Monday, December 21, 2009


'Pup's workplace is having a Christmas party this week, in the middle of the day. They've invited family to go, so we're going to show up, I think, even though 'Pup is technically on vacation this week. Still, they're promising door prizes, and we've been kinda lucky with those lately, so....

'Pup stayed late at work last week, so that he could make sure his desk was clear. Not that it will be clear when he returns. In fact, I suspect he'll be stopping in next Saturday, after Christmas to see if he can get a jump on the pile that will be awaiting him when he returns officially the following Monday.

He's stayed late before and when he does, he sends me a text asking that I pick up some dinner and come join him after I get off work. When I did, this last time, I stopped by the lady's room. I was, in fact, told I had to, by 'Pup.

Cheeky of him, wasn't it?

Actually, he wanted me to see if they'd installed in the lady's room what they'd recently installed in the gent's. It, or rather they, were some new hand dryers. And, oh, people. They had.
Lord'a Mercy. They had. Two of them. Let me tell you, sticking your hands in turns it on and it's a singular experience...or would be, I guess, if you weren't using two hands....

Still, I think I'm missing, more and more, in more and more different public restrooms, the simple paper towel. The air blowers dry out my hands. Oh, well. Progress comes as it comes, I suppose.

Happy Winter, All

We're in the last few minutes of fall here, and in less than an hour it will be officially winter.

I can't wait for Spring...sigh.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Well, it's just a week before Christmas, and still, I've not finished my shopping. It would have been easier to shop if I'd worked in November, but since the clock can't be turned back and I couldn't have been in two places at one time, life is, as it is.

I have been able to get a few items on sale, here and there. Went to Hobby Lobby and was very lucky finding some pretty little boxes to give out to my nieces and grand nieces. I haven't been able to find the little necklaces I like to put in those boxes... but I still have my hopes.

On the other hand, I'm pretty sure what they'd all like...including my 25 year old nephew (daddy of the great nieces), would like a Sponge Bob media player. From what I see, it's fun, and if I'd not already paid what I have for what I've already gotten, I might have gotten some of these. I don't expect they'll be available long.

The only thing I miss about teaching in public school is they paycheck. Sigh. That career used to be so much of my life, and I used to vow I'd be teaching til they pried the chalk out of my cold dead fingers.

Of course now, it'd be dry erase markers...

Oh, I'm so glad I've got the job I have now. It's given me the chance to keep my joy in teaching and still make a little money.

Speaking of which...anyone want a job tutoring? We're going to expand soon...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jobs and Blessings

No, I'm not looking for a new job. In fact, I emailed my good boss the day I was coming home and told him that I hoped he could fit me in somewhere on the schedule, and before I got halfway between Victoria and Houston, he was calling my cell phone and asking if I was going to be able to be in Houston before 4pm, when we open. I had to stop by 'Pup's work and transfer the luggage I was carrying in the back of the truck into the van, but I made it.

My brother, however, is looking for a job. He needs to explore new careers, some that don't involve a need to live with parents. He did have a very good job, once upon a time, in the insurance industry, but that has long since gone by the wayside.

I am very blessed. When I lost my ability to hold a full time teaching job, I found work as a tutor and a place to work that makes me happy every time I work there. Yes, I am indeed, blessed.

Monday, December 07, 2009


Lemon grass

Belinda's Dream


more lemon grass


Taking pictures of plants covered in frost and the odd snowflake and ice crystal is not the normal course of events for either 'Pup or me. Still, we walked out Saturday morning and did our best, trying to beat the sun. It was still below freezing, but where the sun could reach the leaves, the ice was melting. Some of it, the most delicate of the frost crystals seemed to be immediately sublimated into the air, evaporating at the first touch of sunlight.
I swear, I do not know what the world would be like without digital cameras. They, along with computers, are some of the most wonderful technology out there. It allows even me to take some halfway decent pictures and allows me the freedom to take as many as I need to get a decent picture.
How'd I do?

Dear Santa part 2

Dear Santa,

Our desktop computer died and the little screen on my netbook gives me a headache when I want to edit photos. I know things are tight right now (they surely are in our bank accounts), but I've seen a lot of stores with things on deep discount sale.

Still, I know we'll have to save up for a while, since we do plan to buy others gifts (though honestly...the yawning cavern that is the disparity between what we are EXPECTED to give and what the other seem to think we're getting a little harder to bridge even with the most generous spirit. After a while, being taken advantage of takes its toll on that Generosity Bridge)this Christmas season. We've got a list and are checking it, twice.

So, what do we want for ourselves? Not to beat around the bush, but this computer tower, with 8 GB of SDRAM and a terabyte of memory would do quite nicely. Oh, I know, it seems like rather a lot, unless, as my friend Val said "you're pretending to run a space station", but then, her husband has one that would make this one look like a piker and since he's a physicist, he probably COULD run a small space station with his...

Still, since we usually keep our towers for about five years, it is a fairly good idea to get one that's powerful enough that in five years it can still run most of the current programs. 'Pup and I spend a significant amount of our lives online (sad though that may seem), so a good computer is a good thing. Plus, we're kinda running up a large number of photos recently between the two of us, and they can munch memory like a Japanese beetle can eat up...well...most things.

So, Dear Santa, though I know we won't be getting that tower until closer to summer, I would appreciate one of your handy dandy computer geek elves to pay us a visit and fix the one we have. It was working okay, until it just...wasn't, and we have backups of the programs and most everything else.

Thank you,


PS: what kinds of cookies to computer elves like to munch on?

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Coming Home

I didn't want to post this too soon, as we've been told we're going home before, and it didn't happen.. but.

I think we're going home tomorrow.

Just in time for me to put the frost covers on my plants.