Saturday, February 13, 2010


Things are tighter than normal this year. Add to this, the number of plants I've lost this winter and a general state of disorder that reigns in my gardens... and I'm not a happy camper. There are going to be a lot of holes in my beds, and I'll try to fill them in with some annuals, maybe even sneak in some more veggies in the front beds, where I have sun. The vegetables will be a welcome addition to the larder. Anything we don't have to buy is going to be a great help.

I have two trips I want to take this year. One is to Blogher in New York City and another is to the Buffalo, New York Garden Blogger's Spring Fling, or Buffa10. I'm going to make the Blogher '10, if only because it's half paid for already and because, frankly, I'm not sure I'm going to be up to the physical challenges of a weekend full of garden tours. I'm hoping I can make it anyway, possibly planning on sitting out (hummm that's more literal than you'd think, as I've spent any long "walks" in a wheelchair recently) some of the tours.

I dunno.

Even more than the trips, the reduced budget for new plants is gonna hurt. No matter what kinds of sales the garden centers are running this year, I may just have to stay away. Cold turkey. No retail therapy. This is gonna be tough.

Unfortunately, there is still the computer. And it has a siren's call that is hard to resist, seeing as how I'm kinda, well.... on the computer a lot.

Add to that... this July 1st is our 10th wedding anniversary. I would like to give 'Pup a nice present. He's hinted...well.. no. He's SAID that he really wants a portable TV. We used to have a couple of TVs we used for trips and as an addition to the hurricane supplies, but when the "digital revolution" hit.. they were turned into clunky radios.

So. Do I spend the $100 or so to get him the TV, or do I stash it for one of my trips?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Humm.... I've heard similar complaints/comments from people here in the US about how we're making boys into poor copies of girls. I hadn't realized that it might be a more global problem.

What do you THINK?

Will China soon become second only to Thailand in producing ladyboys?
— Zi Le Shang, netizee

According to "Save the Boys," the traditional Chinese method of 'caged breeding' raises a child like a little emperor and doesn't encourage independence. Furthermore, “the frequent absence of a father figure and the overprotection of the mother is another factor that makes Chinese boys more feminine.”

Add in China's lack of male educators and the book has a strong argument: Chinese boys are developing in a predominately female environment.