writing. I'm showing that I, too, am a writer. When the students want to know what I'm writing about, I discuss it with them, and sometimes, I use it as an example of how to organize thoughts, ideas and how to best express them.

When my student last night wanted to know what I was writing, I had to take a deep breath. This one wasn't going to be easy. He's not one of my youngest students, and he IS one of my brightest, and most talented writers. But, he is still a child. I had to explain my position in terms he could understand.

I'm glad he asked.. it helped me understand what I wanted to say.

I asked him if he ever stood around at recess and talked about the teacher and something she was wanting you to do in class. At his nod, I asked him if he could pretty much say whatever he wanted to say to his friends. Another nod. That, I told him, was free speech. The feeling that you can pretty much say whatever you feel like you need to say about something.

Another nod, and a thoughtful look. Yah, he got it.

"Now", I asked, "What if you knew that your teacher had asked your friends to tell her about anything that was said about her and her idea? Would you feel you could say anything you really felt like saying?"

A faintly horrified look came over his face. He got it. "No," he said, "I wouldn't want to say anything."

Yah, he got it.

Civil Discourse depends on Freedom of Speech. Without the Freedom to speak, nothing can really be said.

Which is why, I'm going to be flagging myself in an email with this essay.

I hope they "get" it too.

This isn't just about Health Care. This is about the fundamental right to speak for or against an idea. It is about Freedom of Speech.

The site to which I am referring is HERE.

This is the direct quote that started this rant.

"There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to "

The email address on the site is:

Edited to add:

I sent a copy of the text of this blog post, and the link to it to the above address. I also included this note:

This is where I take my stand. I do not "inform" on my fellow citizens, so you may as well have my name now.

and a note for the President:


You took an oath to defend the constitution of the United States. I saw you do it and was glad I lived in this country. Your oath requires you to stand up and denounce this policy. Please, sir, stand and deliver.


Nancy France

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Enjoying the Garden, Being Thankful for Neighbors

'Pup and I were lucky earlier this year, in the spring, that the weather was good enough for us to enjoy being outdoors and grilling. We even spent time late, after dark, with some lanterns and a candle or three for romantic lighting. Right now, we can't do that. It's too hot.

How hot is it? It's so hot that some of the plants that have usually enjoyed full sun, are suffering. I've moved some of them into partial shade.. or where there is some shade for part of the day. Even my herb bed is doing as well as it is because it has shade in the late afternoon, when the day is at it's hottest.

The heat has also meant that we've been watering almost every day. With both of us working longer than normal hours.. or in 'Pup's case, working full time and then attending physical therapy (long story), we've been doing a lot of that watering after dark. Sometimes, we start at dusk, putting on a soaker hose, or a low sprinkler, and then coming back out later, after dark to turn it off.

That presents a problem. We need some more outdoor lights. It's dark out there, folks. It's darker than it should be, because our house is right across from a streetlight... that doesn't work. We've been making do, but the other night, something happened that really showed how much we need better lighting.

We'd just gotten home from the store and I had to water some of the potted plants. While 'Pup was taking the groceries in, I pulled out the hose. 'Pup was carrying a light, but it wasn't enough. He found the hose and down he went. He couldn't get up. I couldn't get him up. This was not looking good.

I went next door, to the Wests, but no one was answering. No one home, it seemed. Fortunately, the neighbors just to the West of the West were coming out of their house, seeing off some visitors. I flagged down the lady of the house and she brought reinforcements. In no time, the men had taken 'Pup under the arms and hoisted him to a waiting chair. From there, 'Pup waited for a while and was able to get into the house by himself. No lasting damage...but it was a scare.

Thank God for good neighbors.. and y'all... get some lights.

Carrying it Around

I recently had to replace my phone. It had developed a crack in the screen, and while it was functional, it was hard to see where to touch to do what. Not so good on a touch screen phone. The thing is, when I got the new phone, not all the data was transferred with it. For example, one very important address I need (hint hint, Leslie!)

I still need to reprogram some shortcuts into my phone and reload some apps. Thing is, some of the things I'd really like the phone to do.... it can't quite do. Not being an AT&T customer (happy at Verizon, thank you), I don't have an IPhone, which might be the only thing that ever gets me TO AT&T. Those IPhones are neat.

Then again, the things I really want from the IPhone are the same things I could get with PDAs. Though, to be honest, what I'd really like is something that is kinda like a PDA, and an IPhone and a Kindle. I'd like to carry a library around with me. That would be neat. Something that could carry around all the data I need.. and books. I could love a phone like that.

And if y'all out there with an IPhone tell me that it can do that too.. I might cry.

By the way.. Amazon! Lower the price on a Kindle. You'll sell more e-books that way.