Monday, January 25, 2010


Yep, that's a pretty dismal Hobbit's Pipe. This was a beautiful plant, but the snow in December toasted it. I got home just a day before the snow fell and I went to work at work before I even got home. I just couldn't get everything... or much of anything.

Since then, some physical...issues... have limited my ability to do much of anything. Which, is kinda dismal in and of itself, actually. But 'nuff about me.

This is what's left of Monster, by gigantic, 10 year old (I know exactly how old he was.. I planted him...and yes, he was he, in spite of the fact that he blooms). He was standing until a couple of weeks ago, when he suddenly went into an extreme decline. The bottom leaves are still a little green, so I'm hoping the main...trunks?... are still alive and that he may still yet recover. What can I say. I live in hope. The hope is why I'm not cleaning and cutting back, just yet. We could get another freeze and I'm hoping the dead part will help save the not quite dead part.

I live in hope, fighting despair and depression. I really LIKED this plant.

My pony-tailed palm got burned, even under cover. I am also hoping it will survive.

My fox-tailed questionable. Easily replaced, but it will take a couple of years for a replacement to get as nice as this one was. Still, it needed to be moved, I guess.

The weather has been nice the last couple of days, and we spent a little time outside yesterday.

I think I'm back where I started, 10 years ago, when 'Pup and I got married. The garden has promise, but it's going to take a lot of work. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it again.

We'll just have to see.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Free Mower

Dee, from the Oklahoma blog Red Dirt Ramblings is having a give away. If you'd like to win a free Fiskars mower (non powered, reel type), go and leave a comment telling one thing you can do to make the world a cleaner, more sustainable place.

You know, sustainability? The desire to have enough "'nuff" at the end of the month...or year or decade....


Anyone in the US or Canada is eligible to win, and the prize will be shipped directly to you.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Truck Bomb

I don't live in Massachusetts, tho I have a sib who was born in Boston, during the same naval tour (my dad) that resulted in me being born in Idaho. Think about that for a moment..)

Anywhose, I have to say, I like a man who drives a pickup and has been able to keep it going for 200,000 miles. Takes attention to detail to do that, and a keen appreciation for how much a new pick up would cost. What's not to like?

Good Luck, Mr. Brown!

Hat Tip to Leslie

Sunday, January 10, 2010


The news was dire, and impelling.

What do you think? Future engineer? draftsman? architect? inventor?

click on the picture and pay attention to the tooth...

What 'Pup Wanted to Do

When 'Pup moved here to NW Harris county, there was... and is...a very good volunteer fire department in place. They cover an insanely large area with a remarkably few volunteers and are very effective. They do quite a lot with (what used to be very little) comparatively little. Things have gotten better for them recently, as the area has developed, but they still rely on the volunteers.

An area with such a group, has an asset beyond measure. We are fortunate in our neighbors who do the dangerous, tiring and exacting work of keeping us safe and saving our houses and fields.

My former brother in law, a good man, is a volunteer in an other part of the state. Working as a fireman has been his joy, though he could not have, or wasn't able to become a full time, professional fireman. I wonder if he'd have liked to have tried for a Bachelor of arts in fire service, if he'd had the chance when he was younger. I wonder if the younger volunteers, here in my community, would?

It takes more than a strong back to do the work. It takes courage and commitment and a willingness to put aside your own plans to follow the needs of the crisis. It takes someone who can look at the situation at hand and plan ahead, while addressing the present. I would think that, given the opportunity, anyone seeking to fill a position at a company would gladly and thankfully fill that job with someone that had proven their abilities to do just those things.

'Pup wanted to do those. He was never physically able. His dream is someday, to have enough money to be able to donate a fire truck.

What are your dreams?

Thursday, January 07, 2010

This Does Not Give Me a Warm Feeling..

Dang, It's Gonna Be Cold.

This was from December 4, the neighbor girls made a very cute little snowman. It's going to be cold enough that, were he still around, he'd be good for almost 2 days, instead of the 8 hours he was with us in December.

I hate the cold.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

"Don't Mess With Us"

The title is a quote. Take note.

This is happening more and more.. but we don't hear as much about home invasions anymore. Think some may be getting the message?